Be able to test drive the car after building it

Like, the game will be boring without a test drive dont you think?

I mean, like you can choose the map you want, like a test track, a city, a beach, hills or another places, and they you can test your car perfomance and status and you can have fun driving everywhere (if it’s possible) a multiplayer feature soo you can drive with other people in the same server around the map, that will be EXTRA AWESOME and it will make the game complete! Like you build your own car you made and then you can go drive around, soo please do that :sunglasses:

This statement of yours has been commented so often already… but I repeat: for a two-man developer team to make a car TYCOON game and a car RACING game from scratch would mean that neither of them would ever see the light of day.
No denying that it would be awesome though… no denying it would be awesome to have days that have 48 hours on your clock while all others only have 24.

I am thinking of a new slogan:

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game
You don’t drive it, but design it!

Yes, that might be necessary. :laughing:

xD Yes, we should come up with a series of anti-marketing slogans haha, good one Daffy!

my suggested slogan “Automation - It’s not a racing game so stop asking!”

but then again, this could happen…only with racing questions instead of french fries :laughing:

^^^ I love it! :slight_smile:

The “Test Run” is actually already done (from what I saw in the video). when the car was fully built, it provided stat’s such as the top speed, weight, etc… A test run to me is telling me the final stat’s of the car. I don’t care about driving the car as a simulator…

I agree with the above comments, this is not a racing game… Think of it as a tycoon/sim-type game…

I don’t think you can really call anything in that part of the video already done :wink: That’s the data screen after the test, not the actual test run. It’s more skipping to the end in at this point like if you took the engine designer and skipped the engine test and went straight to the results being displayed without seeing the engine run.

I know there already is an FAQ, but shall we make a sticky in the suggestions forum of “It’s been asked already”? Easier and quicker for the lazy people.

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Buy BeamNG DRive, download automation2BeamNG, and you can use in the Covet and in the Grand Marshall (for example), your custom engines maked in Automation.

[quote=“Jakgoe”]Erm, Killrob, ther bump-er was one of the Global Moderators, not a bot…

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My bad! You guys absolutely profit off the money we paid and aren’t progressing the game at all!