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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]

Normally, the first showing of a new race car for Revello would fall quickly under the grasp of Scuderia Revello Rosso, the Formula 1 team, and primary racing team for Revello, however, the 1970 Championship is heating up, and they are unable to divert any attention or funds towards the new car, so for the first time, Scuderia Revello Giallo, the Endurance and GT team, have taken up the reigns of the development and running of the racing evolution of the 1969 Revello Imola 308, named “Lucky 13”


The Yinzer Rona, competing in the sub1L class 1.


AEA Kinglet GT
Yes, we took a Trans-Automation car and turned it into a 24h Endurance car.

G2 3000+ Class

I didn’t put any sponsors on, but this is the official livery for the event. I also had to remake the entire car due to the old mod body not being updated. Maybe I’ll also update the rest of the oem years for it as well. If you know my usual lore, you can guess what small block V8 is in it. The Power to Weight isn’t great, but the curve is, so hopefully it can hold its own come race time.


Are there any factors that affect damage received in collisions? Weight, part choices, quality sliders, etc?

No, not this time. Same game for everybody.


Roto Sonaglio competing in group 3 subcategory 3

A car which is likely to spend a bit too much time in the pits.


Klein Motors has prepared a version of its S4 light sports car for the Group 3 class in the upcoming 24h race at the Nurburgring. Although there is some concern that the car’s cam-in-block flat 4 engine will be underpowered for the grueling race ahead, the company hopes that the car will manage to balance fuel economy and reliability and still post a respectable time.


Homologation Deadline Reminder

Deadline for homologation is in 2 days 22 hours and 20 minutes! Race cars have more time.

I’m focussing on getting the homologations done right now, that’s why some practice results for the race will be a bit delayed, so please bear with me. Lots of late homologation submissions are on my table.



Waiting for homologation

MAHG Prisma Sport '70

Powered by a 3.2 V6, this car scores massively in Sports Category and may will be under group 3 or 4.

Thanks to 1g cornering, 37.3 m stopping distances, 5.95sec 0-60 and a recorded 243km/h on the ring, this street version clocks 9.43.43 per lap!


1970 Quezon Laguna 427 GT-M N-Spec

peenoise go to the nuremburgring and fucking die

In 1970, after an error in translation from English to Tagalog where Quezon interpreted the NASCAR minimum length of 115in as a “maximum length”, the Laguna GT-M was rejected from participating in the American racing series. And so what did they do with the racecars they had left?
Tune it for the upcoming 24h of the Nurburgring, of course! and modify 500 cars to allow for homologation

oh look a gallery


The Nagase Horizon, built for the 3000cc Group 3 class.


Žnoprešk Z213 RY S


The 429 Cyclone

Is also available without numbers

1970 SMC Cyclone GT4 and GTH


Marksman Sabre Eptitude GT 366 Hammerhead…

Better known as the Marksman Sabre Interceptor

Oh those covers over the headlights? it’s the glass texture… we don’t have anything that goes at the specific angle I need

1970 Rigore Angeles MT-Racing

The first-generation Rigore Angeles saw a heavy facelift for the 1970 model year along with an all-new racing homologation spec model from longtime Rigore collaborator MT Racing. Utilizing the larger 244 cubic inch flat 6 engine from the Imperium and upgraded wheels, brakes, and suspension, the Angeles MT-Racing was ready to hit the ground sprinting at racing events internationally.



Homologation Deadline in 30 hours

Send in your cars for homologation now if you haven’t done so yet!

Countdown here


placeholder for me and @Aruna
details coming soon


Thanks so far!

I hope this competition will be amazing. I hope my 1L Inline 3 can beat some of you :wink:

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I am delighted to announce that RAM is participating once again in the BRC…
This time with the RAM Millum 2500

Boasting a modern 2.5L Inline 5 aswell as sophisticated all-wheel independent suspension this car features a nice and enjoyable ride on curvy asphalt roads and on long highway stretches.
Even the latest sports and supercars will have a hard time following you