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Some Saab’s

2020 Saab 9-5 (from CSC) (72.1 KB)

2020 Saab 9-3 (alternative proposal) (69.8 KB)


Mikaza C MegaPack

aka you wanna spam your Beam with a lot of trims?

This pack features 20 diffrent variants of the 2006 Mikaza C. Going from shitspec up to GT500 unicorn.

Here are some of the categories:

The showroom

This section features very Mikaza C sold normally through the shopfloor

Mikaza C Sedan

You know the kinda guys who go around saying “Yes i drive a Lancer” and then it turns out to be the barebone model with no options? This is this. No turbo, No I6, No Awd. Just dreadness

Mikaza C Sport

The NA Inline 6 version. This is the trim you go for if you want to A) Drift it or B) Pretend you drive a RedLine

Mikaza C Boulevard

Did you ever wanted to buy a sportscar which is actually NOT sporty? There you go market share.
Automatic, muted, soft second car for the wife trim

Mikaza C Wagon

Are you on weird car forums or a car journalist? There you go. Have your spankwagon

Mikaza C RedLine

This is the car you seen in the movies before they got popular which you now cant afford because of said movies.

Mikaza C SuzukaSpecial

Sooo you bought a RedLine thinking it was the fastest trim? Hahaha should have waited 6 months for the Trackversion.

Inhouse specials

This category is for every special trim, still made by the factory

Mikaza C Police

:police_car: FBIdesu open the doorchan~ Nya

Mikaza C RC

“Yes, i do wanna take my japanese sportscar Rallycross”- Noone

Mikaza C GT500

A racespeced version of the C, made for GT500

Mikaza C GT500 Street Spec

Hey kid. You want some Speed? Here, take this unicorn and be the coolest on r/Mikaza


Everything tuned. From “Slight” to “What even is stock”

Mikaza C “Undergrounded”


Mikaza C Deer And Hunt 4.5 swap Dragster

“Everythang unda 8 cylinders is commuism”

Mikaza C Drift Missile

Why fix something when it is gonna break anyways?

Mikaza C Pike Peak

“Wanna See Me Run Into That Mountain and Back? You Wanna See Me Do It Again?”

Mikaza C Wagon Tuned

The cover car of your “10 hours Bass Boosted car music”-video

Mikaza C VIP


Mikaza C Bulletcar

“Salt Lake or Nothing”

Mikaza C RedLine fifth stage

“Yes. I do like to get emparised by a 30 year old soild axle shitbox”

Mikaza C Bosozoku

JDM hipster bait

Mikaza C Sedan Rally Ready

Gotta start your rally career somewhere.

Download here

In hinsight of the imminent doom which is the 4.24 update i already exported everything and bundeled them into one file. should be possible to just drop that into your BeamNG mods folder. If not unpack it there



2021 Taimania Mika Cabrio RSi4

Forums say the file is too big so there’s a link to it on the repository.



Here are two of my recent CSR entries:

MAD Corsair GTE (left) and slightly revised GEC GS2 Turbo Coupe (right)

First is my submission for (and runner-up in) CSR 120, the MAD Corsair GTE (left): (45.1 KB)

Next is a slightly revised version of my CSR 121 entry, the GEC GS2 Turbo Coupe (right): (44.2 KB)

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to put either of them up for download… But now that I have, I can finally feel a little bit better about them, especially since they performed so well.


Umm, ya know, it’s not the best of ideas to publicly share the .car file of your entry in the current CSR :smile:

Fair point. I’ll wait till after. Sorry about that.



Parking Memories In The Driveway

1966 Saint SKY / GT: 2-dr / 5-seat sedan with premium interior and premium AM Radio
ENGINE: RAM Cy-426 v8 | 447 h.p., TOP SPEED: 179 mph with a 3-spd Automatic
CLASS: GT / Muscle / Family Sport-Premium

Saint - A Division of Retro Age Motors
Enjoy The Experience


Just a little something I made for fun. The 700 Horsepower Levine for the track. The OPEC Crosscoupe. the fastest SUV in its class*

Drive in BEAMNG

*in the class that i made up

5 Likes (55.5 KB)
Retro_Age_Motors (56.1 KB)

_DISCLAIMER:_Post production recall may have resulted in slight changes to both vehicles.
Pictures above my not reflect the exact nature of download files, but the downloadable files are the most up to date production vehicles. Thank you from Retro Age Motors


Innis Carolina Reaper

Designed by the innis himself @yangx2

It’s Big.

More is more. we all know that is. Nobody loses weight in America because we never lose anything. You need a 7L turbodiesel engine from a Semi Truck with 1500ft/lbs of torque to get you to your NRA meeting every month, buy it quickly before the goberment bans it.

It’s Black.

i̜̚ ̦̙̠̟͐̀̂̚a̯̲̼͔̾̊̓̒m̪͂ ̪̯͈̼̌̅͘͞s̘͈͍͌̍̎͟͡ò̟̜͐r̨̖̆͑̃ͅr͚̚y̩͋ ͓͙͍̐̽͛̎͟i̻̥͙̐̉͌ ̱͍̎̀c̮̣͉̥͊́̀́á̜̞̤́̆n̳͕̮̅͛͞ṫ̞͔̤͇̀̇̕͟͠ ̡͞e̪̬̩̓̌̐ṽ̡͕͖̊̌ė̼̙͛n ̨̨̼̮̋̌̆́j̡̢̤̬͌̔͋̕o͖̖͈̦̾͆̍͠k̜̠̻̀̄́e̼̐ a̢̻̿͒b̙̻̩̻͔̍͂́̐́oụ̟͕̑̏͂t̺͒ ͇̖̎̈̏͜t̟͇̲̒͌͛h̨͚̼̣̼̓̈̿̐̾i̛̞s̹̻̾͆ ̥̫͇̫̤͑͆̏̂͠g̜͔̃̆ô͎͉͓̭̑͊̎l̺̦͌͑f̨̖̫͋̓͂ ͈̀ŏ̧f̣̭̗͆͗̓͒͜ ̛̪͙̪͍͑̊̐to̺̳͆̍̓͟n͈͑k̦̃̀ͅin͇̖͐͛ ̝͊̕͜ĩ͓̹̤̋̅̑͜n̢̢̒͛c̡̮̘̏̕̚i̗̬̻̰̮̓̉̈́̒̂d̜̖͆͗ė̘̫̗̊͒ņ̥̠̠̎͂̿̐ẗ͚͔̠̲́̋͞͞

It’s Powerful.

Enhanced with custom sound, tires for better off and on road performance, and solid axles that no longer snap, the Mei Ling QQ1 is the truck you deserve.
just dont do any serious towing or it will overheat very quickly.


POV: you say it’s not that much harder to breathe with a mask (breathe in all this smoke bitch)


i will once again reiterate that everything innis is completely @yangx2 so he endorses all of this


BeamNG File (Revised 01/18/21)

GSI_Enforcer_-4_8_Turbo(Revised).car (79.3 KB) (Revised 01/18/21)


BeamNG File (113.6 KB)


Kucing Esprit W4 Ver.1 & Ver.2 performance figures:
0-100km/h = 4.2 seconds (Faster than the Lamborghini Diablo 5.7!)
Top speed = 280km/h
5-spd manual transmission
Quadvector (Ver.2)

Download Here!




This is a build I originally made a few months ago and only recently updated for the new game engine - the 1992 KPS K2, a small and light track-ready sports coupe with no driving aids or power steering, just a gutsy mid-mounted normally aspirated 2.0L V6 driving the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox and mechanical limited-slip differential.

Base model car (K2 RS, left, in red, with some creature comforts): (39.1 KB)

Factory tuned version (K2 RR, right, in yellow, even lighter and tuned for the track): (41.9 KB)

Note: The K2 RS has 200 horsepower and weighs just 875 kg; the K2 RR has 225 horsepower pushing along 830 kg. Both cars are set up for agility - a boon on the track where every last fraction of a second matters.

I made the pair to show that a modest amount of horsepower goes a long way in very light cars such as these - and this is even more true of the K2 RR.


Otnas Tamtam Esprit 3.0 24-Valve

The Otnas Tamtam Esprit 3.0 24-Valve is Otnas’ attempt to enter the Group A racing league. Due to the restrictions, the road car is very similar to the race car. It has a sport suspension and fine tuned chassis with dampers that could switch its stiffness on the fly. It’s powered by a 3.0 liter Inline 6 engine that could put out 254hp which pushes it from 0 - 100 km/h in just 6 seconds.

Drive the Otnas Tamtam Esprit 3.0 24-Valve now: Otnas Tamtam Esprit 3.0 24-Valve | BeamNG


Rigel Trës MK2 (In a few moments it will be available in the mods gallery)

Rigel in 1991 launched its first urban model, a 3.3-meter vehicle and a three-cylinder engine, called “Trës”. This denomination due to its 3-cylinder propellant and the Spanish word “tres” which means three the total number of cylinders.

Driver Version (This mod model): The most urban, access engine to the range with 50 hp and all the essential comforts for day to day. Its two-tone rims and its distinctive blue along the bumpers indicate that we are dealing with the Driver, the most economical of the range, for those who want to enjoy driving around the city and forget about the rest. 1.2 Three-cylinder carburetor gasoline engine with 50 hp and a 4-speed manual gearbox.

Drive your Rigel Trës NOW! LInk to BeamNG mod gallery:ës-mk2.24436/


Designed as a cheap and cheerful convertible for young buyers without a lot of money, the 220 California is a variant of the 1967 VME Sparrow compact car which combines the excellent 121 horsepower 2.2L DOHC inline-4 and sport suspension with a basic interior, single leading shoe front drum brakes, bias-ply tyres, and the same four-speed gearbox as the ordinary sedan trims in order to save money on fluff and put it into where it counts most - the driving dynamics and sleek top-down style. If money is less of an object, the more upmarket Suntourer convertible trim (not yet available for download) comes standard with radial tyres, a sport-tuned variant of the same engine, the 5-speed sport gearbox, and all of the same interior bells and whistles as the top sedan and wagon trims.

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