Big Suggestions on Car Designer

So I have played the new build (1323) of Automation for a weeks, but somethings that I wanted are missing.

  1. More Body Styles and (Availability by Year)
    Car 1: 2-Door Coupe, 4-Door Sedan and 5-Door Hatchback (Available from 1973)
    Car 2: 2-Door Coupe Convertible (Available from 1996)
    Car 3: 3 and 5-Door Wagon (Available from 1973)
    Car 4: 4-Door Sedan (Available from 2006)
    Car 5: 2-Door Convertible, 4-Door Sedan, 5-Door Hatchback and 5-Door Wagon (Available from 1990)*
    Car 6: 2-Door (Both Coupe and Convertible) 3-Door Hatchback, 4-Door Sedan, 5-Door Wagon (Available from 1990)
    Car 7: 7-Seat Version (4.3-4.4 m Long) (Available from 1999)
    Car 8: 2-Door Roadster (Available from 1991)
    Car 9: 2-Door Convertible (Available from 1986)
    Car 10: 2-Door Coupe, 5-Door Wagon (Available from 1988)
    Car 11: 2-Door Pickup/Ute, 4-Door Sedan (Available from 1986)
    Also I want this game to feature over 500 cars to design (if possible to do).

  2. Rim Bolts and Rim Styles
    As I researched on a car rims, the mid-size, large cars, pickups and SUVs are had a 5 or 6 bolts on rims, also I wanted more rim styles because currently only have a Racing rims (by years, from 1946 to 2020).

  3. Brake Types
    As I researched on a car brakes, the older/cheap trim cars had a drum brakes, some sports cars had a vented discs and/or carbon ceramic calipers.

  4. Body Types Menu Bar beside Car Bodies and Fixtures by Years
    This thing is very important for me, so I can choose a car types (eg. sedans, hatchbacks or wagons). Also the Fixtures (like Headlights) will be available “by Years” like Cars and Engine Designer components, so I can recognize even a car fixtures by years.

  5. More Colo(u)rs
    As I designed a car, the body colo(u)r is very important part of a car designer, so I want a body colo(u)r selection (as seen in the old Car Designer from 2011 or 2012) with a matte, gloss, metallic and clearcoat types.

That’s all for my suggestions and I hope the Automation Game will be the best Car Tycoon game. But I think this game might be delayed from late this year (as intended) to 2015 or 2016
*Update: Added 2-Door Convertible Convertible for Body 5

1-4 has already been answered by numerous threads. All additional content will be added after the Tycoon part is finished.

And as of the part where you want this game to be able to design 500 cars, that’s already possible. You have an infinite amount of design choices. If you’re talking about 500 bodies, no. Of course not. Firstly, the Dev team is less than 5 people, and the amount of work that’s put into each is tremendous. They have to model the car body, smooth it out, set boundaries for morphing, and numerous others.

5 I believe has already been discussed too, Although I’m not sure what the verdict was. Rumors about color wheels, etc, but nothing definite as of yet.

Colours indeed has been discussed before. Possibility (rumor!) is that they will implement an RGB colour palette, like you would have in Photoshop, so you can make a custom colour.

Will be more deformable zones (dark green arrow for example, also seen in an outdated Building a Car video from 2011), and will be any hidden/pop-up headlights (with optional on/off button if possible, also seen on outdated design posting thread from 2011).

Yep, lots more bodies are coming of course.

Morphing is based on whatever works well on that paticular body, not everything always works.