Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

VOTE NOW IN THE 3RD ROUND! —> Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED] - #224 by Sillyworld

This is the continuation of the BFMCC1. As the previous stage, this one will consist of 3 rounds, focused in modern-ish muscle cars in the fruinian market.

>> STAGE 2 <<

"After must of the sports cars died in the earlier 2000s, all the community was over with the idea of fast cheap cars, let alone muscle cars. But along the 2005, some manufacturers revived some of their classic muscle cars line-up, and soon the muscle car was back in game, not only with better designs than the 90s cars, but with much more power, and, sorting all of that environmental crap convention"


  • Use last stable release 160420

  • Trim must be between 2005-2010, engine variant up to the year of the trim.

  • No trucks, suv, or vans. Only 2 or 4 doors.

  • Must be road legal (Must have headlights & tailights, no race intake/headers, regular or premium fuel only, with cat and at least a muffler. No semi-slicks)

  • Front engine, rear wheel drive only

  • Engine reliability above 40

  • Must have at least the minimum required cooling

  • Emissions lower or equal than the upper emissions braket under running costs.

  • To calculate the minimum required fuel economy use this

  • Must score at least 65 competitiveness in any of the following demographics: Muscle, muscle premium, pony or budget pony in Fruinia.

  • Mark up goes depending on the highest demographic:
    Pony Budget: 5%
    Pony: 7%
    Muscle: 8%
    Muscle Premium: 10%


  • Naming convention: Just add only your username in the model name :slight_smile:

*Only mods from the workshop. All the mods allowed, except the Barth weird morphing bodies and re-makes of existing bodies (those making RR, MR and FF cars that previously didn’t allowed it)

##Accepted entries:

  • USDMFTW – '10 Hawker Typhon GT-R track pack
  • Darkshine – '10 Broadhead
  • Strop – '07 Phaedra Genesis Track pack
  • TR8R – '10 FOA Mucleania Tango
  • Thecarlover – '07 Solo Hawk Anniversary
  • Lordvader1 – '06 Neotune
  • Nialloftara – '06 Centauri Marauder
  • Airjordan – '10 Smooth V block
  • Sillyducky – '09 Fahrzeug C4 Premium
  • HowlerAutomotive – '10 Firebrand R1B
  • rk38 – '09 AAU Uiseo BX
  • FindRED19 – Shark (under revision)

[color=Yellow]Muscle Premium[/color]

  • High OctaneLove – '06 Bogliq Maverick Action Express
  • Asdren – '10 Revera GTX 77
  • Reeve – '07 LMT 55 SE
  • abj7 – '06 Harris Chieftain 5.0 V8 GT


  • Koolkei – '08 Exclude trial


Round 1

Results —> here <—
“These are new times, and although the brand name of a company is very important, you don’t want to sell a car that will leave you in bankruptcy, do you?”



  • Heavily weighted (x2) max power(hp)[/10] + max torque(lb-ft)[/10] + highest competitiveness value in muscle or pony + 1/4 mile speed(mph) – 0-62 time – ¼ mile time

  • Normal weighted (x1) Top speed (mph/h)[/10] + sportiness + drivability + comfort + prestige

  • Under weighted (x0.5) * wheelspin + utility + safety + avg reliability*[/quote]

The result from the score then will be divided by the price of the car. The car with the higher number will be the winner.

Round 2: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday

The car with the fastest time in the Sebring track with flying lap will be the winner.
Here is the track
Results round 2 → Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED] - #218 by Sillyworld

##Round 3: “Muscle cars, because no kid grew up with a poster of a Honda civic in their room”
######AKA bathing suit contest.
Results round 3 → Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED] - #233 by Sillyworld

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No minimum efficiency? Ok…

Let me work on it really quickly…

Also, is cars produced based on the desirability/affordability calculation or the numbers in the factory/production tabs?

Maybe you should have a rule that you must be able to produce the number of cars indicated by the desirability/affordability.

Not really, the production of cars is based on how you set factories, so you can set the factories to produce way more than you will need, or way less.

There is no rule about that, because that’s kinda the idea of the challange. You can set to produce a lot of cars, so every car is cheap to produce (and sell), or to produce less than you will need to spend less in tooling and factories, but every car will be more expensive to produce.

Maybe make it front engine rear wheel drive only, alot of people would not consider a rear engine car to be muscle. I know we had rear engine cars in the first stage, but i dont think they fit the definition of a muscle car.

Need there be any connection between the modern car and the old car of stage 1? Or is that a lore bonus for our own satisfaction only?

I second this. Otherwise, I would totally use the not-McLaren body and call it a muscle car :smiley:

I just added some eco stuff (emissions and fuel economy).

That’s a valid point actually, although there were RR american cars in those years, none of them was considered a Muscle car.
How about instead of restrict to FR, ban car bodies that can’t take an engine in the front? (VMO LMP1, 90s GT1, mclarens, non-F40, non-huracan, non-lamborghini)

  • Only Front engine with rear wheel drive configuration.
  • Ban car bodies that can’t fit an engine in the front

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[quote=“strop, post:7, topic:16413, full:true”]
Need there be any connection between the modern car and the old car of stage 1? Or is that a lore bonus for our own satisfaction only?
[/quote] It’s no necessary, but if you want it for the sake of company history development or something, go ahead!

EDIT: I added a poll, can you see it and vote in it?

can see, cannot vote…

Update: Have voted!

So AWD would still be allowed?

Nope, rear wheel drive only.

There is at least one body that can take a Rear engine (but not too large) and a front engine as well.

There’s a problem with banning car bodies with no front engine: somebody Modded all those bodies to fit front engines. It’s in the Steam workshop.

Those are not allowed in the rules

*Only mods from the workshop. All the mods allowed, except the Barth weird morphing bodies and re-makes of existing bodies.

Oh goody! I missed that (have to scroll a lot on phone).

I’m undecided as to whether to allow non RWD formats. I think it only weights slightly on the demographic, because the model spans entire populations. I’d suggest allowing other drivetrains but imposing heavy weighted penalties in addition to the rest of the scoring, like say 25% for AWD, 35% for FF and a stacked 40% for Mid engined or something. That’s just off the cuff, and I haven’t thought it through.

I disagree, muscle cars have always been front engine rear wheel drive. Im not worried about the advantages that AWD or rear engine setups have. I just think a muscle car challenge should have the classic muscle car drive layout, Pontiac GTOs, F Bodys, Mustang, Nova, Chevelle, Charger, Challenger etc, are all front engine RWD(except some newer AWD dodge models).

I think its easier to just make it front engine rear wheel drive, rather than doing some wonky scoring or penalizing people.


You’re right about that. But…

:laughing: well, if this is supposed to be pure muscle car in the strictest definition because we are only counting people who are specifically out to buy a Muscle Car, then I also see your point in that. Is that what @sillyworld is after?

I’m not bothered either way, as I am 100% intending to make an FR tyre smoking V8 :wink:

The funny thing is, according to the latest dev update the Fruinians hate muscle cars :stuck_out_tongue:


ok so since I lost the last round i will be putting a lot more effort in this time. I just wish i could use race exhaust.or a blower hmmm the future lol

Well, the 2005 Ornate Valour 625 that I made pre-thread was going to cost around 25k$ and no MPG but it seems like that 8 liter V8 is gonna go.