Automation Forza Horizon 3 Club

I’ve created a Horizon 3 Club for the Automation Forums, and it’s an open club so anyone’s able to join it.
It’s called “Automation Forza Club” and the tag is ATMN. A few of us from the IRC host lobbies on some nights and just generally fuck around for a bit, so join the club or come on the IRC if you want in on that! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll join you guys tonight.

Also, I recommend everyone to have cars ready for each classes for racing. At least D to A.

I’ll have a gander, could be a laugh


Do I join this one, or stay with the Reddit one…

Eh, Fuck it, I’ll join teh automation.

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Il join but still gotta wait for the game to be released here…stupid Australia gaming peoples lol. Now Is this xbox or pc?

And i cant wait to see if the xr8 is even close to the real thing

It’s cross-play/cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter.

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Is anyone any good with the decal tools? A nice Automation logo would be awesome.

I chucked together a crappy text version of our main website header in the meantime. You should be able to find it if you search for Automation in the decals.


This would fit nicely on the side of my GMC and Transit Van

Ah spend money on real racecar or buy xbox one so I can play with pretend racecars… bugga hard decision

Why not both? :smile:

Lol not enough money… anyone want to buy a nitro fogger kit?

haha fair enough, I would choose race car over Xbox any day (but I don’t have a race car)

I’m really annoyed that the PC version is for windows 10 only. I want this game so bad but I’m not gonna buy an XBox for just one game and definately not gonna update to Win10 for just the ability to play this. We have Windows 10 at the university and it sucks. If lots of other Win10 / XBone only games would interest me, then maybe :frowning: Although I guess I will probably have to update to 10 eventually if I want to keep gaming on the PC…

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I see 0 reason to not update. Apart from the “lul win 10 suckz” bandwagon, I legitimately see no reason to not update to Windows 10. I’ve had 1 serious issue with it, and it was my own fault for causing it. It is overall a much better and much more modern OS than Windows 7 (assuming you’re on that).

i run both win 7 and win 10. i literally haven’t have any problem running either

Well I’m just basing this on how annoying win 10 felt to use at my school when I’m used to 7 and on concerns that some of the older games I like might not work (I’ve seen forums of many games filled with threads about the game not working on win 10). I also got really annoyed at how they tried to sneak the update on some less computer literate people as an automatic and apparently “Important” update and kept throwing popup ads about it until I found a way to disable that, so I’m against updating partly out of spite. Sure it’s otherwise probably a decent OS.

I’ll join! I’ll be named titleguy1 if y’alls are wondering.

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The anniversary update helped an absolute ton on my own machines. I had some reservations as well making the jump from 7, but dear me it’s worth it for the speed boost in general usage alone.

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You got tired with us bugging you all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are online freeroam sessions working for everyone on PC?

I can find the sessions and get the accept to join notification but nothing actually happens when I attempt to join.