Automation Design Competition

#Welcome to the Automation Design Competition!#

The ADC revolves solely around aesthetics. Therefore, there are little to no rules. Every round will have a central theme i.e. 80’s Supercars, Modern Compacts, etc. You can make cars for your company, but of course you can just make a design.

Judging will be held through a public poll where people will rate what their favorite design is. The car with the more amount of votes will win.

Please PM your entries to me. Name your cars with this scheme.
Model - ADC [Open]
Trim - [Open]
Engine - ADC [Open]
Variant - [Open]

Entries for round 2 are open.
The deadline is April 3rd, 2017.

#The theme for round 2 will be found here.


How do we decide a winner/how are entries judged? Who does it?


It’ll be a public poll who’ll vote the design of each car.

quickly browses through unreleased stuff hoping to find something to shit out in the hopes of winning with zero effort put into it

Found one.

Already the second redesign of the 1960-1967 IMP L6, this is the best one, the 1966 L6 Super V8, with 3.6L and 220hp on tap. And after some mild LUA editing the body finally got the rear legroom it deserved.


@titleguy1 Do we have to send you a copy of our cars, or will the forum picture be sufficient?

Send a copy so I can take pictures.

Here’s my entrant into the competition…

Presenting the MY2017 Bogliq Ungoliant Le Mans!!! :astonished:

This is a variant of my flagship hypercar built to showcase everything I have learnt playing Automation to date…

Please note that the vents are meant to look like B’s… Thanx for checking out my ride!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


This is a great idea! I’ve been waiting for a challenge like this, I nearly started one myself but I wasn’t sure how to decide a winner. But it looks like you have everything covered here. Since my game is not being very cooperative at the moment I’ll submit a classic from Maesima.

## [Maesima Dynamic Racing Vision]( ___

Betta Dodici, an Italian 600hp 4.5L V12 Grand Tourer.



Oh well. I have my winner already :heart_eyes:


Here is a revised version of my CSR15 entry, the Harris Cars Ltd. CS60. It’s a true British grand tourer in the traditional sense, and one that packs a >670-bhp punch. It even has a manual transmission for old times’ sake!


06/03/2017-Vanguard Automotive Archives were hacked, revealing some unused, full colour HD advertisement shots for the 1963 Vanguard Malachite in Malachite Green.


Here is my entry, it is called the stinger and it is from 1971, it is mid-engined with a 4.0 v6.


The DSD Saratoga

juliusgraham5485 - DSD (126.4 KB)


I know I’m not gonna win but I’m all for hearing what people think of my visual design :slight_smile:

Adenine Valence


@titleguy1 would it be possible to extend the deadline until tomorrow? please? :3

This is my “tease” if you will.

@phale Your design is very classy and I could see it fitting in on the roads in RL! :heart_eyes:

I suspect you’ll get a podium spot if you don’t win, lol


i’ve cooked up something which is pretty borderline insane. Even I’m starting to question whether I should submit it or not because it’s so insane.

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In the words of shia lebeof, ‘DO IT, JUST DO IT’

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