Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]


More than a thousand horsepower.
Around the 'Ring in under seven and a half minutes.
Yours for less than $20000 in the cost-conscious R1B trim.

Firebrand - Believe in Iron and Steel.


Madder than the Hellcat, before the Hellcat!

i just have to ask. how many frames is that? did you have to did all the frames 1 by 1?

and how do you get it into the .webm format?

4chan kinda aided in making this.

and for something made in a literal 13 seconds. i would say this is not too chabby.
and although my muscle won’t be the best muscle. i think it’s gonna have the best price.


I have a somewhat dated version of Photoshop Elements (which is missing some bits compared to the full package). I could use some batch actions, but it certainly wasn’t made in 13 seconds. Mind sharing your method?

Also that’s some dirt cheap muscle.

Hellcat though? 700hp sounds like some late sixties fare…

google up “gifcam”

it something made by someone from 4chan.

you could record a short video and it turns it ‘instantly’ to gif. then convert it to webm and upload it to gfycat

HideBuildings()+gifcam+keyboard rotate instead of mouse.

which is why the background is white instead of transparent. because i don’t have any software that are capable of editing gifs

Pony Budget, nice!

Also if you want to edit gif with transparency for free, just use GIMP. It comes with gif editing including preserving transparency post optimising (which will really save on the filesize for those with slower connections).

owh. gimp could do that?
brb then.

Is the white background displayed in Automation? If so, how did you do it?

you didn’t know the HideBuildings trick?
press `
that corner one just above your tab button. a ‘debug’ screen (is it called that?) will show up .

now type in “HideBuildings()” exactly like that, case sensitive. now the background will turn white.
to turn it back, either type “ShowBuildings()” or just change tab and go back again.

i think i may make a thread about this program later. it’s a neat little program.

What?? It turns black here… and I think this will be a surprise for @asdren as well…

Anybody have a clue what’s up?

I did know the HideBuildings() trick, without it editing images would be a real pain :D, but the thing is that when i execute HideBuildings(), i get a black background. That’s why I wondered why yours is white.

wait… what?.. this i never heard of.

someone may want to ask the dev what caused it? and which is the ‘right’ one. white or black?

also i just realised. i posted gasmea’s score sheet. derp

Thanks for that, I will need to look it up.

I also have a black bg when I hide buildings, for the record.

This all depends on whether you have FXAA enabled. With it on, backgrounds are opaque black, with no transparency. With it off, pixels aren’t blended, so the background will appear white, but there’s supposed to be transparency. I do believe this doesn’t work if you take the screenshot in the final testing screen since it also takes the rest of the UI, so dismisses transparency. But if you took the screenshots from the model designer stage, then it will.

The problem is: taking the screenshot from the model designer stage means the keyboard hotkeys for rotating do not work.

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well nice scores, but… last round i did that, and got the highest scores overall. but end up in the midfield

Aye, price makes a big difference. I think it is likely that your car or something with a similar sentiment will take the first round.

In my case. after presenting a 693hp monster in Stage 1 I couldn’t bring myself to submit anything that didn’t at least measure up. And once you’re paying out of your nose for a V12 you might as well go all in.

that’s how my current CSR car went. i went for a v8, but can’t make a high enough hp/liter without ruining the reliability. so i went v12, got more power than planned, suddenly. HAZZAM POOF! now it’s a supermusclecar. if you can call that a muscle car anymore.

My big problem with the majority of high displacement muscle cars is that they tend to be rather heavy on the front, which wrecks both your steering and how much get up and go off the line you actually have. This is largely mitigated by using OHV instead of DOHC, but then of course why not just use a smaller displacement block with DOHC and get better efficiency with your power…

This factor is what led me to significantly downsize in both this and the CSR. What I have in CSR15 is only 393ci (for 607hp), and what I have here is positively tiny compared to all that (for a lot less). The plus side is that my FR weight distribution is heaps better for maximised 0-100 times and also tight handling on the track.

What I’m submitting for here is only 5.7L (348ci) in size, but it is a SOHC design with 3v per cylinder. But I didn’t go for all out hp, because i was trying to keep fuel economy at least 20mpg (us) while staying a N/A design.

you’ll be glad to hear, that my 7.75L v12 got 21.5 MPG :stuck_out_tongue: