Automation Super Go Karts [Final Results]

Greetings, petrolheads! This is my first ever tournament and I call it the Automation Super Go Karts. You may have seen jet-powered Go Karts before, but those things are hardly controllable. It is your job in this tournament to make a very light, but also highly powerful car (while, ideally, still remaining drivable).


[size=120]- Year: 2015[/size]

[size=120]- Your car must have at least 1hp/kg AND the weight has to be lower than 1000kg.
Your car has 1000hp and weighs 990kg → accepted
Your car has 1500hp and weighs 1100kg → not accepted[/size] because it weighs more than 1000kg
[size=120]Your car has 750hp and weighs 749.9kg → accepted
Your car has 650hp and weighs 800kg → not accepted[/size] because it doesn’t make 1hp/kg

[size=120]- Wheelbase shorter than 2.50 meters (98.4 inches)[/size]

[size=120]- All layouts allowed[/size] though MR is recommended

[size=120]- All materials allowed

  • Your car must make enough cooling for the engine, it’s summer in Europe and you don’t want your engine to overheat.

  • No Ultimate (100 RON) fuel. We’re gonna drive from track to track through a couple of different countries, and you can’t get 100 Octane fuel everywhere.

  • Race intakes allowed

  • Race exhausts allowed, as long as engine loudness is less than 75 (because of noise limits on the tracks).

  • Semi Slicks allowed. We’re about to race.

  • Must have 2010s safety (standard/advanced, though no restrictions to quality), just so you can point to the imprint saying “Airbag” on your steering wheel and glovebox in case you get pulled over.[/size]

[size=150]**- No restrictions on Quality (positive or negative), production units and costs



Brands Hatch Indy
Airfield track
Sachsenring GP
Hockenheimring GP
Red Bull Ring

Since there’s not a flying lap for every track in the game, your standing lap times will be the ones that count.


1st place ---- 15 points
2nd place ---- 12 points
3rd place ---- 10 points
4th place ---- 9 points
5th place ---- 8 points
6th place ---- 7 points
7th place ---- 6 points
8th place ---- 5 points
9th place ---- 4 points
10th place — 3 points
11th place — 2 points
12th place — 1 point

This scoreboard may be adjusted depending on how many entries I get.

[size=150]Submissions are open until Sunday, August 23rd 2015.[/size] The first two races will be on 29th and 30th of August because they are both in the UK, and the other three will be on September 4th-6th because they are relatively close to each other as well.

I will be participating myself with a reference car but since I made the rules myself, my entry’s results won’t count to keep the competition fair.

[size=150]I am using the Steam version of the game, so please make sure your client is updated. Mods are allowed, as long as they are available in the Steam Workshop.
Use the Export feature and send me the resulting zip folder, as it will automatically be saved as “YourName -”.[/size]
But make sure your car is really saved under your desired name before exporting, the names don’t always save properly.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

[size=150]Accepted entries:[/size]
Madrias - Storm Rocket
KLinardo - Boss-Kart
Doctornarfy - Shromet Mantis
conan - Track Day Tarantula
earincon198 - LWR
Kampfzerstorer - Urakaze
Urbanliner - Daiki Hamakaze
nialloftara - Centauri Rapier
Strop - Daija prototype
RoyalStig - Griffin Berwi Bach
GenJeFT - GoCart989
BlastersPewPew - Tire Burner

If my game lets me make a car without lua errors, Im definitely joining in when I get home!

Tom, you mentioned the open beta. The latest game build is the normal, out of beta one, I think you might want to update to that one.

Thanks Leo! Updated the OP

Ooh okay. The smaller frames actually can be quite challenging to make power for. I forsee a lot of turbo action!

I was actually just waiting for you to join xD You could build a new version of your crazy FWD Civic from the BSLL too! :stuck_out_tongue:

That civic died in an explosive high speed wreck on Dottinger Hohe (RIP :’( ). I’ll build something new!


Your car must have at least 1hp/kg AND the weight has to be lower than 1000kg.[/quote]

I usually build large displacement crossplane V8s so this particular rule was troublesome, but I think I may have actually built a motor for this while experimenting with turbo charging. I may have to join this one.

Ah, this is gonna be fun. Won’t reveal anything yet other than it’s not what you expected.

I can confirm that, and your entry actually made my day when I saw the car xD

A couple of questions:

  1. Is there a maximum number of participants?
  2. Any naming conventions on model/trim and engine name/variant?
  1. No
  2. No. Just make sure that when you’re finished with the car, give it whatever name you want, make sure the name is saved, and then use the Export function of the game to create the zip folder of your car. Said zip folder will automatically also contain your name (so long as you don’t change the name of the zip folder), that makes it very easy for me to keep track of which car belongs to what user.

Huehuehuehue. This was a really Fun challenge to build a car for. Whether My car will hold up in terms of performance is doubtful, But who cares? POWAAAAAH. :smiley:

Not gonna lie, I’m just going to go all out on this and pretty much enter a prototype racer. Power? No problem. Weight? No problem. The question is just how much can the car harness?

That’s the Exact same problem I had. I wanted to go MR but the only cars that are small enough can’t go above about 2.5/3 Liters, which is not ideal for 1000+ Horsepower, so I want FR, put brutal Dragstrip wide tires on the back, and a spoiler to kill my rear suspension. I attempted to Go AWD but that failed to help. My Wheelspin is above 60%. So Handling this car is… A Handful.

Oh, a turbo MR car isn’t necessarily the worst thing you can use. Front engined AWD are also potentially fast but much heavier. Let’s just say that I have a fair amount of experience with this exact problem in the game, and one ought to be prepared for the fastest track times seen since the ‘unlimited wings and lips’ was nerfed from the game over a year ago.

I still plan to place decently in this one. Small and lightweight were things I went for. Unique was another thing, and apparently my engine’s less than 2 liters.

I updated the OP because I thought it would be a prerequesite of any community challenge that each user can only submit one car and the first properly working car that applies to all the rules counts. But it’s in the rules now. I promise, this is the first and only change to the rules.

Kampf: Sees competition Ohhhh… Raquel! You might want to see thi-

Raquel: Not interested.

Kampf: Just have a quick look at the damn competition, ya damn woman!

Raquel: All right, all right, but I’m still pissed about you flipping my Group B prototy- Browses through briefly, picks up the key words Hold on.

Kampf: Well?

Raquel: Count me in, so long 4WD is involved.

Hope my entry works. Main PC did the engine, while my laptop built the car out of the steam mod only version of Automation… @_@

I finished building basic concept f my car under this requirement but strange thing was NA version of my car can do a lot of faster lap time but I have to go for Turbo because weight/power ratio :slight_smile:
I will try to overcome this issue before summit it :unamused: still got no clue how to do it