Brandnames Tires and buying or selfmanufacturing

If there are any brands of rim and tyre manufacturers to be implemented in the game, just like the car manufacturers, we need different names for them because of copyright infringement.
Please leave your ideas here!

Good Year - Great Year
Michelin - Rubberman
Pirelli - Tirelly
Hankook - Hangkong
Bridgestone - Bridgewood
Kumho - Mukho
Toyo Tires - Tokyo Tires
Vredestein - Fredasteen
Dunlop - Thinloop
Falken - Falcon

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Well considering its pretty rare for car manufacturers to use after market wheels and its unlikely to make a major game play difference who they source them from, I’d say you’ll just be chosing what they look like then making them in house.

Alright, I understand that might be thr case for the rims. But for the tires, you can be able to make contracts with those manufactuters to provide your cars with their tires? Some are more durable thus lower maintenance costs for your customers, others provide more grip but wear quicker and others are good all-rounders for example. I think,there might be a fun strategic element in there. Getting discounts for longterm contracts or only make shortterm,contracts so you always get the best tire to fit your latest cardesign. Withongterms even getting them to manufacture special tires for you, maybe. I think it adds a lot of possibilities and choices to that part of the game, just like all thr choices you get from building the engine.

The problem with this is that then you’d want to have the same mechanic in for other components as well, like the fuel systems for example. I think this is too much micromanagement to be a time investment on our side. We’ll have you choose the type and rubber softness of the tires already, which gives plenty of things to consider, no need to make it “worse” than that.

So you will be literally doing everything “in house” then? I think my idea would definetly enhance the management/financial and tycoon part of the game. You will choose the tirecomposition for your car, 3 or 4 tiremanufacturers offer that type, resulting in what type of contract with what manufacturer you’re interested in. It’s not that much more of micromanagement. Actually, choosing the rubbersoftness seems to be more micromanagement than selecting a tire which offers customers less maintenance cost but you have to a higher share percentage to give the tirecompany.

So what about all the other parts then?

Hold up. Cost is not enough, if you can chose suppliers, well then we can go all the way with this.

You will have to make a so called “make-or-buy” decision analysis for each part. In the analysis, you will have to rate your own factors as well as all the suppliers factors (as production flexibility, cost, quality, time to market, delivery systems, ability to cope with volume changes…and about 15 more factors). When you are done with rating all the factors for both you and the suppliers, you will have to weight them as well, and multiply the rating score with the chosen weight. That will give you a score for your production, witch you compare with the supplier.

Then you will have to do a proper cost analysis. You will have to count all the costs for your own production (as salaries, logistics costs, raw material cost, cost for tools, investment cost, energy costs…and some other costs). When you are done with that, comes the hard part. To estimate the fixed direct overhead cost for just that part you are deciding to out-source/in-source. You will do that by distinguishing the fixed dierct overhead cost with the fixed indirect overhead costs. With cost and factors in mind, you may choose make or buy. If you do this wrong, you will loose millions of dollars…

…maybe went a little overboard with this post, sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:

You just killed it. Right there.

Haha, no, but seriously.
All the other parts goes in way to deep as you will be having CNC and Forged already Killrob. That’s understandable any carmanufacturer has that type of machinery in there. But I think making tires is a completely different thing.

To get back onto what Squeek said, you might be able to choose parts from other manufacturers, like you would get Michelin tires for example. The factor that changes is that Man hours drop, but production cost rises. When manufacturing yourself, manhour rises and production cost lowers. Would be a fun thing to do for the main components of an engine (bottom and top end).

So its not necessary to do this for all parts. You could go for just the tires approach, and if you want to do it with more parts to make it sound more plausible and a bit more challenging economical wise, you could add the option described above to buy parts or self-manufacture.

In the USDM market, Honda offers Enkei wheels on the Civic SI

also Subaru and Mitsubishi offered ENKEI wheels at some point on Impreza STi and Lancer EVO accordingly

lol Squeek, that was awesome. :smiley: You hit the nail on the head.

@Wizzy: I don’t care if “tires are different”, tires have several technical parameters like softness/grip, profile, comfort, etc. already (because they ARE important), if you get them from company A or B doesn’t change anything. It’d be like managing the toilet cleaning personnel, super important if you forgot about your morning dump, but just not a super important issue in producing cars - it would be a chore. I reiterate: making one part different calls for making all buy-in parts different, which breaks game-flow on a horrendous scale. Won’t happen, it’s not reasonable.

How is it not reasonable, to add different types of tires that give you either quality+expensive or less quality+cheaper? Thus making your production cheaper or more expensive. Also maintenance costs for the car will rise or fall and so be more or less attractive for customers in the game?

Okay, this seems to be a misunderstanding… there will be different tires in the game ~5 choices of different tire profile - rubber mixture combinations, and their cost varies with quality / performance. Hence I cannot see where contractors or other companies come into it. It doesn’t make sense with the stuff already planned.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t quality slider responsible for this?

So what I’m saying is, like Daffy said, an option to either make it in-house or contract a manufacturer specialised in various parts (like tires, rims, maybe even bottom and top end parts) to give you products for less manhours but more productioncosts? And so you will be using those parts for the next 2 years like in the contract you have with them or else you will be spending cash on something you’re not using?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t quality slider responsible for this?[/quote]

Will there be one with tires etc.? BTW check other post i just made.

This is already in the game for fuel systems, you don’t build them yourself, that’s why the manhours are low (mounting only, no production) and the costs are high. It would be the same for the tires… because like you say, basically no one makes their own tires. And no, it’s not a good idea to make that contract based for tires, tedious, micromanagement intensive, without adding much to gameplay.

It does actually add to gameplay. It makes the player think about making a contract and getting in tires for a lower price than for every car individually. But then you get restricted for a certain amount of years of models to a brand. If you really want a tycoon game, then you need these kind of micromanagement features to make it fun and worthwhile to play. It gives the player options to choose multiple routes in achieving their goals.

In transport tycoon deluxe for example you can also make deals with certain cities and industries to get the right for a year to be the only one transporting cargo or passengers for them. Too much micromanagement? If done right, this can be an interesting feauture in achieving more profit, resulting in more money to invest in your company.

I always thought that you could trade parts engines chassis ect. between different car companies. Am I right on that basis? :question:

I think that is certain companies buying the same chassis from an external producer or selling their design to other companies, or simply working together investing money in a design.