Black Bumpers

Hi guys I was wondering if you would be adding black bumpers to the game to put on cars to make them cheaper at the cost of some prestige built in the late 80’s onwards?

That would be a pretty easy thing to do, could be done via mods too, pretty easy just to change the material assigned to the bumper.

Yes but what I’m trying to say is when you make the bumpers black will it make the car cheaper to produce at the cost of some prestige?

No, we don’t want to make aesthetic choices matter, everyone should build the cars’ looks they way they want.

Are there any plans to make plastic stampable in some way?

I made a 90s van recently with 2 sets of models, one with painted bumpers and one with plastic.

While the plastic bumpers look nice and are super easy to make, they aren’t stampable, so they look very bare.

There’s a mod already that has morphable solid black stripes.viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4819&p=72846&hilit=chrome#p72846

The problem is, those strips often tear and look awful when stretched sufficiently.

Yeah, but you can’t really use them to cover entire bumpers, they are mainly just to add some detail to the front/side/back.