Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

If you meet the economy and the emissions, go ahead :slight_smile:

I am having an issue with using your fuel calculator is it possible for the maths to be put up so I can work it out manually? I am at 1854Kg’s with 12.5L/100 and I just want to check whether I could use a little more fuel

For a 1854kg car, you can use up to 13.63L/100km.

YES that means I can run carby’s awesome

Car is to light so ill have to adjust for fuel econ.
Fixed, car became fatter but earned 5 mpg and MOAR POWER.
Infact, im now over 575 horsepower as i redesigned the powerplant.

ahh I see we are in stable not open…my car will be different
and I would still like the math behind fuel as the link works but i cannot change any values

Email it to yourself to a google address, open it with google sheets.

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I’m starting to get cold feet here, thinking maybe the car I’ve submitted is going to be one of the less powerful cars. But hey, it’s got awesome weight balance and handling and it’s damn cheap…

I really dont know the prices are going to be, my car was one of the most expensive ones last time, i wonder how many people will be below 20k?

Well, right now, after markup, I’m still well below 20k… a stark contrast to what I built in round 1 where I just said hang it, I want a beeeeg block.

Ok so I have just submitted, just as a tease
$26180 est cost @10%
11.50L/100km from 503ci
top speed 360km/h
0-100 4.6

I am quite proud of this

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Intresting, i have a super cheap car and more expensive one, and idk which one i should enter, have to balance between round 1 and round 2. Hmm

I had a look at my car and decided the fundamentals were too set to really change from my approach. Track-oriented but quite liveable and affordable. I think I was wrong when I said it was well sub 20k though, because I made some of the materials a fair bit fancier to reduce weight and give it a tighter ride.

Besides, I don’t feel like I really deserved the win from the previous stage, as it barely fluked a win with a completely bombastic approach :laughing: So I owe it to the contest to make something more reasonable this time.

Ive decided to use the more expensive car, its much faster around the track, ill do a full post of it later, as alot of it has changed.

A car that I will NOT be submitting :wink:

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Lol I am fairly certain that will slay me in stats. Let’s just say for the same price I would get flogged. I take it you put in a cheap massive op engine into a cheap build right :laughing:

Not that cheap, and not that massive either :stuck_out_tongue: It’s got a premium interior, and only 16% wheelspin.

The body im using has a desirability penalty, other wise i would be almost at 200 in Muscle.

@phale quarter mile time?

Im also expecting someone to have a car like this in the competition(shame we cant have blowers yet)

Haha I can’t wait to reveal the car I’m actually going to submit :smiley:

@USDMFTW less than 12 parsecs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a feeling that my already submitted car isnt going to cut it. Damn my consistent design decisions, ill take a top 5 spot hopefully. Looks like im putting all of my money into round 2 again. We will see.

Speed, handling, performance, look, all in one package. The Hawker Typhoon (Generation 2) GTR Track Pack.

12 second quarter mile
186mph top speed
6.0 32 Valve V8
3143 pounds
Automatic Locker
and a price you cant believe