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AVION (Automobili Velikih Inovacija Ovdašnjih Nacija)

Welcome visitor to Avion.
Avion is a unique company, built from experiences of an eccentric, delusional, and obsessive mind. We never concentrated on mass market competition. The goal is to make special cars, rivaling names in the auto industry, while not being completely unattainable. There have been many attempts, but the obsessive nature of it’s owner prevented the company from releasing many designs. A rare few went from idea to production. The company prides itself in offering help to other companies as well, but never had the opportunity to actually do some work.

Let’s end this introduction here. It is time to introduce some products:

Avion Summit 1973

A luxury cruiser made for european markets, emulating US luxury
It comes in two flavors: 205HP standard and the muscle oriented 427 with 320HP

Avion Veleno 1976

A small sports V8 car

Avion Alessa Gts

Big luxury shooting break

Avion Marina Tributo WIP

A labor of love for true enthusiasts.

Just did the Nurburgring run too. Far from over though


Hello buddy, can you send me a link from the file of the first car, it looks cool, I would like to try it in beamng.drive

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English, please.

OT: Cool designs you have created for the cars, great job.

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Tnx bud!

my cars in automation look much simpler than yours, although I focus more on engines than on appearance, greetings from Serbia

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You could always send a design my way… Maybe I could give you a few pointers?
Greetings from Bosnia friend!

All right, how can I send it to you?, As soon as I catch some time, I will make a new car model

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Send it as PM and I’ll have a look :ok_hand::sunglasses:

The Marina Tributo is getting detailed on the inside. Still ways off :slight_smile:


I’ve done some extra work on detailing the switchgear for Marina Tributo. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Instrument gauge update. Now this took a lot of fixtures and measuring :slight_smile:

Comments are more than welcome.


Marina update
Getting close to the finished product.


Where is your company based?

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Considering how well the final result turned out, it was definitely worth it.

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It was founded in 1969 by my father in ex-Yugoslavia. Currently the headquarters are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with major part and material resources coming from Serbia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Kosovo etc. The goal was always to spread and explore all talents from the local area. :slight_smile:

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And there is still work to be done. I’d say I’m at 89% interior and 95% exterior. Still setting up the car to get more stability at the Nurburgring track. I’m hoping to bring the time down at least 2 seconds to 7:18.

Here we go. Only small touches left:
The Avion Marina Trinbuto will soon land in the driveways of true car lovers!


1995 Avion Summit II (U.S. version)

It is a competition car so just a teaser…
It does have one hell of a detailed exterior and interior :slight_smile:

1995 Avion Summit V8 (U.S. model pictured)

A big day for the Summit name as the last model stopped production in 1980. Avion proudly presents a first AutoCAD designed model to reshape the automotive landscape.


I’m not a fan of the front, but the rear design and interior are just amazing. It also looks really modern for a 1995 car, but in a way that would age well - it would still look mostly up to date (outside) a decade later.

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