Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

Presenting the MY2006 Bogliq Maverick Action Express!!!

Fast, loud, massive 7L engine, practical…

Four door muscle car? Super-powered Saloon? The culmination of all your dreams?

Come visit us at Bogliq Automotive and we can answer all these questions and more… All it’ll take will be a single test drive :wink:

Buy better, buy Bogliq…

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thats me!!!

First Order Automotive would like to present our tame entry for the “hoons” of Fruinia…the Muscleania Tango.

Fitted with a 10L V12 naturally aspirated engine producing 936hp. We wanted to go with carbs but couldn’t quite get the fuel economy under control and so relented into fitting Di.

0-60 is 4.7 seconds and accelerates to 234mph. All 4400lbs being push along by 23" steel rims.

All this for a smidgeon over $29000!!


A little update, I added UK MPG to the fuel calculator :slight_smile:

Any chance on American MPGs with weight in kg? Because Canada.

I’m just kidding, I can do the conversion myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I already like the variance in these submissions so far, looks like its going to be better than stage 1.

Having submitted to prevent getting cold feet with all these ludicrous outputs, I now know that my car has literally half the output that some of the bigger entries.

But it’s also barely half as heavy. It’s not much cheaper though, because it has some nice flourishes that will hopefully help it beat the road hogs :sunglasses:

Here’s what I’m working on for this… it’s nothing extreme in terms of power. Really just a realistic premium muscle car.

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Im in between your car and the others it seems.

well. i’m going totally the opposite of what i did last round.
pony budget. like REALLY LOW budget.
a budget that is rather unrealistic that you would get something this on it’s price point


(Because this weekend will be spent testing luxury people movers and there’s still a final touch to apply to the Firebrand.)


now i will be muscle or muscle premium,

minimum required fuel economy?

we can’t go over it, or we can’t go under it

i still dont know why muscle car have to obey fuel economy, but ok

Don’t double post, just edit the previous post.
Read the briefering of the stage, in this age, cars needs to comply fuel emissions and fuel economy, specially in a eco friendly country as it is Fruinia. Also there exist in real life certain fuel economy that new cars needs to meet, but it is divided in car size, one for small cars and other for bigger cars (which include muscle cars), in the US, only big trucks are excented of that. In a side note, also there is certain average fuel economy that a company needs to meet in their entire line-up.

In the gameplay of the challenge, the minimum required fuel economy, the required emissions and the minimum reliability are there to avoid people sending ridiculously cars with 15 reliability, 3 MPGs and 567643656 hp marketed as “road legal”. Plus it makes a harder challenge.

I guess you have to figure out what “better fuel economy than” means.

your dropbox sheet doesnt work btw

So, I told you “don’t double post” and then you quote a big block of text with a question not related to what you ask? :unamused:
And it is working, you need to download it, then you can edit it in excel or google docs.

I just downloaded from both a pc and my phone and it worked.

according to calculations, i need a fuel economy of 11 liters, so i need to use electronic witchcraft vvt and other

i wanted to make a muscle car without electronics, but seems like fuel economy is needed here, alright i will try to do my best then

It is not thaaat hard actually, you can also increase slightly the weight of the car to get a more reasonable fuel economy. Big displacement (undersquare), 4 barrel and a not so extreme fuel mixture should give you something close without the use of electronic wizardry. It helps if the cruise rpm is close to the max fuel efficient point of the engine. That said, all of that might compromise the power and speed of the car.

thanks for the tip, btw you havent mention what region should we use, you should fix that