Automation Super Go Karts [Final Results]

NA cars are frequently more driveable than turbos and will be able to corner and exit corners faster, as well as attack bumpy roads faster. Less peak torque also makes for lighter gearbox. So on technical tracks you’ll find the NA cars are superior, but will likely lose out on high speed tracks.

It is indeed virtually impossible to find a frame with enough room for an NA engine to match, but small enough for the weight to be sub 1000kg. If somebody finds how, I expect they’d be a real threat!

Found it! running a naturally aspirated 8.2L 1000 HP V8, and just for the added challenge it makes it with pushrods and is still emissions legal.

What Possibly? 8.2 Liters? Naturally Aspirated? What freaking car can fit an 8.2 Liter V8, Fit Within the Wheelbase, and still be light enough to compete? This, I gotta See.

I only managed 999hp… where’s that last 1hp!? Can confirm though that you CAN shoehorn it into a legit entry, though I would add that it isn’t very practical…

I think you picked the wrong car then, mine has AWD

Ooh okay I found the body you used. It’s got great potential for sure!

Kampf: Err… Raquel?

Raquel: What is it, Dyno wrecker?

Kampf: Anyway… about our submission, did you retune the spoilers after you said you would deal with them after tuning the LSD?




Yep, I forgot to tweak the spoilers back to where I initially intended to lol.

So my car is called the rapier simply because I altered a existing model in my inventory, but l should have called the Buffalo Mk 3, because nothing says hardcore Centauri track car like an 8 pack of velocity stacks proudly sprouting from the hood. I might be able to post a picture and spoil the mystery of my body choice later.

If you wanna give away your secret, I’m not gonna hold you back. But there’s still people out there who might be able to use that information to beat you at your own game :wink:

Well, I ended up making my car unsuitable for the stats-revealing after the competition begins, because I uninstalled VMO’s diffuser, dammit…

[size=200]2 more weeks until submissions are closed.[/size]

[size=200]One week remaining. Get your entries in if you’d like to compete[/size]

I entered an I6 engine.

80 to 120 in .9 seconds :smiley:

Ok, entry sent :slight_smile:


That’s the Exact same problem I had. I wanted to go MR but the only cars that are small enough can’t go above about 2.5/3 Liters, which is not ideal for 1000+ Horsepower, so I want FR, put brutal Dragstrip wide tires on the back, and a spoiler to kill my rear suspension. I attempted to Go AWD but that failed to help. My Wheelspin is above 60%. So Handling this car is… A Handful.[/quote]

FR/AWD: Check
2.6L: Check
1000+ HP: Check
0-100: 2.4 Check
80-120: 0.9 Check
Skidpad Gs: I dont wanna drive this.
Wheelspin: 35.8%
Top Speed: Unknown, no gauges installed.


[size=200]ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. [/size]


Can I get the award for ugliest “kart”? :smiley:

If you really desire it, go ahead and claim it for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Feast your eyes on the MIGHTY front wing of my ‘Kart’ :smiley:

I decided to go for down force and cornering speed, so it was actually driveable (Reducing Top speed by quite a lot).

[quote=“RoyalStig”]Feast your eyes on the MIGHTY front wing of my ‘Kart’ :smiley:

I decided to go for down force and cornering speed, so it was actually driveable (Reducing Top speed by quite a lot).[/quote]

Same here but by driving a brick my top speed was never high to begin with.