Basic suspension for ladder chassis

So I wanted to try the lite campaign by going for a utilitarian soviet company and I found out that the only available suspension for a ladder chassis is the double wishbone.

Now, I understand that front solid axle will be eventually coming, but it feels like there would a big gap between the two, so how about adding a basic suspension design for the ladder chassis, mainly for the early years, like a sliding pillar design?

I don’t really see the point considering that sliding pillar was very rare after the war, and pretty much died completely when Lancia stopped using it in the early 60s.

And in the end it would probably take just as much time making the assets for sliding pillar suspension than it would take making solid axle front suspension.

And double wishbone isn’t really a complicated suspension design. It is pretty much the norm for front suspension on pretty much everything with a ladder frame outside of heavy duty trucks and has been for pretty much the entire timeline of the game. I mean, even the Soviets used it most of the time.