This is going to be a small review system for forum competition winners.

The actual team is:
Norman Vauxhall - main writer / graphics
Pyrlix - support writer / audio & video editing
squidhead - Screen capture photoshop
strop - English beta reader / text editor
1st Issue**
[size=120]TCC Season 1 - Round 2 - BMMA Narwhal vs Baltazar Basil[/size]
A.k.a. 1985 Executive Sport Sedan
Magazine Review: … =15#p96073
Video Review:

2nd Issue**
[size=120]TCC Season 1 - Round 3 - Seishido Achernar vs Baltazar Quark[/size]
A.k.a. 1990 Entry Level Motoring
Magazine Review: … =30#p97603
Video Review:

3nd Issue**
[size=120]TCC Season 1 - Round 1 - Znopresk Zeta 1.5 Rapida vs Mars Engineering Roadfly 6[/size]
A.k.a. 1995 Sport Roadsters
Magazine Review: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=9168&p=100680#p100680
Video Review:


What exactly is this going to be?

[size=150]Muahahaha [/size]runsoff

WANT NOW! I don’t know what it is, but I want it!

Sign me up, and get me the special edition, extended edition, outtakes and 25th anniversary edition please.

Interesting and Interested.

assuming those steering wheels are to show that it will go across several years, i think this could be a place to get my '88 G-series reviewed

Hello everybody,

We need an english motherlanguage speaker to check the reviews.
The reviews at the moment are mainly written by me, and I need someone more practical with the english language to correct my grammar horror, not working sentences structures and possible typos.
Please if anyone is available to do the work contact me via PM.

On the OP i’ll update some info abuot the person behind this small review magazine.

Strop taken the spot for the first reviews…

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Wow! Awesome Cars :smiley: :sunglasses:

I am guessing that that track is the Nurburgring. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this!

Looks like a magazine that will never review anything from me.
Anyway, good luck with this.

I do not see why not. Ask the guys :slight_smile:


I do not see why not. Ask the guys :slight_smile:[/quote]

Patricia goes quite low, F90 is from too old unfinished competition to be even remembered, I was somewhere near half or half-end in 1990 Out of Africa challenge… You tell me where did I won? Probably in terms of Arthemis size in OAC… It was the biggest car in the competition :smiley:

It’s not the success that matters, it’s character. If anything my company’s second car is a complete luxurious bucket of bolts, and I love it most

At the moment we are planning to review the top 2 cars of the first TCC season

Znopresk Zeta 1.5 Rapida vs Mars Engineering Roadfly 6
BMMA Nawrhal GT-Sprint vs Baltazar Basil by Angelli-Dumont
Seishido Achernar 1.6BX-E vs Batlazar Quark Swagon 1.7i
Znopresk Z325 Corsa vs Mars Engineering Hammerhead

2 reviews are already written.
1 is ready to be recorded (yes, you read it well…)

We are uncertain about the possible future. At the moment we will see if we can survive this experiment :wink:

Stay tuned.

First issue out!


Damn, that was some good reading. I love the format and the styling a lot. It reminded me an old car magazine my father used to buy me when I was little. Good job guys!