Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

Unless you’re on the Virginia international raceway (mega ultra bumpy), or the carpark autocross, more power wins :stuck_out_tongue:

That said your car was obviously well tuned for track, like mine, hence punching above power for weight. I don’t think I could have gotten much more out of my configuration without compromising a few key points, such as build quality and reliability and the ability to use it as a daily!

Also, omg, so hard to pick just three cars this round. The styling standard is really high.

As a relative newcomer I did not trouble the leaders (or even expect to), but to be best in class (Muscle Premium) for stage 1 of this round was unexpected, although if I had designed a car with more bang for the buck, I would have done even better.

Dont be shy, vote my car :slight_smile:

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i expected my car was the cheapest, lightest, and powerless in the competition. boy am i wrong…

but of course… asdren is running away with this round isn’t he?

winning both round 2 and round 3. he’s the overall winner it seems.

It’s just like what happened in stage 1, where winning rounds 2 and 3 caused a massive upset win. Though this is more running away with it.

For stage 3, well, it’s probably going to be different anyway because our bodies from stage 1 are locked in.

And in case you were wondering… yes, I totally forgot about this xD

Anyways, here are the results for the round 3!

And the final results!

Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive wasn’t the cheapest, wasn’t the fastest, wasn’t the prettiest, but still manage a solid 54 points. In a way, is weird because @asdren car was very modern, the design, the engineering, and still the Firebrand prove that even the old cheap technology is worth its use :slight_smile:

Congratulations to everyone who participate, proving to the fruinian petrolheads that even the big muscle cars can be fast, relatively cheap, economical and environmental friendly!


Oh man what!!! I was looking forward to a top ten finish only to be beaten by the car that was constantly behind me hmph! Congrats to everybody. on a seperate note how can there be 20 votes when there was only 18 competitors?

4th. ooh. i didn’t expect to be that high, i thought i would be in the middle pack.
but those 2 up top… literally doubled mine… scary

@howlerautomotive who would’ve thought a race ready v12 car done on the cheap side would’ve won. congrats, that was a nice build.

and now. to round 3, where the moaning about your valvetrain choices in round 1 begins.

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I did vote, so I guess some expectator in the forum (maybe vri404) also voted :slight_smile:


I was the other vote. I wanted to stay involved despite not having an entrant to the contest.

So, If that’s a skew to the votes, I apologize if you didn’t like that, but my votes wouldn’t have changed the outcome to be honest.


Nice job @HowlerAutomotive, strong performance indeed. Same to @asdren and @AirJordan . The styling round always shakes things up a bit and I was lucky to benefit a bit from that!

I’ll mitigate my valve train choices with my sheer displacement… I have a lot of potential power at my disposal still!

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Don’t worry, I believe the voting was, and ought to have been, open to non-participants. Otherwise it’d be the equivalent of those internal industry awards that the public doesn’t care about :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah all good I was a little perplexed lol.

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say that to the DOHC 4 valve guys…

i just stayed in the middle line with SOHC 3 valves. not bad but not the best but okay-ish

The DOHC guys will have plenty of power, yes, but not so much in the weight balance department (says the guy with a 10.9L block in his bay). You could say my turbo intentions are a means of compensation…

Now I’m afraid of my car being picked in round 3.

(It’s horridly un-optimized and crap.))

Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive for winning this round on the basis of bang for buck. A tie for last was no surprise; I should have added more power and/or cut the price. But at least I enjoyed this challenge - I am a relative newcomer, after all.

And no, I did not walk away completely empty-handed - my car was actually the highest-placed Muscle Premium entry in the first part of this challenge.

Congrats to @HowlerAutomotive!

I’m happy to be third in a competition with such high standards and I lacked the experience of building a muscle.
Looking forward to 3rd round challenge :slight_smile:

Big thanks for your votes and the congratulations! Good show everybody, especially @Asdren, @AirJordan and @koolkei!

Have to say, I was worried about round three even with the point lead I had, because there were so many good looking cars in the running.

On to stage three then, and I’m not going to neglect track performance for wheelspin this time like I did in Stage 1. The engine I used is only SOHC, but there’s 4 valves per cyl and plenty of displacement so it should be alright. Still tempted by turbos, though. More power, after all, is more power.


Congrats to @HowlerAutomotive :slight_smile:

I wasn’t expecting to take the second place since i score almost no points in the first one. A pleasant surprise I would say :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Sillyworld for hosting the challenge.