Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

this just shows how much i actually knows about cars: pretty much a kid’s pool depth

that said, i noticed something, we’ve been talking about EFI vs carbs only in terms of the power it makes.
i can’t see anything related to fuel consumed per hp produced.

afaik, carbs, even the most advanced one, have only a couple jets for different conditions, and can only be tuned while stopped. while EFI can simulate/emulate(whichever is more approriate) hundreds of carb tunes, on the fly/on the road.

i say, after reading ths stuff above.
while maybe carbs are better at doing something on 1 state/conditions, i still think that EFI, while maybe not as perfect in that one conditions, it’s more dynamic since it’s controlled by a computer that can tune to be suited to a much broader possible conditions, and do it on the fly.

and not to mention, usually, at least in normal everyday cars, EFI systems also controls the timing and can readjust on the fly. and don’t need a manual re-tune if you’re going to use a lower grade fuel.

By the end of the 80’s they had basic electronic setups for some carbs that could alter the jets or rods based on a exhaust o2 sensor and didn’t just depend on vacuum. That said it was more than just different jets, the butterfly valves in each barrel and the primary and seconday setups on the 2 and 4 barrels helped to adjust the fuel consumption, but it was emissions that really killed carbs. With efi you could run each cylinder leaner without knocking, because the fuel mixed closer to the valves and could be far more precise, on a single carb setup the cylinders closer to it would run a little rich so the ones further away wouldn’t be lean and cause knocking. A traditional sequential multi point setup is far cleaner than a carb, throttle body single point was a rough stopgap, it allowed cars to require less upkeep but a good tuned carb could always out perform them, you see a lot of TBI chevy 305’s and 350’s getting swapped back to a e-jet carb.

American Eagle Automotive tried to produce a muscle car in this era, and it almost caused us to go bankrupt!
But there’s more to the story than just the car…

##2006 American Eagle Automotive Shark
Coming soon…

An archived per-production sample photo. Actual looks may vary.


Looking at the entries here, I could take all day analyzing them, and finally decided to send my own - the Harris Chieftain 5.0 V8 GT. Introduced in 2006, it gained a reputation for being a true grand tourer, and one that could do a great impression of a pure supercar to boot. It even has an electric LSD and active aero for maximum control at any speed. And yes, it meets emissions and economy requirements. But no matter what you make of it, it is still a muscle car, just one with more sophistication than most.

Note the use of DFI on the engine - I used it anyway just to get more power from the higher compression ratio that only direct injection can provide, even though the Chieftain’s high curb weight (almost 2 metric tons!) means that the fuel economy target isn’t as strict as with a lighter car.


Just to remind you, the deadline is tomorrow june 11, at 11:59 pm UTC-5 time :slight_smile:

If someone might need more time to send their entry, just PM me.

[2004 Geneva Motor Show]
##American Eagle Automotive
…is proud to announce their new Muscle Car that’s stated to start production for the 2006 year!
#The [2006] Shark GT

AEA has been working hard to bring the newest muscle car to the field with their Shark. It is poised to be sold Internationally, and because of that, AEA has been working hard to bring you:
###A World Class Muscle Car

With it’s distinctive American looks, and high-tech engineering, the Shark is poised to take the front stage in the international spot light. Built on an AHS Steel Unibody chassis, the Shark holds a simple, but rugged McPherson Strut front end suspension with an all-new for AEA Semi-Trailing Arm rear end suspension.

That’s right! They have officially ditched the solid axle rear end designs they’ve built for the last 50+ years!

These cars will be powered by the brand new Nevada SOHC 3v V8 engine series! With a rumored 300+ hp output, these engines will replace the old V8s American Eagle Automotive has relied on for so many years. Not only that, but there is a planned GTX trim that will get a first-of-its-kind for AEA V12 engine!

You heard that right, a V12 engine produced by American Eagle Automotive!
They’re calling it the T62 - SOHC 3v V12 engine family. While they don’t have one to display today, they are showing off some selective photos on the big screen. They say the GTX trim will be primarily focused on High Performance Grand Touring and Prestige.

The GT trim is slated to be priced around $24,700 AMU, and boy does it come equipped for the price! With a sequential gearbox and viscus lsd, this car will feel fast! Running on 245mm tires front and back on 19" rims with an active suspension it will corner like a slot car! And to stop the beast, it will come standard with big, vented disk brakes!

American Eagle Automotive even has a fully clad under tray with active cooling flaps to keep the aerodynamics up to par! No exact figures have been shown, but the word is this helps the car achieve a combined 20mpg (us)!* And you can do that in comfort, as this car comes standard with premium leather seats for 4, and a premium SatNav system with all the driver assists you expect in new cars!

Representative: “The Shark GT will be able to achieve a 0-62mph time in less than 6 seconds, and the quarter mile in less than 14 seconds…”

*[Note: this body seems to be less aerodynamic than it should be, maybe the mod author has set the drag coef. too high? or something?]


I’m about to PM you and send in my entry. But I haven’t done so yet, so how do I do it?

I still have some time left before the deadline if I am not mistaken

you pm @Sillyworld and attach the export file.

I don’t know the recipient’s email address, though.

ok so go to the top page click on silly’s name an option will come up to message him go from there. hope this helps.

We’re not here to build the fastest or the most powerful muscle car. We’re not tied down to outdated conceptions of gas-guzzling V8s of the past. We’re here to build the muscle car that Fruinia truly needs. When you experience 334hp and 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, you’ll wonder how this is even possible.

Presenting the 2008 Adenine Defiant. Defy tradition. Defy convention. The world’s only 40mpg muscle car.


Great economy, and not just for a muscle car. But I am afraid it will be an economic nightmare to produce, with a pushrod-actuated rear suspension and aluminum panels (the latter can only be mass-produced on a large scale from 2013 onwards; it’s a limited production item before then), even though the scoring for this challenge now only uses estimated prices. I suspect your car is actually more of a conceptual study. Even so, I am sure that combining economy and performance is a great idea, and a well-executed one to boot.

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yup. 334 hp AND 40mpg.


I put on my robe and wizard hat.

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I’ve also done 300hp and 68mpg, 400hp 42mpg, and 900hp 30mpg :wink:

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Welcome to Automation, where you can get a taxi with 1000 hp, city budget cars with pushrods and dual clutch transmission, cars with 7,000 rpms of lag, and so many different hyper cars that they saturate the market.


Don’t worry, new competitor pack and incorporation of engineering times (in Tycoon mode, kind of hard to do this in Sandbox only) will see real-world choices make more sense.

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Thanks to all for sending your cars. Now the I’m no longer taking entries. A total of 19 contestants for this stage :open_mouth: Expect the results and the blurbs around friday :slight_smile:

Plenty of variety here… and it’s not just muscle cars, you’ve received premium saloons, grand tourers and even actual supercars!