Blaire Automotive Co (Outdated. Thread remade)

Blaire Automotive Co is an American car manufacturer which offers mostly premium vehicle models with some entry level models. Founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1956.

Trim Levels

MX - Base Trim
MXX - Second Trim
MXU - Utility Trim
MXS - Sport Trim
MXA - Offroad/Rugged Trim
MXH - Hybrid
MEV - Electric Trim
MXP - Premium Trim
MXL - Luxury Trim
MXST - Highest Trim (a more sporty version of the sport trim)



Blaire LaFette (Fullsize Sedan)
Blaire Cahvack (Midsize Sedan)
Blaire Leo (Compact Sedan
Blaire Albatross SE (Compact Sedan)
Blaire Tsunami (Compact/Midsize Sedan) (Overseas only)
Blaire Lynn (Executive Sedan)


Blaire Rocky (Fullsize SUV)
Blaire Nio (EV Crossover)
Blaire Conswell (Luxury Fullsize SUV)
Blaire Outlast (Midsize SUV)
Blaire Everglade (Crossover)
Blaire Borough (Compact SUV)


Blaire Rodman (Sports Coupe)
Blaire Sunfist (Luxury Coupe/Convertible)
Blaire Zoom (EV Coupe)
Blaire LaCoup (Fullsize Coupe)
Blaire Ace (Muscle Coupe)


Blaire Albatross (Midsize Hatchback)
Blaire Keleven (EV Hatchback)
Blaire Leo H (Compact Hatchback)


Blaire Coastal Cruiser (Station Wagon)
Blaire Wallaby (Wagon) (Overseas only)


Blaire J-Series (Utility Vans)
Blaire Hampshire (Luxury Minivan)
Blaire Soccar (Minivan)


Blaire Woodie (Fullsize Pickup)
Blaire Wyoming (Small/Midsize Pickup)
Blaire Yute (Ute)
Blaire Wasatch (Luxury Pickup)


Tsunami Chassis (Overseas only) (1980-1995) - Vehicles Used: Mk. I Tsunami, Mk. I 0900,Mk. I Wallaby, Utah.
Pinnacle Chassis (1990-1996) - Vehicles Used: 90-96 Rodman, 91-95 Sunfist, 91-94 Sunfist Convertible.
silent Chassis (2010-current) - Vehicles Using: Keleven, Zoom, & Nio.

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️

So… one farmer from Wyoming managed to build 15,000,000 cars in (presumably) less than a year? I must say, those are some quick hands.

Also, they must also have a pretty big wallet, since even if one car cost $1 to build, he’d still have to spend $15,000,000. Or $118,348,980.


Understandable have a nice day.

1985-1995 Blaire J120 Gen 1 (Very Outdated Car)

The J120 was Blaire’s only van of the line up until 2008 with the financial crisis of the time. It was fairly popular among food truck goers and businesses looking for a delivery van. It went through 3 Generations until it stopped production in 2008, but was brought back in 2014 as the J125 also in the previous generations as “Blaire’s Minivan”. It had a face lift in 1995 but it wasn’t anything big. Only a slight change to the fixtures. The J125 was released in 1995 when the minivan demographic was getting popular. It came usually with a 3.0L V8 making 340HP and 23MPG, but the minivan variant came with a 2.5L V6 with 230HP and an unknown MPG. It wasn’t the most fuel efficient car which is why the 1995 Model came with a less gas hungry V6. The 2014 J125 came with a 2.0L V6 making 27MPG. The J125 is currently the 5th most popular minivan for consumers. It is scheduled for a face lift in 2019.

1984-1988 Blaire Albatross Gen 1 (Outdated Car)

The first gen Albatross came with a V6 making 130HP or an I4 making 89HP. It had a 0-60 time of 6.23 Seconds on the V6 version, though the Inline4 version was never tested, but it had a braking distance of 129ft. The V6 version had a distinctive whale tail, but it was removed in the 1986 model year. The Albatross Sport was mainly built to compete against the Quebec Montreal. It did beat the Montreal in sales by a fraction. The Albatross is currently about to go through it’s 7th Generation in June 2019.

The Legend is coming back April 4th 2017.

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1985-1992 Blaire Rodman (Outdated Car)

The Rodman came with a 1.5L I3 making 89HP and 31MPG, but that was the only engine variant. You could get it with a turbo but it would make your mpg 22MPG. It had a very simple design so it wasn’t anything amazing. Though it was pretty popular among rally enthusiasts. The parts were cheap so if your transmission or injection broke. You could go down to the local auto shop and fix it for an average price of $300 (in inflation). So parents usually bought this for their crazy teenagers. Which is why so many are in the junkyard. In it’s first few years it did pretty well. Until the NBSI (National BeamNG Safety Initiation) crash tested the Rodman. The results came back with a video showing the engine blowing up despite being off during the collision. Sales quickly dropped and Blaire had to recall almost a million cars to fix the problem, which was caused by a misplaced fuel injector. Even after updating the car. Sales dropped drastically and in 1992 they ended production.

Why are the foglights so small? There’s so much empty space to fill!

1986-1990 Blaire Rocky Base & Pickup Gen 1 (Outdated Car)

Blaire wanted a vehicle sensible for families that could also have a pickup variant. Enter the Rocky. A large SUV for families and a large regular cab pickup truck for rednecks. It was good at first release. Both variants came with a naturally aspirated I6 making 140HP at the time. It was slow at first but then even though there was no turbo it starts to zOoM. The main demographic of buyers were yes parents and rednecks, but there was another majority that bought the SUV variant. Taxi companies. If at the time someone were to go to places like L.A. or Toronto. You’d see a lot of these Rockies being used as taxis. Because they were pretty fuel efficient and had 3 row seating. It got a 4 star rating in the NBSI crash testing with it’s exception being the “slow to fast” acceleration, and thus concludes Blaire’s 80s Line Up.

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The new light hatch for you. With the 2006 Blaire Berry Turbo.

1990-1994 Blaire Albatross Gen 2 (Outdated Car)

We start the 90’s lineup with the 1990 Blaire Albatross. It came with a 2.0L I4 making 140HP and 0-60 in 8 seconds. As you can see it was an ugly car, and it was the least sold generation of Albatross. The only reason it sold was because parents bought it for their teens. It tried going against some cars from the likes of Corisca, Arion, etc. In 1995 it was replaced with a better coupe model. So that’s a good thing.

1990-1992 Blaire New Car Gen 2 (Really Outdated Car)

Advertised as a v6 luxury sedan. This hunk of 90’s cheap plastic actually came with an unpowerful I3 making 110HP and 0-60 in 12 seconds. It was overall a terrible car and was a very big mistake for the company. It didn’t sell well at all, and only did because grandparents needed cars for church. It was pulled off the market in 1992 and thank god it was. Only a week before NBSI conducted a Moderate Overlap Crash Test on it which was new at the time. To see if Blaire’s safety promise held up to it’s name in the New Car. No it didn’t. It crumpled and broke like pine straw hitting your hand. It was brought back in 2017 and was as good as Gen 1, and not like Gen 2.

1992-1995 Blaire Wyoming Gen1 (Outdated Car)

The Wyoming came with a 2.0L I4 making 120HP and 0-60 in 10s. It wasn’t a very popular truck in any other country apart from Honduras. It’s design was simple but a bit bubbly. It was a new design and some might say it was ahead of it’s time because this design kinda looks straight out of the year 2000. Because it was popular in Honduras. A lot of hispanic people drove this car. If they were in immigrant heaven California or Florida. You’d see Hispanic people drive this.

Electric Sports Car?

Everything about the NewCar Gen 2 is just wrong, from the weak engine to the inadequate safety and bland styling.


Additionally, it being advertised as a V6 when it’s actually an I3 could probably be the case for a “false advertisment” lawsuit.


What I really wonder is how they even had the thought to do that in the first place.


1996-2004 Blaire Smalltility Gen1 (Outdated Car)

The Blaire Smalltility is a small pickup truck commonly known as a ute.

The Smalltility comes in 4 different trim levels.

MX: is the base line trim coming with an I4 making 250hp and 0-60 in 9s. It has an average mpg of 29 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $8,000.00

MXX: is the second trim coming with a more powerful I6 making 290hp and 0-60 in 8s. It has an average mpg of 28 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $9,000.00

MXT: is the second highest trim coming with a good V6 making 310hp and 0-60 7s. It has an average mpg of 26 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $10,500.00

MXL: is the highest trim coming with a fully loaded V6 making 400hp and 0-60 in 5s. It has an average mpg of 23 miles to the gallon a bed cover, a fully loaded interior with the Blaire Touch Display System and a digital dashboard, an exclusive leather interior and the Blaire Parking Sensory System, and an msrp of $14,500.00

Blaire Automotive “Safer is better”


1994-2000 Blaire Rocky Gen2 (Outdated Car)

The 1994 Rocky is a family SUV made for both the suburbs and the country

The Rocky comes in 5 different Trims

MX: This is the base line trim coming with a slow V6 making 130hp and 0-60 in 12s. It has an average mpg of 26 miles to the gallon, and a basic interior. The msrp for the Rocky is $9,500.00

MXX: is the second trim coming with a bit faster V6 making 200hp and 0-60 in 11s. It has an average mpg of 25 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $12,000,00

MXU: is the third trim coming with a pretty small V8 making 210hp and 0-60 in 10s. This trim is made for utility purposes and comes in a 2 door variant. It has an average mpg of 23 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $12,500.00

MXT: is the second highest trim coming with a more powerful V8 making 225hp and 0-60 in 9s. This trim is made for offroad purposes and comes in both 2 and 4 door variants. It has an average mpg of 20 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $13,900.00

MXL: is the highest trim coming with a top of the line V8 making 300hp and 0-60 in 7s. This trim comes with a exclusive leather interior. The brand new Blaire Touch Display System, a digital dash, and the Blaire Parking Sensory System. It has an average mpg of 18 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $19,000.00

Blaire Automotive “Safer is better”