Automation Rebadge Challenge 1 [finished]

Automation Rebadge Challenge

The year is 2023, The Huron group is preparing to launch a new mid-size crossover, The Huron Marquette (pictured In Red). Huron execs underestimated the cost of building this new SUV on a new platform and sales figures are not projected to make a good profit.

A solution arises, They will partner with another manufacturer to create another vehicle based upon the Marquette. To save costs, it will be built in the same plant and feature minimal sheet metal changes.

The Challenge, Build a unique SUV based on the Huron Marquette while working within the confines of the changeable bodywork.


  • You can only work within the areas shown in red.
    Modification outside of the red zones will result in disqualification (except for badging)

  • Morphs
    Due to the Huron’s extremely flat nose not being compatible with some potential designs, The front full morph is allowed to be extended by no more than 0.65. Key 2 is also editable.

example of limit


this found when you hit this eye button

  • Use a unique brand/ styling.
    don’t directly copy the Huron vehicle or use the Huron brand.

  • Paint anything you want.
    example, if you don’t want black flares then paint them (not remove them though)

  • The engine provided must be retained.
    tuning to match your brand is allowed.
    This counts as moving sliders or adding boost. Things like turbo size and manifold type’s should remain the same.

  • Interior must remain similar.
    top of the dashboard is allowed to be modified to fit your brand’s design (the area marked in red is removable/modifiable). Feel free to add more details, change stitching and add your company logo to the steering wheel (shape must remain)

interior modification is optional, But at least, a logo on the steering wheel would be expected.
  • Tuning
    allowed- top speed/spacing, differentials, wheel size/tires, suspension.
    All other tuning is to be left alone.
    AWD is optional

  • Wheels
    Change the size, change the shape, doesn’t really matter (rims on the base car are a placeholder)

Example design

This is just an example of a design done within the red areas

The most important part (157.1 KB)
This is the .car file of the base vehicle that the challenge is built upon.

please use the clone a single new model button to avoid any issues
this one



Submissions will close on June 3rd Time since Jun 3, 2023 started in UTC

Naming format- Model & Family name: ARBC - [Your Username Here], Trim & Variant is free.

Submissions are to be sent on the forum via DM’s.

No submission open date just submit whenever you want


I will be judging just the designs. Points will be awarded to those who make the most of the space provided and the less it looks like the Marquette the better.

Open to discussion on rules/ideas within the first week

This is the first challenge I'm running so it might be rough

Just wanted to say I think this is a really neat concept. Can’t wait to see what people do with this!

In other words, the engine family must be shared with the donor car, but the variant doesn’t have to be.

Are we allowed to morph the red areas?

would be nice to have a rear picture of the Huron


Also it’s probably worth putting a reminder in there to use the clone a new model, trim, etc button on the car too, to save some headaches from happening.


Yes, but things physical to the engine have to remain the same, like turbos, manifold and such.

rules updated

post updated, don’t know how I forgot that lol

good idea thank you


is it OK to change this to black, to tie into a lightbar?
also, i kinda want to do a fully black roof (including A pillars), would that also be allowed?

yeah for sure that would be perfectly fine. It would be paintable irl so your good

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So we are allowed to change cam profiles, mufflers and exhaust diameter but things such as manifolds a the actual turbo must remain the same? Not that it matters that much since this is mostly a design challenge anyway

yep, you got it. kinda trying to keep it realistic

Bordeaux X09

The brand-new Bordeaux X09 brings characteristic features from the french automaker’s design language, such as the lion’s scratch lighting signature, both in the front DRLs and rear lightbar. To further distinguish itself from the Huron, it adds two-tone paint to the floating roof design. Though its underpinnings are familiar, an AWD system with e-LSDs is standard across the whole range, as well as adaptive dampers. Also standard across the range is the uprated 2.5t engine, with a revised valvetrain and ECU tune.


Are extra things like sunroofs and antennas allowed?


I’m gonna say no to the sunroof but detail stuff like antenna’s sure




How about small fender vents or something of the sort, do they count?

Adding anything on the body would be a no. Just to keep it in line of what they do irl
realistically this plastic piece would be removable so you can do something within this if you want.


Can these parking sensors be body colored?

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yeah of course. Painting anything you want is cool

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By details… does windshield wipers and washer nozzles count? Also wonder if you can add defoggers (though that last one might be too much)

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