Bottom Drives (AutoBeam Challenge)


Reboot of a bootleg?

Disclaimer: Even though this is a beamng challenge, it is completely fine if you just submit cars and not participate in the race. Why not try to screw others over by adding a stupidly fast hypercar or a terrible shitbox into the mix?

Welcome to bottom drives, a mobile game called Top Drives adapted into with automation cars from both me and the community.


This challenge will consist of 5 tracks, with a mix of both on and off-road courses. You have to use a different car for each track, as well as stay within the rq limits, so choose wisely! For each race, sumbit a full video of the lap starting from the countdown to the final time display in whatever form possible.



RQ is the measure of performance of a car. Generally the higher it is, the better the car performs, but there are still many different factors that contribute to it as well. The range of the RQ scale goes from 1-100, with possibly some cars being over 100 if they are really that fast. The sum of the RQ of all of your cars should be equal to or under the limit set by me. I haven’t thought about what the definitive limit is yet, but expect it to be around 350.

Beware, that on the right track, a lower rq car can easily outperform a car with a higher one. Also, using a car with a high rq for one race can easily fill the limit more, forcing you to have to use a slower car for another.


The car list of this challenge will feature a wide variety of potential vehichles you can get, from shitboxes to cutting-edge hypercars, and even some special oddballs. I will add many of my own cars into the pool, but you can too by following the guide below. Once it comes time to begin the races, you will recieve 15 random cars from the selection, and you can choose 5 of them to assign to each track. Keep in mind, you can recieve anyone’s car in your deck and even duplicates, not just your cars if you submit any.

NUMBER OF CARS AS OF 6/5/22: 130


Anyone is free to submit whatever and as much cars as they want to add to the car selection for this challenge. Do so via discourse DMs or on discord at LS Swapped Rx-7#8093, and include the following:

  • Car in the form of a .car file or .zip for beam, If the car in question is a 4.1 car, it must be in a beam zip
  • The country that car is from
  • (OPTIONAL) Either an icon for all the cars by you or the logo of the car’s brand
  • I will accept absolutely anything, from shitboxes to your terrible meme cars. There is no form of scoring related to Automation engineering in this challenge, only lap times in Beamng. No need to make a bespoke car just for this challenge, just use one of your previous builds you have lying around.
  • Try to get submissions in by June 4, but they will permanetly close once the stats of every car are finalized and the first player recieves their cars.

The cars will then be tested in beam to have their stats recorded and will be made into a card, like the one seen above.

Send me a DM on either discord or discourse if you want to participate/submit cars, or have any additional questions. It is fine if you just want to submit cars, just participate in the race, or do both. If you are signing up for the races, good luck and have fun!


how can we be sure we arent violating limits if A: we don’t know what the limits are and B: don’t know how to check what RQ our cars have?


RQ limits will likely be revealed before races.

Also take a look at example card to answer second part of question:

Do you see that 38 number?
Thats RQ of that car and likely is going to be in similar or even exact same place on cards you would use

basically add the sum of the rq of all your cars up, and if it is under or equal to the limit (to be revealed), you’re good

How is RQ calculated though.

We can’t limit what we have if we don’t know how to calculate it

yeah but like, how can i know when building a car what RQ its gonna have?

don’t know what to say, but i’m calculating the rq myself
basically expect faster cars to have higher rq, but it also be somewhat affected by its off-roading capabilities and other factors
if i still sound like a complete idiot, try and search through the cars similar to yours here to try and predict what it will be

Just to try and understand this:

We’re making cars to enter into a pool of potential options to choose from for events?

So therefore us actually knowing the RQ of the cars as we’re making them doesn’t matter?

We’re not just racing cars we make, correct?

  1. Correct
  2. Correct, I will even try to calculate the rq of a literal plane if someone submits one
  3. Correct, but I’m taking the .car files out of the zip folder when giving them to everyone
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This is very similar to a challenge run by @Elenir1 last year. While that challenge died after getting overrun by car submissions, they might still have a strong library of cars they can send you.

Also, to prevent what happened there from happening here, I suggest you limit entries per-person, perhaps to about 5/entrant.

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ok but… say you submit a couple cars, they are all over the limit, what then.

Hate to say it, but a calculator would be good here. We have no idea what we’re “aiming” for or how it’s going to be judged. Literally just shooting into the dark
Wouldn’t it be easier to get cars that are actually allowed rather than sorting through entries checking if each one is ok to use or not, and then revealing their RQ bit?


If it works like the last challenge, the limit is not for the submitted cars, it’s for the cars you ultimately choose to race with. And given that the limit is decided after all the submissions happen, the limits are probably based directly on what’s submitted to make it fairer.

Though I do agree that knowing at least roughly how RQ is calculated would be nice, given that it’s being decided in complex BeamNG itself

In case things aren’t clear yet:
The limit does not apply to the cars you submit, which means you are free to submit like 20 hypercars if you want.
There is no scoring related to automation cars, just the lap times in beam.
When you recieve your actual cars (possibly 15 of them) each car will have its own rq number, with faster cars having higher ones. Select 5 cars and add the sum of their rqs up, and if it is under the limit, you can use each car in the races. If it is not, swap out some cars until the sum of the rq is under the limit.
And for the calculator, I honestly have no idea how to make one. I think there is a private calculator for something similar to this, but im not sure if im even allowed to access it

Basically, a carbon copy of the challenge linked above


what if, rather than using RQ, you just did a sum of all the ET of all the cars? say, 650?
that way, everyone still has a measure to beat, its just, yknow, an actual measure

That would just make every car completely unbalanced then, like a minmaxxed low et sportscar with 1000 hp would have an absolute advantage over a +15 spammed luxury land barge

btw i reached out to the guy who made the rq calculator and if he lets me use it, calculations will become alot easier, but i would likely be the only one allowed to use it. if he doesn’t let me use it, just send me a car’s stats and i will try my best to calculate the rq of it.

plus if someone sends over a beam .zip file and it doesn’t have a .car in it or the file is for 4.1, i literally can’t see what the et is

the rq limit should be around 350 but i haven’t decided on it completely yet, but this doesn’t apply to your submissions; feel free to submit as many cars as you want no matter how they perform

Seeing as everyone is confused on what the hell RQ is, what do you guys want me to do with this challenge now?

  • Just ignore everyone and go forth with the races, with me doing all the calculations
  • Put the races on hold indefinitely until a RQ calculator just for this is made for everyone to use
  • Cancel the challenge bozo, this was a shit idea from the start

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I believe it stands for “racing quotient”, i.e. how effective it would be in a race.

Fuck it, delaying the races to June 4 to make a RQ calculator, honestly I had no idea how to calculate RQ myself since cars in Beam are all way faster than they should be lmao
btw does anyone know how to make an equation where a lower variable results in a higher solution?



btw, literally only 1 person signed up for the race section so far, so please don’t make me cancel this because of that and let me know if you wanna race


I’ll be up for it, and also plan to send some cars in. Until Friday the Raceroom Nordschleife 2.4hrs are on my mind, however, and I don’t want to switch between sims at the moment…