Automation Team Up Challenge, formerly the automation buddy challenge. (Round done)

Here is a link to the first automation buddy challenge

I’m not sure how much life is in this challenge running a second round, but since I have been sitting on the hosting of this for some months maybe now is the time to put out the feelers so to speak

The task is to work in your two person teams to create a commuter car for 1979 United States, obviously with the fuel crisis and emissions controls in full effect downsizing is the order of the day and a giant V8 land yacht just won’t cut it against the European and Japanese imports now being solid in America.



  • Car model: open
  • Car trim: 1979
  • Wheelbase: between 2.4-2.8m
  • No legacy bodies
  • Sedan, hatchback or wagon bodies only
  • Five seats
  • Maximum cost of $10,000
  • 1979 CAFE rules of 19mpg(US) lower limit
  • No semi slicks.
  • Advanced trim is on a case by case basis so ask if you want to change anything. Visibility settings have free reign however.
  • Realism is somewhat expected but those limits can be pushed within reason.
  • Challenge will be run in the open beta version


  • Engine family: open
  • Engine variant: 1979
  • Fuel: 91 RON
  • WES6 emissions standards
  • Maximum noise limits: 50
  • Nothing that says “race” in the name

Techpool rules

For techpool start with the base of five points in every section which is the default.

From there each slider can be moved in either direction by three points, ie a minimum of two points and a maximum of eight for each area. The total techpool must remain the same however so when taking points from one area they should be added onto another to even out the points total.

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  • COST, purchase price, fuel economy and service costs are all here. Don’t go too low on the purchase price though this is a car for every day driving.

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  • Rules up from 13 October to 20 October, new entrants can put their names in a private message to be included at this time
  • 21 October, groups will be revealed in private messages and round will open for submissions
  • 13 November round will close, giving four full weekends for teams to work together.
  • Resubmissions allowed up until the closing date due to any upcoming game updates.
  • Naming should follow “ATUC - your username” in the car model and engine family sections




For “design” read “visual design”; for “engineering” read “engine and trim options”.

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Idea: three-person teams, one more for interior.

Certainly an idea, depending on the interest levels I will put it up as a poll and see what everyone thinks. The other hand is getting the two people to work together to make a car last time seemed hard work, and I include myself in that

To be honest, I think this much was clear to everyone?


The first post has been updated with actual rules now, please take a look and see what you think of them


I’m in.
Last time with @Edsel was great fun and very productive.

If I were to enter this, I’d take care of engineering (i.e. engine and trim options) and delegate the exterior and interior design to someone else.

13 November deadline, huh… I might be able to join.

I’d be keen to do the engineering on a car if someone wants to tolerate my love of making slider numbers ending in 0 or 5.


If someone is interested, I can engineer a car.

If Edsel doesnt enter, I can Work with @NormanVauxhall

I’m willing to take up design duties for someone

I’ve signed up :slight_smile:

I’m going to be putting the groups together randomly, with a group A of designers and a group B of engineers. In a system not unlike the FA cup draw


Im down to design something.

I can do both, so I do whatever is needed to have proper teams.

I already said this on a dm but I’ll put it on the thread too just in case.

I want to join and do the engineering.

I’ll confirm publically as well: I’m in for engineering and/or interior.

I think LS had the right idea, making a challenge that won’t get tripped up by Open Beta… complications. IMO that adds to the argument for more interior focus.

I’m not 100% sure what a design only challenge compares to this design and engineering challenge. If I accepted cars from both branches it would hardly work out would it.

Also I’m against interiors for this challenge just on the basis of having three people passing a car about is just one extra failure point. If everyone was completely reliable then it could work out fine.

I think we all know what happens with challenges that have too many people attempting to split the work.