Automation's Fastest Driver

Time to find out who the fastest driver on this forum is in BeamNG Drive!

The idea is simple. Everyone has the same car. Everyone has a week. Everyone is using the same track. Who can set the fastest time?

I’ll post a BeamNG car file. It can be anything, no limits really. From minivans to race cars to off-road pickups, anything can come. The track will be voted for by you guys, and I’ll decide a car based on the track that wins.


You can PM a car to me. No need for fancy naming, just PM me a car, I’ll check it out and maybe it’ll be used. Extra info or whatever is appreciated too, if you’re into that stuff. Not needed. High effort cars are appreciated, so don’t expect a 3000hp limo to be used just because it’s a meme, this is kinda semi serious.


We will be running off the honour system, so we’ve all just got to be honest and realise that if you cheat it kinda kills the fun of this. PM me your times, and any proof will be appreciated. A screenshot of the time in Beam will do, but if you can supply replays that will help your case, especially if it’s a fast time.

Also, tell me if you are using a keyboard and mouse, controller, or a wheel for your time.

I will reveal the results at the deadline, so please try not to give away your time for suspense reasons. I know that’s probably asking too much, but if you can that would be appreciated.


The top 10 times will each get points. 1st will get 10 points, 2nd will get 9, etc. We will average your points across the number of rounds you enter, so that new people joining will still be able to stay in the game. However, for every round you enter after your first round you will get an extra 0.1 points (added after the averaging is done), to try and prevent cherry picking rounds in some ways. It’s not a perfect system, and if you have suggestions for better systems that would be appreciated.

Example of scoring

Guy wins round 1. Gets 10 points.

Guy wins round 2 again. Gets another 10 points, so now 20 total. Average of 10 points. Guy has been in 2 rounds, so gets a 0.1 point bonus. Total points = 10.1


There is one main leaderboard for total scoring, which is kept here. When I reveal lap times, I will also include what control type people were using at the time.

The first round will be posted some time within the next 24 hours, but some feedback would be appreciated first.

The first round is already prepared, and will remain a mystery, so no voting yet! Feel free to begin sending cars my way though!


Do you have any preferences as far as cars go? Like FWD, RWD, high power, low power?

Anything goes. I’ll try and pick the car based on the track that is voted in, but I’m hoping each car will provide a different challenge for everyone. Just build something that you don’t totally hate driving

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For simplicity’s sake I’d just suggest giving 0.1 points for every round entered, done after averaging. (I think you already decided this but the OP still reads differently).

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If we’re doing fastest driver, wouldn’t that mean we’d have to all drive the same car? :thinking:

Yes. Literally the third sentence in the post.


Don’t mind me, I’m a dumbass

Just one thing, can the car not be turbo? :t
I mean, if we can’t be equal in terms of controllers, can we at least be equal in terms of computer performance, big rig gamers and potato laptops alike? :t

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I think the best idea would be the leave this to vote. Obviously, banning turbos would limit car choices, but I get that it would be a disadvantage to some people. If anyone knows a way to get around the issue, or at least minimise the effect, we can look into that too.

Oh, and for those unaware, from what I understand turbos basically make less power on slower computers for reasons I don’t quite understand.

  • Allow turbos
  • Ban turbos

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What about BeamNG settings? Especially the first five (and especially for those driving with a wheel).

Everything here can be whatever. I see no reason to have to specify every little setup detail

EDIT: After rereading again, mandatory realistic ABS would make sense.

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And mandatory realistic gearbox too please. Which, if you don’t completely stuff up, shouldn’t make too much difference.

However I think it’d only be fair if you’re not using a wheel you can use auto clutch. Would be a bit much otherwise.

Note: for everybody who doesn’t know, you will have turbo issues if you can’t run the game at 30fps 100% of the time. In fact you will have issues driving fast in general if you can’t so really… :joy:


I don’t get the point of baning turbos, because there is so much things that make this not fair for everyone. As Strop said, if your computer can’t run BeamNG at a minimum of 30fps you’re disavantaged. If you don’t have a controller you’re disavantaged with people who have a controller, and people with a controller are disavantaged with people who have a steering wheel…
Imo, we should let it like this c:


handicapped maybe, but i can still turn in competitive times :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have BeamNG Drive, but I do have cars I can send in… And I’ll be watching this closely.

for those wondering how much of a difference the wastegate issue makes

The best times are when I had the game running at a stable 30, the last time was the run I just did. I used exactly the same cars for both runs and as you can clearly see there is a very significant difference in times taken to reach 0-100 and do the quarter mile.


It depends on how much boost you run. The more boost the worse the difference.

Basically if a majority of users here have potato PCs can’t attain that performance requirement we’d probably be better off sticking to NA which will make me sad because all my cool cars I wanna send in are turbo, but in the interest of fairness and fun for all…

Bah, do both. It doesn’t make a difference if you allow wheel as well as keyboard. Then you can also allow potato vs non-potato pc. Everyone has to live with their hardware handicap then (but it should be specified with the time you post).

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Well I’ve closed the poll, it’s in favour of banning turbos. While it’s not an ideal solution, for now we’ll have to deal with no turbos.

Obviously, if we allowed turbos, it would suck for those people that are locked out of a win because their PC isn’t as good as someone else’s, but at the same time allowing turbos would bring in a lot of car variety.

For the time being, I will have to ask for cars to exclusively be N/A, at least until someone can figure out a way to try and fix this or come up with a way of balancing it in some way.

As for including if you have a good or bad PC, I’d imagine that some people will be hit harder than others, so it’s not as simple as saying that someone had a handicap, because others were probably hit harder.

Anyway, it’s not like banning turbos is taking away most choices. You can always tune your cars before you send them if they have turbos, and make some adjustments and whatever.

Also, we’re here to see who the best driver is, not who has the best PC.

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Round 1: Keika Katana S

We’ll be using the short circuit at the Hirochi Raceway, and because I’m starting this, a car that I’ve made! Introducing the Keika Katana S. Near enough 200hp, mid engine, 980KG, and hopefully easy handling!

Game Setup:
No specific rules here, just make sure you don’t have reverse selected. Also, click the box above the leaderboard to find single lap times.

Car Download:
(Just hit the download button, should be in the top right corner)

Put the car here:image

Track: Hirochi Raceway Short Race Circuit

Make sure you have realistic ABS and realistic transmission selected.

Remember: PM me your times. Screenshots and replays, while aren’t required, will help you a lot in proving your time if it is a good one. Also include what control type you used (keyboard, controller, wheel).

Deadline: 21st October 17:00PM BST

Feel free to complain about my car and track choice!

Also sorry for the double post

Seeing how you had 2 laps selected in the screenshot and told us to select single lap time in the list, rolling start or flying laps count, right? If so, can we do whatever number of maximum laps so we don’t have to restart as often for hotlapping?

About the boost issue: there was a fix that involved tinkering with the exported beam files someone had found in the Discord (in short, to make the turbo values easier to calculate for the computer by manually editing them). This won’t work as well in truly potato PCs but I will try how much of an improvement it makes (by purposefully loading my CPU for testing) to see if the fix is good enough to allow turbos in the competition.

If it does work, the issue is it would mean that everyone should have the same beam car file instead of the automation file, validated so no one cheats by editing other values there. But it could also be useful for tuning other values that automation won’t let you tune (e.g: more fine tuning of each individual gear ratio). That means, you would have to “fix” each individual file and give people that one to race