Automation x BeamNG Car Repository

Since People will want some interesting cars to drive in Beam, why not start a repository/database of cars and links to cars.

Some Ground Rules; Follow them or be punished.

  • Do not Post more than once every 24 hours
  • No more than 3 Export Files + Pictures OR 3 links to external threads where files are per post. (You can mix and match)
  • Be respectful to others cars, and don’t upload them as your own to the mod repository. People are uploading these out of their own kindness, don’t exploit that.

Happy Driving, and don’t be a dick.


CSR65 - Vri404 - VenomTech (26.7 KB)

Sakura Deko - (36.8 KB)

Sakura Ronin - (28.0 KB)


I shared a bunch of cars in another thread so I’ll just link to those instead of posting them all here.

Leviathan Motor Company (LMC) - No longer updated - #33 by Chickenbiscuit

This is one of the cars that awaits :stuck_out_tongue:


As Seen in RCR

Schmantis - Made by (125.4 KB)

Also a version without the face because, as the livestream had shown, only a part of it was white while the rest was all red
Schmantis - without (70.8 KB)

someone please take this car around a race track

EDIT: The devs have uploaded a more updated and accurate-handling Schmantis to the BeamNG repo so these files are technically obsolete, but I’ll keep them in case anyone wants to improve upon the current design.


Arpos Katiba , happy day!


Bramhall Firenza Super S3
BL - Firenza III - Super S (25.0 KB)


Might as well throw the Sofa 300 in here:
Sofa I - (14.5 KB)


I propose you my following cars:
From my car company:
The Opera GC, this is my favourite design I made until now

Opera GC - (39.1 KB)

And one from my random car collection: the Cobalt 427 Despacito

Cobalt - 427 (55.9 KB)

Hope you’ll enjoy it, if you want more of my cars, you can download them on their own threads.

EDIT: Opera’s headlight are not working anymore with the update, and the Despacito has…too much torque? lmao


2nd Generation Farox Meridia, a midsize SUV similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. On-road luxury, off-road performance.


Farox Meridia M2 - (58.2 KB)


Farox Meridia M2 - (60.2 KB)


Farox Meridia M2 - 4.7 (57.8 KB)


A remake of my very first car made on Automation UE4:

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I’m going to slowly add photos later as I work them out.

2012 Gryphon Gear Nightfury (Chassis #007x)

Based, obviously, on Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

EDIT: I’m changing the file yet again, because the handling changed dramatically with the adjustment of the aero and suspension behaviour.

(10/10/18) YET ANOTHER EDIT: Turns out that Beam calculates aero VERY differently from Automation. With a hotfix the number of overlapping fixtures the game tolerated also reduced so the aero fell off. Broken handling ensued.

I also decided since Beam doesn’t really differentiate between SCT and DCT except for auto shifting purposes, since this is a race car I will make it SCT. And also removed all the driving aids. Except the power steering. A 1960hp AWD car with 365 fronts and no power steering will literally rip your arms off.

GG Nightfury - #007 X (183.8 KB)

Finally it has a LOT of fixtures. It will take a while to load. But as it is, it’ll be actually good for a 6:08 around Nordschleife, if you dare (I have the video proof!)

Bonus Car: 2012 Gryphon Gear Nightfury (Chassis #001)

The first production car after the original NA race prototype!

With a paltry 880-ish hp and a far tamer aero kit, it’s no race car, but it’s fully road legal and still heckin’ fast! Think of it as a much lighter, much sharper, much faster GT-R Nismo.

EDIT: this car will be reuploaded when its awful understeer at high speed is fixed.


Well I found this enjoyable to drive. It’s a 109hp sporty trim of a cheap family car.

TM Olympia Mk 5 - (35.5 KB)

The grille turns to chrome and the windows will be white in Beam.NG but I guess those will get fixed soon.

And this cute little boxer engined thing is really fun to drive. Only 82hp but it’s easy to hold a drift in it and feels like it likes dirt roads.

Kron Beagle - (20.8 KB)


Here is Morton Motors’ first big-block muscle car, the 1967 Corsair GT 7.5:

Morton Corsair - GT (27.9 KB)

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2019 Trova ECO
Holts Trova Mk6 - (35.0 KB)


Here’s a Slice of Emperor Perfomance

This is a Van with Massive grip, All around Double wishbone suspension And a N/A 430HP 3.6L V8 Revving all the way to 8500Rpm. It also includes the “HITCS” (HTA intelligent Traction Control System) (Cause we dont like to drift)

0-100 in 5 seconds. and It weights just 1068kgs. enjoy!

I’ll be posting more cars in the Emperor Perfomance Thread.
Super DownForce - Van (30.6 KB)

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How do you install these files into the game

Drop the .car files into CarSaveImport

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Allright thx

SURO Dirtmaster
Holts SURO - (39.2 KB)

The Fenton ET230 Turbo4

One of my personal favorite cars that I made for Fenton Holdings, Ltd.

Its geared to be a gas sipper rather than a track performer but this little guy handles very well and has some pep in its step once it comes on boost.

Fenton ET - 230 (56.4 KB)