BRC 1966 - Gentleman Brobots Club [RACE 7 P&Q]

After a long wait and lots of work the time has finally come to start the next season of the Bavarian Racing Challenge: 1966! Running on a much more powerful engine (pun intended), this season will be more fun than ever. Not only have the underlying calculations been adapted to the original track simulation in Automation (or the other way around), the visual and auditive experience should be better, too. In addition to that, weather and pit stops are now simulated. Another factor of uncertainty which should add to the overall experience. Many new tracks will make too much finetuning senseless and unneccessary.
Here you find the BRCTool, a little helper to set up your entry. Instructions can be found in the readme.txt. Please ask in this thread for support.

Feel free to post questions and ideas in case something remains unclear! I’m looking forward to running this challenge a LOT.

January 29, 2 p.m. (GMT)

Trump Cards
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Test Weekend 1

Test Weekend 2
Complete Weekend

Event 1 - Silverstone

Event 2 - Snetterton

Event 3 - Knockhill

Event 4 - Oulton Park

Event 5 - Thruxton

Event 6 - Brands Hatch

Event 7 - Goodwood

Event 8 - Donington

[color=#33aacd]Final Results[/color]

Here are the final championship standings:

And the top 10 cars, just to show how different the successful car designs have been:

Podium Finishes

  • Pyrlix [color=#ffff00]4[/color] [color=#999999]0[/color] [color=#aa4000]0[/color]
  • Riso [color=#ffff00]1[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]
  • Puffster [color=#ffff00]1[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]
  • marcus817 [color=#ffff00]1[/color] [color=#999999]0[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]
  • NormanVauxhall [color=#ffff00]1[/color] [color=#999999]0[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]
  • Absurdist [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]2[/color] [color=#aa4000]0[/color]
  • Packbat [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]2[/color]
  • iRaptor [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]0[/color]
  • Killrob [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]0[/color]
  • Matti [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]1[/color] [color=#aa4000]0[/color]
  • Tycondero [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]0[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]
  • mer_at [color=#ffff00]0[/color] [color=#999999]0[/color] [color=#aa4000]1[/color]

How to modify your race strategy
It is allowed to change race strategy during the season. Just use the BRCTool like you did when first submitting your car. But then only send me the *-Info.lua file. This one contains all the information of the form except for the actual car, which must stay the same. (185.1 KB)


I’ve been waiting for this since I joined the forums. I’ll be following this thread. Thanks for all the effort you put into this.


YES! I wanted in on this for quite some time

YES YES YES :smiley:

Weight and safety have any repercussion on crashes/car damage?
The overall car reliability have some influences too?

Good idea! Currently it is based on durability (avg. reliability). But maybe your stats work better. I’ll include something like that or maybe a mixture of safety, reliability and weight.

And please remove the line: “If <username=‘NormanVauxhall’> then <engineblown=1>” :wink:

:smiley: Never. :wink:

To calculate the fuel tank size, what do you mean by foot print? Just wheel base x length?

Also how is fuel consumption done?

The footprint is body length * body width (these values can be found in the trim .lua file).

The fuel consumption is calculated in realtime using the BSFC graph, current engine RPM and throttle position.

and now comes the 60+ entries of the eagerly waiting forum public who have been hoping for this to come around for months.

If anyone else wants it for design purposes, this is my fuel-use estimation post from the BRC 1955 thread. Remember to do unit conversions - e.g. 1 hp is 0.7457 kW - and that the races are 1.5 hours long.

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An all England season? Smashing! Armada is so there!

How does one determine the precise engine economy at max power?

The most precise method is by looking in the .lua file for the engine variant - that’s what I talked about in this earlier post - but eyeballing the numbers based on the graphs seems to be feasible. If the line on the fuel economy chart is about three-quarters of the way up from the 400 g/kWh line to the 700 g/kWh line, that means about 625 g/kWh. The formula has a pretty wide margin of error, after all - this is mostly to make sure that you’re not blindsided going into the pre-season testing by your car needing two pit stops in a 90-minute race. For that purpose, you want to have a reasonable margin of safety anyhow.

WoHoooooo!!! Finally!

What year is the NonSprite body? Is it excluded/to old from this race?

Not!Sprite is 1955 exactly, I believe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Unrelated: is something in the 2:21s decent for ATT under these rules?


but why 1966? not 1965? is there a particular reason for this?

Because in 1965, the last ten years body rule will include the not-sprite. You weren’t around for that particular contest, but let’s just say that body was, compared to the other bodies available for the time, super OP to the point that if you didn’t use it, you had no chance of placing even in the top third of the field :stuck_out_tongue:

(Due to low power:weight ratings, it was much lighter and the power limitation was very easy to hit, and also had much less overall drag than the other bodies.)