Automation the BOAT tycoon (not a mod stand alone game)

when you guys have the time you should try making a boat version of this game to sell to die hard boat fans

suggested features:
chose between sizes of boat ie: ship, yacht and river/lake boat (maybe jetski maybe)
different propulsion methods ie: water jet, skimmer propeller (a propeller that is half in half out the water), paddles, outboard motor and a normal propeller
ratios ie: size and degree of propeller blades how blades etc.
hull designer (self explanatory)
and so forth

I’m sure that after people get behind it more suggestions would come but this is half baked idea of mine :laughing:

after you have finished this automation of course

Yeaaaah, I don’t like our chances of selling that to enough people :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, I would expect a motorcycle tycoon if they make any others. Though if we are naming versions we would want, I would love a airplane manafacturer tycoon. :wink:

To heck with your ideas, Automation 2, 1890 - 1946 is the way to go! :mrgreen:

Not Automation 2, it’s Automation Mk2.

if they can sell all those “simulator” (farming, train, construction, driving) games you can sell a boat and motorcycle version.

I like this idea the best.

Nah, Automation 1640 - 1740: The Horse Carriage Tycoon Game

and what you get more horse power by feeding them hay? though it would be quite amusing

on a different track how about a crash tester stand alone that you can download and smash you beautiful creations in a million pieces? :smiley:

one suggestion would one like the rocket sled on myth busters

Again, that’s probably 6 months to a year’s work to do nicely, or licencing a physics engine that can do it (like the one the Rigs of Rods guys do, BeamNG)