Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

OK I got some time to look at the rules and I’ve already got 2 things to improve:

  1. either put cost limit or q.slider limit, not both. It’s confusing, restricting and unnecessary.
  2. I like the looks of the rules but lets be honest, this is not beginners league. ATC had 5 rows of rules and this has like 5times as much. Either drop at least half of the rules (maybe just for beginners) or lets just call ti Automation League :slight_smile:
    That’s my 5 cents…


This is confusig as hell and in no chance balanced! Write it in same manner for every configuration and less is more(!)
And once again, you can’t have “beginners league” and comparig head types at the same time. And 2.5 vs 8.0??? come on…

EDIT2: OHV is there twice and it would be better if you put tem in size order
EDIT3: how should beginner know what is ohv, ohc, daohc…
EDIT4: why no race parts and slicks allowed in race league?
EDIT5: my first 15min test car does 2.12 ATT


That was the first shot for the reglement, i think we need some work for season 2. But for a quick shot its usable i think.

Ladies and Gentleman, i present you the Gollum, it’s smal and ugly but don’t underestimate his power.
But don’t be afraif this

No aero parts means no aero fixtures or no undertray too?

I can’t say I wasn’t thinking about it later. We have too many rules…
So you think is better to limit the engine cc, limit the head type or let it free? The intention is that it won’t be a F1ish race.
I think that a slider limit would be best for a beginner, easier to work with.

It means no undertray, but maybe is best to put “no undertray” in the place of “no aero” at the rules…

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Ohh, i thougt we use no lips and wings too.

Yeah, the rule was dobious, we’ll fix that.
We put it because is a little hard to tune the downforce for a beginner, but we don’t want to restrain so much at the car design.

@AirJordan thanks for your points, you bring up a very valid point - this is a racing league. Cost should not be the prime concern. In round 2 we will specify, I don’t think it’s a good idea to suddenly change the rules on you guys halfway through the round. We have many things to learn, and this is one thing we won’t forget.

We will work on making a round next time that is just as liberal but much more concisely worded and sort out rules that will ensure, f.ex. DOHC will always have to try harder to win.

It’s our first try, and I also felt it was quite skewed :laughing: however no one until now has objected. I think this needs some refinement for next round.

I will just make a table or something.

not gonna dump the blame on Newtonmeter, but it was his suggestion and no one said anything against it. You are very much invited to offer completely revised suggestions for round 2.

Will do for next time.

It’s exactly how it is in-game.

This was a shortcoming in the planning of the ruleset on our part. Referring back to what I said at the start, indeed this is a racing league. From round 2 you will be able to use all these race parts to your heart’s content! There was also poor wording and choices in terms of aero restrictions - “no aero parts” is the rule and I admit that is very, very vague. The rule should be no downforce generating components, and this will be fixed from next round.
So now to spam tags, @Newtonmeter @szafirowy01 @lukerules117 @Nomade0013 @Darkshine5 @JohnWaldock @Dorifto_Dorito I need to repeat this. You should have no undertray. Wings or lips are allowed as long as they make no downforce - this will not be the case next round. Sorry for being a shitty challenge host, but it’s my first time too :grin:

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Sure got it.

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so the rules are[quote=“AirJordan, post:82, topic:18927”]
No race parts allowed
Pushrod based engines are capped at 8200cc/500ci
DOHC engines are capped at 2500cc/152ci and only Inline cylinder configurations are permitted
All engines regardless of cylinder configuration that use OHC should be less than 4500cc/275ci
and all engines that use OHV are capped at 8200cc/500ci
and all engines that use DAOHC should be less than 5000cc/305ci
The car needs to run on 91 octane Regular Unleaded in RON/87 octane in AKI

and no aero parts, and at least 26l/100km, or 11mpg (uk)?

also, whats the difference between daohc and ohc?

no, read below

DAOHC = direct acting overhead cam, always 2 valves per cylinder
OHC = single overhead cam, ranges between 2 and 4 valves per cylinder

okay thanks! got it now. edit can the car bottom out?

Yeah it can, there is nothing against it.

Have you ever wanted an affordable mid engine sports car? What about one made out of cheese? If you answered yes to both of those questions we recommenced you seek psychological help… AFTER buying the brand new cheese wedge

(door handles were added after these photos)

As you can see the cheese wedge has been designed by the greatest cheese engineers in the world to not only look and taste like a wedge of cheese but to also perform like one be the fastest chunk of cheese you will ever see in your life with a top speed of around 170mph and over 400 horsepower from an OHC 4 valve V8 and amazing handling form 245s on all wheels. The cheese wedge has anything you could want from a sports car, including a top of the line basic interior.


1970 Bogliq Expresso AE

There was no official Bogliq involvement in beginner level racing but it was an open secret that their product was easily tuneable via the in-house speed division, Action Express. AE branded cars were used to homologate the parts in the catalogue and they were fitted with every speed part available for that model year. Only dealer ordered cars carried the AE tag, despite the fact you could buy all the parts and fit them to lesser models, which ensured the AE cars would maintain their value long-term (if you were a Bogliq enthusiast, that is! :grin:).

This didn’t stop privateers from buying AE cars and racing them. (As seen here with Stats)

Even in race tune the Expresso was easy to keep running with good fuel economy as well as big power from a relatively small capacity motor…

Privateers could write to Bogliq HQ or Leeroy Racing HQ and get specs on how to get the best out of their Bogliq and many did so. But no financial aid was given to privateers ensure that no-one was ever disqualified. For this reason many low level racers cut their racing teeth in a Bogliq and the goodwill this built up is why Bogliq Automotive continues that tradition to this day!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


1970 Licorne Wapiti Rallye ABL Spec

Licorne Opened its doors to the world of Automation in 1970 and by mid year their first racing team had been formed. Known as the The Roaring Stag, and driven by a mysterious figure with what looks like a tail sewn into his…or her fireproof suit.

The specifications for the first ABL Wapiti were to be heavy tarmac with modifications to the body as well as changing the solid rear axle out for a custom double wishbone setup. We bolted larger fiberglass wheel flares as well as replacing the bonnet and rear boot for light weight fiberglass units before they copped a coat of matte black.

We fitted the largest brakes and tyres that we could fit on the chassis and removed all aero features as per the ABL rules. The original Rallye spec engine was further modified to suit the ABL rules with a larger stroke installed the 3 valve inline 6 now displaces 275ci and is fitted with a new experimental fuel injection system which helped produce a further 43Nm and 10 hp over the standard Rallye engine.


Reminds me a lot of a torana. Nice body.


Does anyone now a good suspension tutorial? I suck at suspension tuning.

As someone who didn’t enter the ATC, how does the scoring work in this challenge?

Edit 2:
The scoring will be:

1st - 15 pts
2nd - 14 pts
3rd - 13 pts
And so on, until 15th - 1 pt.


One day, on a boring sunday, a guy wasn’t happy with his life. He had his family, his house, his cars, but something was missing… And in the middle of that boredom he turned on the TV and saw an ad about a amateur race that would happen the next day in town.

So the next day he went to the race with his wife and surprisingly they found out what was missing in they life: adrenaline!

So the two decided to start a new business, a tuning garage, they would tune anything that someone wanted tuned, cars, bikes, just engines, boats, anything. And is how the GTL (Gamma Tuning Labs) was created.

When they saw that a new challenge would be hosted, they saw the chance to show the world they work!
So they build the first work of GTL, it was a little old and rusted service pick-up, they swapped the shit engine for a nice and modern I6, and prepare it for race, changed the tyres and the suspension system, take out the interior, shortened the rear end and added new flares.

That’s the result: