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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


Basically that’s correct. Though grip changes when it rains and when tires wear.

EDIT: 33 homologations done, that should be all I got so far. Please let me know if your car should be there but is missing.

Race car checks and practice results have not been started yet for the 5 cars I got so far.


With all the data I have from your briefing and from the data from the car I’m able to do the math for the number of fuel stops, the stint length etc… fuel wise!

But, I can’t calculate my tyre wear. Do you have any formula to get close to the results for tyre life?

I would like to set up my car to balance as much as possible, track time, fuel consumption and tyre wear.

No, I cannot estimate tyre wear with a simple formula/spreadsheet. That’s why you can adjust tire compound and suspension settings after you get the practice results.



Will Air/Fuel ratio be adjustable as well?

Please read the rules in the spreadsheet.

can you add extra gears? or do they need to stay the same?

Oops, I didn’t read that far!

My bad, Sorry!:sweat_smile:

WHAAAAAAT BRC is BACK!!! I’m back to this game.

EDIT: So I see Prylux Bayer and trollcoster (Pit every lap again?) in nice and comfy G1 and majority going for full win in G4. Decisions decisions…


Tire/Rain Balance

One point not communicated yet in detail was the influence of track humidity on the grip. Because sportier compounds have less negative profile than the less sporty ones, they will be slower in the wet.

This is the balance we will be running in the race:

Compared to BRCs in the past, there is now a minor buff to Sports and a slightly larger buff to Semi Slicks.

Details here:

I want to repeat that there are no intermediates or full wets for this season of the BRC (as it would be unrealistic).


G1 being nice and comfy? I dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:
The perfect tuning there is quite tough and not an easy thing :wink:

I was talking about plush intreriur and stereo :wink: You are right tho, yesterday I did couple of test cars -> G1 and G3 are near impossible to get close to weight limit and squeeze some proper lap times with 100+ market. Jumping to G2/G4 feels like a joke dropping 20sec of lap time

I cant see any reference lap times…no body had the courage yet to show off?

Its not quite impossible, the hard part is (imo) to choose the correct body and engine. I did not have issues to reach around 108 Market with my first try and after optimisation i had 105 in Family Premium.

As to lap times… i have seen 2:35.xx on ATT. But really hard to gauge what is fast and not, just try to make it fast as hell and as close to 9 minutes on the NS as you can

Close to 9min? OK, adding some balast… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah that a challenge for me, I have very little play time from U4 so I have no feel for bodies and optimal combos.

@Der_Bayer where can I find efficiency for given rpm? Is it fair to assume in-game efficiency is on-par with average eff in race-operating-range or it can vary massively?

Hello i want to enter but cannot send dm, i lost old email and old account…
but this is my Group 1 Homo car:

Its good that BRC is back! I hope i can participate

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@Der_Bayer in the spreadsheet, Family Budget, Premium, and Sport are allowed market categories for Group 1. Is Family Sport Premium also allowed?

You can find the efficiency graph above the engine torque graph when clicking the arrow buttons left/right.

Welcome back as well! After browsing the forum for a few minutes, reading the forum rules etc. you should be able to get the rights to send me a PM.

I don’t know how I forgot that category… They have quite a high budget, so I probably would have put them into Group 2. BUT: We are too far into the challenge to change the rules. Other people didn’t have the chance to use the demographic, so I will not add them to the list.

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I’m in the middle of retuning my planned entry from the ground up (one thing led to another) so no comments on that.

But I did make a 1 liter displacement “test car” to Group 1 spec to cleanse the palate and tried to get it under 10 minutes. Yeah, Group 1 takes some serious thought, good stuff.

The Gnoo Citibeest Dadspeed Performante 1000 Sport got to 10:02 flat on Sport tires before I went back to the “real” car. Amazing the kind of power you can get out of one litre in the 70s.

@Der_Bayer assume a car ended up being 0.01 cc and 0.03 ET over the allowed limit. So when correctly rounded everything is fine, but if checked via formula (depending on how sophisticated the formula is) might come up red. Is this a legal entry for the lower class? Let’s say if the Group 1 car were shown as 1000.01cc and 85.03 ET in the Lua tables.


As long as the values displayed in the normal UI (for example rounded to full cc) are fine, you are safe. No need to check the Lua tables. I will round the values like the normal UI does it.