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Welcome to the Automation Turismo GUI thread!

This is the thread for GUI edits of the (sadly) imaginary game Automation Turismo UE4.24! Here I will make edits of cars on The Expanse 1 (modded photoscene) to kind of ressemble GT Sport’s GUI (not really).

Car Design by @yurimacs.

This seems great and all, but how do I send in cars?

To have your car featured in Automation Turismo, you DM me the car file on Discord (Reizei#1220) or on the forums or you send specs and a picture of the car on the Expanse 1 with 15.0 aperture, a bit of angle and a bit more exposure. You also need to send some basic flavor text to go along with the car. You can also send the car file directly to me.

Some more information.

The Performance Points are calculated with this basic method.
(Power in HP / Weight in KG) * 1000


does the device’s hardware suport open-top entries?

I mean, yeah. I have a Ryzen 5 2600X and a GTX 1650 so these should be no problem at all. There are no restrictions on the cars you can enter. The only cars I won’t accept are the ones that are out of minmax hell.

fair enough

just from a realism point the Automation Turismo game may be played on a PS2 era console or sth

Nope, Automation Turismo would be available on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC as it is based off of GT Sport gameplay and graphics wise.


where’s the ps5 and xbox series x versions of automation turismo lol

(OT) Nice idea, I might pitch some cars into there as well.

This is an excellent idea - so is this open-ended, or does it have a deadline? I have a feeling it’s the former.

It does not have a deadline at all! It’s always open! You can send cars when I’m online whenever you want.


Do you accept submissions?

I accept them whenever I’m online if they are good quality.

Alright, thanks for the info

Edits for 7/28.

Designs by @Centurion_23

Open this

Designs by @Taffin_Blur

Open this

Designs by @ST1Letho

Open this

Designs by @ProfessorP3PP3R

Open this

Designs by @Mikonp7

Open this

Designs by @variationofvariables

Open this

Designs by @Executive

Open this

Design by @donutsnail

Open this

Design by @Fayeding_Spray

Open this

Design by @BannedByAndroid

Open this

Design by @SpeedyBoi

Open this

I kind of broke the rule of no minmax on this one but the design was too good not to feature.

Design by @HybridTronny

Open this

Design by @chichicoofisial

Open this

Design by @BigBoiShibe

Open this

Sorry for the mass pings by the way.

More edits are coming next week.


Automation Turismo now has a Discord server!

If you want to talk about the project or ask any questions, here you go!


Update to the sending system!

Send your car’s specs through this spreadsheet (courtesy of @SpeedyBoi) to get the Performance Points of it. You can still send the .car for photos or you can use the preset for Automation Turismo on the Expanse photoscene.

You also have to send a logo (PNG or SVG) in a square resolution.



If you want your car to be remade in the new and improved layout, send the logo of your old submission (if you want me to suffer even more, I can do the logos myself). Don’t worry, you won’t have to fill up the sending sheet as I can do it myself (because I have the .car files).

Automation Turismo Connection: Version 1.01 Released

AT Connection: UI Showcase

Part One: Tutorial and Startup

Startup / Loading Screens

Title Screen

Tutorial Screens

car by @CorsicaUnknown

Main Menu

with some help from @XenoYparxi


A Small Update

This thread will no longer feature just Automation Turismo GUI. Instead, it will feature all the games (& more) from RZ Entertainment International, the game studio behind Automation Turismo. It’ll also feature more information on the company itself.

The New Format

Instead of being titled GUI edits, posts will be formatted in a wiki format from now on.


All about the Japanese development studio.


Current Franchises

Upcoming Titles
AutoTurismo: OUTLAW (2022)
AutoTurismo: Open World (2022)
Assault Elite 5 (TBA)
Assault Elite Mobile (TBA)



AutoTurismo: OUTLAW

The game’s logo.

Developer & Publisher: RZei Japan
Release Date: March 2022
Reveal: E3 2020
Franchise: AutoTurismo
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S



AutoTurismo: OUTLAW is an upcoming racing game by RZei Japan for next-gen consoles. It was revealed in E3 2020 alongside AutoTurismo: Open World. OUTLAW is a street racing game set in a wide open world. It features smart police AI, and dynamic gameplay depending on time of day. The latter is the main feature, where if you’re caught racing after a specific time, the police will be on full awareness and heat level. Details about the game haven’t been fully revealed yet, but a few interesting features were shown in later press conferences. This article will be updated overtime with screenshots to document these features.


Welcome to AutoTurismo 7.

Avaliable now on Steam, PlayStation 4 / 5, Xbox Series / One and Nintendo Switch.
Play Day One with Xbox Game Pass!

Cover Art, PS5
cover art design by @variationofvariables

Title Screen, PS5

Main Menu, PS5

Various cars (designed by me) in Dealerships
Racing Oxygen bodykit by @SpeedyBoi, livery by @Falling_Comet

Cars by @variationofvariables
1999 Cordova WRC, 2020 Sabre RS-GT R4 by @Falling_Comet
Fusion-R Touring Car by @HurtsJustALittleBit

Cars by @Mad_Cat

Cars by @HybridTronny
2015 RXZ GT3 by @Falling_Comet

Cars by @Falling_Comet

Cars by @Executive

Cars by @EnCR
2020 SC500 GT3 by @Falling_Comet

Cars by @Secrane

Cars by @SpeedyBoi

Cars by @Lazar
2022 Komi R livery by @Falling_Comet

Cars by @Tsundere-kun

Cars by @TheLapTopX20

Cars by @Taffin_Blur

Cars by @Maxbombe

Various cars by @donutsnail, @SyberRacer, @kaybee, @vouge, @MelikTheHedgehog and @Urke101 (names on the top left, may differ from actual forum names)

If you don’t want any of these cars on this post, DM me and I’ll quickly remove them.


Not much to say other than I wish I could play this game. Loving the style and some great car selections as well, props to the people who made them.