Automation Game's competitor has already been released!


  1. no economic part
  2. limited engine selection
  3. still good for 1982 game
  4. better than Car Tycoon

not really a competitor…

I played that back in junior high. Wouldn’t call it a competitor at all more like a ancestor :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, should have been more obvious i was joking :slight_smile:

ye sorry, i was being sarcastic/jokey too lol


What font implies sarcasm??

normally a simile implies sarcasm

I played that game in my industrial tech class in middle school. I have fond memories. I’ve also played it a couple times since then using dosbox, for nostalgia sake.

And Gran Turismo 5’s competition has been out forever!

I would say that Automation is more of a sequel to Detroit (Dos)… I wished that game had a better car building interface, and I love Automation attention to engine details. :slight_smile:

Wow, I remember that from junior high. I remember building a mid-engined sportscar.
may be a competitor. Hope automation will be much better

may be a competitor. Hope automation will be much better[/quote]

Very old school looking. Automation will be much better!

Except games mentioned here together with Motor City, Detroit and Car Tycon is there any other similar game?



I’ve played a more updated truck version of this game. Compared to Automation, this doesn’t stand a chance.

What is the name of the truck version of this game?

holy crap i remember that game, i think i found it a good 5 years ago when i was looking for games that did what automation WILL do

Truck builder