Best buy for under 14K 1993 (Final verdicts: page 5/5, final conclusion!)

nice underpowered land yacht

0-100 km/h in under 10 seconds, not so underpowered for 1993 :slight_smile:

Oh my! Hshan has definitely fulfilled the Trafikjournalen brief for this comparo…

But the devil, they say, is in the details. Since this comparo is aimed at budget users without much money, the higher running costs of a larger car could negate the impressive metal for money ratio, hahaha!

Not necessarily true. Suspension tuning and drivetrain gearing are “free”, meaning that a good suspension tune costs nothing over a bad one and careful gearing optimisation can make a smaller engine feel stronger than it theoretically should, although 3.3L of V6 is hardly underpowered IMO! You simply cannot reliably tell from an image how well the car is set up. Although there are clues, those clues can be faked, so you have to see the stats to truly know how good the car is. I suspect this car is FWD, so optimised for driveability, which means it’ll be a capable (but ultimately uninspiring) drive and the ride height is kinda low, so it won’t wallow like a yacht, but I’m unable to know that for certain. For all I know it may be AWD or RWD, tuned to outhandle a M5 and ride like a magic carpet, hahaha!

I’m willing to say that the Orion Sentinel is the Dark Horse in this comparo and has a good chance of stealing the limelight from all our little hatches and sedans, so watch this space!

PS: Yes, I’m making a car for this and no, it isn’t a large car, it’s a small one, hahaha!


I wanted it to be big and have a big engine. Almost everything else is a compromise between those two and the budget. I’d suggest not going my route for anyone willing to win.


Guaranteed bin maybe

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If it is a barebones base model, could be fun to include the nickle-and-dime option list.

I may aswell make thr Spot a accessory considering its low price, hahaha. To be fair its very spotless

1993 Wells i5 GL

For 14K*, style and comfort never looked so good.

Who said cheap had to be boring?

*base model shown, options are extra cost.



Oh Noe!!!

The large sedans are proliferating! I hope Knugcab has enough stable room for all of these dark horses that are turning up. :laughing::wink::thinking:


I’ll have to see if I can come up with something, by my yet-to-be-written lore, all Petoskeys built in 1991 or later will have higher safety features due to a PR incident involving a recall.


I have nothing against a wildcard, just keep in mind that this is not USA in 1970 so you need more than heaps of cubic inches and lots of metal for the price to be considered a great value. :wink:


Inline 5 budget sedan? While most seem to be Sedan, only 2 Hatchback submissions

I spent some time for my submission and finished it but I missed the part about convertibles or coupes are banned while reading :smiley: Time to make a new one I guess

Not necessarily banned, just not recommended.

Who said that you can’t make a cheap, comfortable convertible?
'93 Barusu Ochinchin is right here


1993 Régal Junior

The French are at it again. The new facelifted Junior for 1993 includes for the first time in this rugged budget model an EFI engine with single overhead cam. At 1.3L, it has plenty of power for all your daily needs and for 14K it brings value and low running costs to your wallet.


1993 Masca Kite


Do in game markets matter for this challenge?

Hot hatches thread anyone?

Nice design, I am a fan.