Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

have you ever heard of cheap v12 jokes.
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any chance we get any results

Its not friday, he said results on friday if you read the post.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been busy in real life, but yes, the results will be this friday, or maybe earlier (but don’t count on that), I just need to write the blurbs :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, I actually considered entering the BFMCC in the first stage, but waited until this stage to do so for the following reasons:

  1. Limited-slip differentials (for use on tarmac, not counting manual and automatic lockers, which are intended for off-road use) are only available in the sandbox from the early 80s onward - long after the last year of eligibility (1969) for cars entered in Stage 1. This leads to lots of wheelspin, and although it is a key component of the scoring system in that stage, it wouldn’t be as acceptable in real life due to the loss of drivability this would have entailed, and also lengthened the quarter-mile sprint noticeably.

  2. Even though most eligible bodies (in Stage 1) can accommodate tyres wider than 200mm, you need to set the quality slider quite high (+7 or more) to do this in the time period Stage 1 was set in (1964-1969), and even higher if you increase the wheel diameter. This is more than what I’d like and increases the car’s estimated price more than expected.

Even so, neither of these will be a problem in the upcoming third stage, since that is where the entrants get to tune the cars from Stage 1. This last stage is set in 2016 if I am not mistaken, so we are expected to have all the advanced modern-day tech (LSDs, wide tires at slightly positive or even zero quality) necessary for upgrading. In other words, we will be restomodding some classics in the last stage of the BFMCC. And I actually did step out of my comfort zone and build some classics that were actually quite drivable (and great fun to drive to boot) by 1960s standards - but in each case, I opted for double wishbones at each corner - the improvements in comfort and sportiness were well worth the extra cost.

The “Automatic Locker” differential is a clutch-based lsd. It’s avaliable since somewhere in the late 1950s if i recal right. So your point 1 is null. This is the type of lsd the American muscle cars used too in the 1960s.

ever of limitations and compromise? that’s exactly what we all had to deal with in the competition.
it’s also called a CHALLENGE.

what you just pointed out are more of a personal opinion saying “you’re not comfortable with building cars in the year before 1980s”, so i’d say your argument doesn’t weigh much here, at least not for other participants.

I’m also fairly uncomfortable building cars before the 80s or so, mostly because of the aforementioned tire sizes (and corresponding brake fade), as well as the lack of turbos. I’m definitely most at home with modern tech such as AHS steel, vented discs, and VVL. But yeah, building old cars is definitely a challenge, and one that I hope to improve on in the future.

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Well, I’m most comfortable building old cars xD
Anyways, I won’t be posting the results today (friday) but fear not, I’m just working in the presentation, I’m planning on do something special never seen in automation before :smiling_imp:

but maybe you won’t be as excited as I’m

you just made our expectation go high there.

Finally, the results are here, sorry for the lack of updates, but I had a bit of writer’s block. Anyway, I also modified slightly the sounds of the cars (it’s not big the difference), so they may sound more different from each other, but the difference it’s better appreciate (specially at idle) with a good quality headphones or regular -not-so-crappy speakers. Enjoy!

EDIT: Dang it, just ignore the photo on the soundcloud thingy


“These are new times, and although the brand name of a company is very important, you don’t want to sell a car that will leave you in bankruptcy, do you?”

18th @HighOctaneLove – 2006 Maverick Action Express

Category: [color=yellow]Muscle Premium[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.02s @ 114 mph
Price: $41,360.00
Score: 1007.97
Value/price: 0.0243

The Maverick AE is hardly a muscle car, and more of an hybrid between a muscle car and a sports sedan. It came in the classic Bogliq blue color and it features a sports interior with a proper manual transmission and some of the more advance electrical active components with performance orientation, but at the same time offers 5 seats and a premium SatNav. The car weights a little over 2 tons, and with 500hp and 460ft-lb (thanks 7L flatplane v8)I t reaches a top speed of 196.8 mph (or around 315 km/h) and it’s captable of going from 0 to 62mph in only 5 seconds. Not too bad, not too bad. But why is it in a low position? The price, the second more expensive car, it seems the engineers take more seriously the “Premium” part instead of the “muscle” part.

17th @reeve509 – 2007 LMT-55 SE

Category: [color=yellow]Muscle Premium[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.02s @ 129 mph
Price: $35,090.00
Score: 976.23
Value/price: 0.0278
The next is another muscle premium specimen, the LMT-55 SE. Surely you have heard the saying: “never judge a book for its cover” and that’s precisely what you have to do with this car, remember, true beauty comes from inside. This car is powered by a crossplane 4.6L V8 DOHC, and pushes 485hp at 7,600rpm (sadly at the redline) and 377ft-lb at 5,800 rpm. The power is transferred then to a 6 speed manual transmission and to a modern electric LSD and finally to the two 305/30 R18 rear wheels. All of this makes it possible to get to 207 mph and do 0-60 in only 4.7 seconds. The car includes 2 seats, a premium interior with a premium SatNav and weights only 1680 kg, with all the technical gizmos car uses these days. So what’s the catch? Why so low? The problem with this car is that it doesn’t excced in anything, is pretty average (tho it has the lowest wheelspin and is on the weekside on safety), and for $35,000 you might expect a little more car.

16th @asdren – 2010 Revera GTX 77

Category: [color=yellow]Muscle Premium[/color]
1/4 mile: 11.7s @ 142 mph
Price: $41,580.00
Score: 1291.54
Value/price: 0.0310

The Revera GTX is the most expensive car of the group, almost 3 and a half times the price of the cheaper car (and by far, the least drivable). And what does it offers for such price? 1004 horses, that’s right, 1004. Forget about hellcats and stuff like that, this is it. It has a sweet 7.7L V8 DOHC and 2 turbos to each side. The turbos spool at relatively low (for a car like this) at 2,700rpm and torque is around 935ft-lb from 2,700 to 5,000rpm. If you didn’t get it by the looks of the car, this is more of a track machine than a premium muscle car. It has a sequential 6 speed transmission, electric LSD, magnesium rims, fully undertray with tunnels channeling air, functional aero and active suspension. But, it also has a premium interior (with 2 seats) and premium SatNav with all the possible driver assists and a quite beefy safety system. If you want both, a track car and a muscle with nice interior, this is what you should buy.

15th @abg7 – 2006 Chieftain V8 GT

Category: [color=yellow]Muscle Premium[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.02s @ 114 mph
Price: $32,340.00
Score: 1007.33
Value/price: 0.0311

With a higher value/price, we have the Chieftain. It features a regular 6 speed manual transmission, an electronic LSD and big rims with a very low profile. And as the same as the last competitors, it has a premium interior with premium SatNav and advanced safety. It came in a 2+2 layout, which helps practicality. Now, onto the heart of the Chieftain; a 5 liters V8 DOHC, it produces 471hp and 363ft-lb of torque, pretty reasonable numbers. But where the Chieftain excels (because is pretty average in most stats) is in safety (highest) and drivability (3rd highest). This is achieved by using AHS steel monocoque and steel panels, while this gives it a boost in safety, it causes the car to be pretty heavy (almost 2 tons), but still can hit 193.2 mph and reaches 62 in only 4.8 seconds. Those are respectful numbers, but sadly, there are cars with better specs

14th @Sillyducky – 2009 Fahrzeug C4

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 16.86s @ 84 mph
Price: $20,304.00
Score: 658.97
Value/price: 0.0324

We had the original german muscle car, the Fahrzeug in 1969, and things seem quite different now. It has a 3L turbo V6 that puts out only 178hp and 223ft-lb of torque. Interior wise it has 5 seat, premium interior and premium satnav, with advanced safety, and a automatic transmission. If we put all this togheter, the car weights 1680kgs, and with the low power rating it does 0-62 in 9.3s and has a top speed of 137mph. The slowest car of the group. But why should you buy it then? In a word, comfort. It is the most comfortable car and the most drivable as well, and it is reasonable cheap.

13th @Rk38 – 2009 AAU Uiseo BX

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 14.22s @ 103 mph
Price: $21,924.00
Score: 858.78
Value/price: 0.0391

Moving on, we now have the Uiseo BX. With proper manual transmission, geared LSD, 18” rims, and the first car in the competition using an standard interior with only a std cd system. As the boqlig it has 5 seats and 4 doors, so is aimed to a more family oriented people. Or is it? It has a 5L undersquare MOHV V8, with 384hp at 5,700rpm and 354ft-lb of torque 100rpm before. Since the car makes peak torque at the redlimit (yes, 5,700 is the redlimit) you can imagine the peak power not so friendly, as well as the economy graph. While the car hits 184mph, it has no overdrive, and you’ll be in 3rd when hitting 60 (5.8s after a total stop). If you let pass the fact that it was made with different engineering ideas, the car is prone to oversteer really badly at 45 mph. Why would you consider to buy it then? This car has the highest reliability and the highest utility as well. So it will last a lot (if you don’t oversteer directly into a tree) and you can carry a lot of stuff inside it… but definitely not your family, so if you want some excitement in your daily drives, this might be what you are looking for.

12th @findRED19 – 2006 Shark GT

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 14.22s @ 103 mph
Price: $24,624.00
Score: 981.35
Value/price: 0.0398

From the same maker that gave us the Barracuda, now we have the Shark to carry the torch of the muscle cars for the brand. What does the Shark GT offers? A 5.7L SOHC v8, with 416hp and of torque. More than enough to push the 1.8 ton car from 0 to 62 in only 5.3 seconds, and above 190 mph; if you dare to press the pedal gas to the floor. In the interior we have pretty much the same interior as the other contestants, but with higher quality and only std safety. One of the weird choices made in the car is gearbox, a 5 speed single-clutch sequential gearbox. The strong point of the car is its comfort and drivability, as well as the price. It costs almost the same than the previous 2 cars, but it has more grunt, and a more muscular looks.

11th @TR8R – 2010 Muscleania Tango

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.18s @ 136 mph
Price: $28,944.00
Score: 1286.13
Value/price: 0.0444

This car looks angry… and it is. Actually, its heart, the Musculasaurus is a 10L V12, making the Viper’s engine looks like a tiny toy. 891 hp and 712ft-lb (with a notorious flat torque curve) is what this car puts to the ground. The transmission has no mumbo-jumbo electrical stuff, is just a traditional 6 speed manual with an automatic locker diff. You see those rims? That’s right, 23” wheels, and obviously, you need super wide tires in the back (350mm width) to go with them. Weirdly enough, you don’t have any type of downforce, so the car goes up to 229.4 mph, in despise of almost 2 tons of weight. 0 to 62 time is 4.7 seconds (which is pretty fast, but in the average terms as the rest of the cars) and it’s one of the quickest cars in the quarter mile. Actually, the car does pretty much everything right, and it costs less than 30,000. A pretty good bargain.

10th @lordvader1 – 2006 Neptune

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.98s @ 107 mph
Price: $17,820.00
Score: 813.64
Value/price: 0.0456

This is the 4th cheaper car in the competition, while still being a muscle car, not a pony. So, why it is so low? Just took the Muscleania and goes in an opposite direction, and you got the Neptune. It’s not a bad car; it has a high revving NA v8, a manual gearbox with a gearing LSD, 4 seats and premium interior. But it also has some compromises, the V8 is small, and in order to put 354hp you have to rev it all the way to the rev limit (it hurts reliability), the torque is between 180ft-lb and 233ft-lb from idle to the redline, but it has a dimple/depression around 4000rpm. It has a manual transmission, but it is a 5 speed, with no overdrive. The rims are somewhat small, and the breaking is barely sufficient (if you are carrying a lot of weight or just going downhill, you might not be able to stop properly). It remains as one of the cheapest cars, but is also one with more compromises in performance, that’s why it is only in 10th place.
Top speed: 185.5 mph – 0-62: 5.8s

09th @Darkshine5 – 2010 Broadhead

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.18s @ 128 mph
Price: $25,704.00
Score: 1218.75
Value/price: 0.0474

For some reason, I think of this car as the smaller brother of the Muscleania. It has a 8.2L SOHC V8 with 686hp and 559 ft-lb. Thanks to its design (a lot of time was invested in the tunnel wind) it can reach 227.6mph (3rd fastest) and do 4.6s (3rd quickest) from 0 to 62. Same as most of the cars in the pack, it has a premium interior with premium satnav and advance safety with only 2 seats. Althout it may not look as impressive as some other cars, the broadhead exceeds at prestige and comfort, which is weird considering its average price of only 25,700. You mix that with the performance of the car and you got yourself a winning formula.

08th @thecarlover – 2007 Solo Hawk Anniversary

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.78s @ 120 mph
Price: $23,652.00
Score: 1127.38
Value/price: 0.0476

The solo Hawk is maybe one of the most common cars you might encounter around in the streets. For a reasonable price (not modest, only reasonable) you’ll get a 5L DOHC V8 with 514 hp and 393 ft-lb of torque. Nothing bad, especially when is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission with a geared LSD. What else do you got? Premium interior and all the driver assists possible with the most modern safety, and active suspension. The result? 4.7s from 0-62 and a top speed of 211.9 mph. The only corks is the steering, it is prone to oversteer, nothing major, but it is there, so you must be just a little be extra cautious while driving it.

07th @Strop – 2007 Genesis Track Pack

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.54s @ 122 mph
Price: $21,276.00
Score: 1020.81
Value/price: 0.0479

The Genesis in is track pack trim is the quickest car in the group. It does 0-62 in only 4.5 seconds. As expected, it is also one of the fastest in the drag strip, and surprisingly, one of the most drivable. Why in only 7th place then? Being the track pack edition, it lacks a bit of comfort. It has only 2 seats, and a std interior (tho is a quality std interior) and only std cd player…with std safety. And it comes with a sequential transmission, so you don’t have to play with the stick of the genesis. But for the price, you get a track ready machine, most likely you won’t be needing to upgrade brakes or suspension, and with 410 horsies and 340 pounds of torque from a 4.6L V8 you’ll have a lot of fun… in the track. Be safe kiddo.

06th @AirJordan – 2010 Smooth V-Block

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.54s @ 122 mph
Price: $22,572
Score: 1102.2
Value/price: 0.0488

The 2010 smooth V-block reminds me a lot of police chaser cars. It certainly got the power and the speed for that, 199.2mph top speed and 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. A tad bit slower than the Genesis, but this car is ranked higher because for almost the same money, you’ll get a more comfortable, prestigious and more safety than the Genesis. Besides, it looks fantastic. However, there is not such thing as a perfect car, in this case is the engine. It’s a 5L v8 DOHC, with 456hp and 376ft-lb. which sounds good… until you turn it on. It’s a flatplane V8, and the sound it makes doesn’t match the looks of the car.

05th @USDMFTW – 2010 Typhoon GT R pack

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 12.06s @ 130 mph
Price: $21,600
Score: 1062.35
Value/price: 0.0491

Typhoon is an appropriate name for this car. This car has one of the most brutal sounds, and is damn quick! Under the black hood rests a 6L V8 with 572hp and 442ft-lb. Not the most powerful car, but still one of the quickest. It does 0-62 in 4.6s and has a top speed of 185mph. The thing is the car can go faster but it’s limited by the effective lip and rear wing. Also includes a 6 speed DSG transmission, and super wide tires. While the interior is premium with 2 seats, it only includes a basic cd and basic safety, because, weight reduction bro. The suspension is really nice setup and it’s perfect for its use in a track. If you already have a daily driver, and want to spend time in the track without a project car, this is what you should buy.

04th @phale – 2008 Adenine Defiant

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.5s @ 116 mph
Price: $15,876
Score: 967.78
Value/price: 0.0609

And now we see a huge jump in prices, cars for under 20,000 automaleons. The first one is the Adenine Defiant, a 2 seater with premium interior and basic CD. It comes with a 6 sped manualand a mix of active and regular suspension components. It is the only L6 powered car, and it does produces 334h and 272ft-lb of torque thanks to the help of a turbocharger that spools up at 1900rpm. Certainly the adenine isn’t the quickest or fastest car, but it has some decent stats (5.3s 0-62mph and 181.3 mph top speed). What you might consider buying this car? For its price is a bargain, plus you can modify with the rest of the money, plus, it drives really well.

03rd @nialloftara – 2006 Centauri Marauder

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.38s @ 115 mph
Price: $16,092
Score: 1037.29
Value/price: 0.0644

And now I give you the Centauri Marauder. Under that beautiful scoope lays an oversquare 8L V8 with MOHV, and it produces 405hp and at 2400 rpm. Also comes with a 6 speed manual with overdrive and a LSD. But wait, there is more: 2 seats with premium interior, standard CD and advance safety. So, big engine: check, manual transmission: check, nice interior check. All of this for just so little money. But wait! Stop writing that check, because while the Marauder is nice outside and inside, it has 2 major flaws. Once is the steering, as you might expect, it tends to oversteer, not terminal oversteer, but oversteer none the less. And the brakes, they’re barely enough to stop the car, and although they don’t have brake fade, if you put to much weight or are in a difficult situation, you might ended up hitting something. That said, careful driving should be your friend while driving this machine.
0-62 5.5s top speed 184.5mph

02nd @HowlerAutomotive – 2010 FirebrandR1B

Category: [color=red]Muscle[/color]
1/4 mile: 11.94 @ 137 mph
Price: $19,872
Score: 1426.48
Value/price: 0.0717

LOL wait wut? Those were my exactly words when I saw the price of this Leviathan. It’s something like a distant redneck cousin (no offense) to the Muscleania and the Broadhead. Now, let me give you some stats so you might surprise as well. 10L V12 DOHC, 1032hp and 742ft-lb. Top speed: 240.1 mph, 0-62 in 4.6s. It’s not only the second ranked car, is also the one with the highest score… for less than $20,000. But how did they manage this? Well, just by removing everything that wasn’t necessary and replacing it for something less reliable. It has an iron heads/block (the engine alones weights 480kg) with EFI. Also this car comes from factory with a X-pipe instead of a resonator. It also has an automatic locker (because LSD is too fancy and only for city-boys), steel rims, HUGE brake discs (3 pistons front, 1 rear), 2 seats with std interior and no entertainment and std safety. And the suspension is all mechanical. As you might expect, the car is fairly heavy (2.168 tons) but still manages to be extremely fast. Obviously it has some corks, it has the lowest comfort, and pretty bad drivability (due to inefficient braking, go figure) and the stats not related to performance are average. Overall, this is the one car that will give you more BANG for your money (while compiling with the eco-regulations), and you will feel like aboard a jet fighter (just listen to that idle!) but we strongly recommend not to buy it unless you know what you’re doing.

1st ## :tada: @koolkei :confetti_ball:-- 2008 Exclude trial :sparkles:

Category: [color=orange]Pony[/color]
1/4 mile: 13.74 @ 108 mph
Price: $12,305
Score: 891
Value/price: 0.0724

And finally the winner, the 2008 Exclude Trial. A pony car that is so pony, that the people that have one are referred as “bronies” (or “pegasisters” depending on your genre). Some say that in some point between 1967 and 2008, the designer of the khorat krock said “the hell with it, I’m no longer designing hi-quality muscle cars for the masses, I’ll just build something cheap and easy to sell” and that day, he became a true businessman (he might also have to sell his soul).
Now for the important part, for ridiculously 12,000 you’ll get a 4L DOHC V8 engine that puts down 311hp @ 7,000rpm and 265 @ 4,400rpm, it may not sound like much , but it has plenty of room for improvement if you like mods. It also came with a 5 speed manual transmission, 4 seats (2+2) and std interior with mandatory advance safety. Thanks to its semi-active dampers, the car has one of the sharpest steering, and thanks to its low weight makes it a real fun to drive, and you don’t need special tracks to thrash it around (but you must, be safe and go to your local track), it handles that well. And also it has the second highest reliability. Overall is a good choicer for the money, and it will be perfect as the second car you buy (the serious one, after the used Japanese car that was your first car).


Excellent Work @Sillyworld

Shame I couldn’t get an entry sorted.

Good work on that win @koolkei!

Awesome work @Sillyworld ! :smiley:

Did not expect my car to be this high, congrats to @koolkei!

Well done @koolkei for producing a sharp-handling, well-priced, easily-tuneable and reasonably fast car… I should have used the higher-spec version of my engine in my Chieftain, but would that have been enough to get me higher up the standings?

Also, @koolkei agrees with me that a dark metallic green looks good on anything. I got the inspiration from the Steve McQueen film Bullitt :grinning:

yay. finally i won something on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:
and thx to @Sillyworld for hosting this. i love the attachment of engine sounds. you can clearly hear what engine config they went for, and the cam profile if you listen hard enough.

and to @HowlerAutomotive i’m genuinely impressed with you made to 2nd place with that car. i mean… like… $20k 10L V12 O_O

1 last thing. it’s a really curious and interesting one that my engine idles that ‘low’? to the point where you could hear independent cyl firing. DUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUH. is it maybe because of the 2valve DOHC? it really gives a signature-ish sound.

all in all. i expected more V12 in this

So I only placed 15th overall, but I can still claim one prize: a class win. Specifically, I am referring to the fact that my Chieftain was the highest-placed car in the Muscle Premium category. @koolkei also notched up a class win - by default, since the Exclude trial is the only Pony car in this round.

In fairness, my car is obviously a grand tourer, not an all-out supercar, but I was still shocked to find out that I beat @asdren to a class win! It must have something to do with the fact that his entry was too much of an actual supercar, what with its enormous power output and astronomical price. Still, the Muscle category was where the real action turned out to be, since the cars in that class were more affordable.

I stuck with an HSV-style crossplane V8 for the simple reason that its exhaust note is associated with “proper” muscle cars (flatplane V8s, on the other hand are associated with out-and-out supercars and sound bizarre when placed into most muscle cars), so slotting one into my entry was a no-brainer. On the other hand… after listening to the exhaust note from @koolkei’s engine, I am convinced it is indeed a Ferrari-style flatplane V8, but your decision may have been the right one - you wanted more revs (and power) for less cash. I can see why your customers will be delighted to own a car that sounds like a 430 Scuderia but costs far less :grinning:

Another reason why @HowlerAutomotive did not win overall (although he still won his class): The Firebrand was too compromised, and I would never design a thing with so little comfort or drivability (the latter stemming from the use of an off-road automatic locker instead of a proper LSD, and exacerbated by the weak brakes), but at least the sheer output of its engine compensated for those… well, almost.

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Yes, this is good. My car is too specialised to hit the bargain notes but I hope to out race some of the more powerful machines on track!

Btw that rear light seemed to change somewhat, it was supposed to be all red taillight, but has been changed to a chrome strip instead!

just pretend it’s a color changing RGB taillights :stuck_out_tongue:

@abg7 it’s a crossplane iirc though

Last… Overpriced and underwhelming… Sounds like another day at the Bogliq office! :laughing:

Takes wooden spoon

“That’s going straight to the pool room!” :heart_eyes:

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man I am stocked to finish in the top 10 I was last for the first round Congrats Koolkei two wins in one day!