Automation Game Prototype Series [Round 1 Complete]

I’ve never run a competition series before, so here goes.

Regulations are (very) loosely based on LeMans Prototype rules, and are as follows:

Turbo and N/A will be scored in separate classes before being combined for a Grand Total.
Max N/A 3400cc
Max Turbo 2000cc

Minimum 900kg (total weight)

Semi Slick
Max Width 380mm
Max diameter 680mm
Max Rim size 17"

[size=150]Driver Assists[/size]
Power Steering
(Nothing else is allowed)

[size=150]Quality sliders [/size]
10 total on engine
15 elsewhere
No negative tech points

[size=150]Other Stuff [/size]
Only one gearbox/suspension configuration is allowed. Choose your gear ratios wisely!

Everything else is up to you.

PM me your .LUA file, and feel free to showcase your car design.

You can re-submit any modifications up until the deadline.

Submission deadline is Friday, October 24th @ 3:00PM EST. First race is on Saturday the 25th.

[size=150]Final Entries [/size]
RaduST - Gemina XIII
HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Shelob
Weasel - WPC Attakka S
VicVictory - Ardent Torpedo Prototype
necroassasin - Necronia Pyrhos
Lucdeluc - LucDesign Red Monster

Lothoren - Escapade
VicVictory - Harpoon Prototype
RaduST - Gemina XIII GTS
Lucdeluc - LucDesign Red Dragon

Round 1: Circuit de la Sarthe [Results posted]

I’ll give it a try. 2014 production year I assume.

Ditto on the production year question. Also, are there going to be any settings that are legal to change between races?

Production year is 2014.

You can’t change any settings in between races, but you can make as many revisions as you want up until the deadline this Friday.

(Honestly I have no idea how well this will work out; that’s why I’m calling it a prototype series :laughing: )

Generic supercar is generic

Nice car! Really like what you did with the rear windshield :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we’ll get some more submissions by the end of the week

After testing the first few entries, I’ve decided that N/A and Turbo cars will be scored in seperate classes.

If the numbers start to get close towards the end of the week, I’ll put everyone on a Grand Total scorechart to determine the Overall champ.

Sorry for the bloop; as always good luck and happy racing! :wink:

C’mon, people! I need to see more tail lights in front of me! :smiley:

Bogliq automotive is proud to present the…

SHELOB :open_mouth:

It’s a 3.4L V8 powerhouse that represents our greatest technological achievements to date and we’re hoping for a podium win in this series! :smiley: (Rather than last as it has been for the last 3 or 4 competitions… :laughing: )

And also presenting…

The UNGOLIANT :open_mouth:

A 2L straight 6 powerhouse whose beauty is enclosed within a suitably modified Shelob body :sunglasses:

A turbo straight-6? you’re a madman! :laughing:

I just built myself a turbo 2.0. It’s considerably more powerful than the NA. Are we allowed to enter 2 cars? One with turbos and one naturally aspirated?

Absolutely! :smiley: The more the merrier

When a Turbo-sensitive looks at me they’ll say; “The RB20DET is strong in this one!” :laughing:

Nearly all my favourite cars have straight six powerplants and the couple I’ve owned (E21 520i) or driven (XF Falcon 3.3, EL Fairmont 4.0) have felt somehow more special than other engines I’ve experienced (mainly Inline 4’s).

How much power you get from Turbo and 3.4 engine? Or how much should I get to even try this competition? This is my first try to do 2014 engine. Usually I am learning on oldtimers from 1940.

let’s say 500-550 hp for the 3.4NA and 600-700 from the 2.0T

600 HP from 2.0T? I am now at 330… should be able to rise it up to 400… but… 600? Oh my God…

decrease compression. increase boost. make a richer fuel mixture. play around with compressor size, turbine size, AR ration. you should obtain 500+ with ease.

It’s a shame that the rules imply maximum tech points. Costs are fully functional and a better parameter for crazy stuff than limiting creativity, it should be our job to choose where and how to spend money. I really dislike this form, because I like to use bizarre tech combinations.
Feel like this is going to stop me from taking part in this.
Although, I already have a very powerful 2l turbo, if anyone wants it, PM me.

Working progress: 2.0T
HP: 503
Reliability: 6.1

Can this engine work longer than 1 lap?

There are no reliability requirements, so one lap is enough!

Total lap time will be logged. First track is Circuit de la Sarthe (because LeMans)