Body Material

I’m sure the answer to this is “Yes” but Will we be able to change the material of the body? Carbon Fiber, Steel, Fiberglass, ETC.

Good idea. I think that the body panels should be divided up so that there could be different materials for each panel. For example; the rear and middle of the body are steel, but the front panels are aluminium to reduce weight and improve weight distribution.

I was thinking of that but for some reason i couldn’t word it right, so i just posted it like i did :laughing:

Would love this!

Agreed! + Aluminum

Chassis materials are already there, but not sure how we’re going to do it for body materials, we shall see :slight_smile:

dont forget about galvanized steel :slight_smile:

it helped to reduce rust

How about stainless steel as well so we can build DeLoreans and time machines? :smiley:

+1 Stainless steel.

[quote=“loady740”]dont forget about galvanized steel :slight_smile:

it helped to reduce rust[/quote]

Yes, would love that. I want to recreate my old Audi S2 :slight_smile: