Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

The DOHC guys will have plenty of power, yes, but not so much in the weight balance department (says the guy with a 10.9L block in his bay). You could say my turbo intentions are a means of compensation…

Now I’m afraid of my car being picked in round 3.

(It’s horridly un-optimized and crap.))

Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive for winning this round on the basis of bang for buck. A tie for last was no surprise; I should have added more power and/or cut the price. But at least I enjoyed this challenge - I am a relative newcomer, after all.

And no, I did not walk away completely empty-handed - my car was actually the highest-placed Muscle Premium entry in the first part of this challenge.

Congrats to @HowlerAutomotive!

I’m happy to be third in a competition with such high standards and I lacked the experience of building a muscle.
Looking forward to 3rd round challenge :slight_smile:

Big thanks for your votes and the congratulations! Good show everybody, especially @Asdren, @AirJordan and @koolkei!

Have to say, I was worried about round three even with the point lead I had, because there were so many good looking cars in the running.

On to stage three then, and I’m not going to neglect track performance for wheelspin this time like I did in Stage 1. The engine I used is only SOHC, but there’s 4 valves per cyl and plenty of displacement so it should be alright. Still tempted by turbos, though. More power, after all, is more power.


Congrats to @HowlerAutomotive :slight_smile:

I wasn’t expecting to take the second place since i score almost no points in the first one. A pleasant surprise I would say :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Sillyworld for hosting the challenge.

My next question is how many of you have >1000bhp planned for the next stage xD

probably me. my engine is already pretty big

edit: just tried it, even if the engine’s big, i’m limited by the 3 valves, i think it’s unlikely i’ll go above 1kHP

The final stage will use cars submitted in the first one. I suspect we will be doing some restomodding in the future…