BUDGET POLICE CAR CHALLENGE (deadline 1st October)

The government is running low on funds and is in desperate need of some new police cars, as the criminals have been getting away too often. Here is some requirments they sent me:
Number Plate (front + rear, don’t want to be seen breaking the law as protectors of the law duh)
Wing mirrors
Catalyctic Converter (Three Way or High Flow Three Way)
At least one muffler
Indicators on both front and rear bumper
Headlights/Brake Lights (any style will do)
Police Lights on the roof (just a set of red or blue fixtures that are visible to traffic)
No Semi Slicks
Budget of $16,000
A safety rating higher than 35
Year: 1990 (the year not the decade) only
Since we won’t be able to catch criminals in sports cars, since we only have $16,000, we need some creative methods of catching them. We need crazy stuff, like spikes, chainsaws, grenades, anything that’ll give us a shot, although it would help to be as fast as you can make it. We will award a maximum of 10 points for creative anti criminal devices. Be creative as you like. We are VERY skint, so we will award an extra point for every $100 under $16,000 up to $14,500 (so you’ll get 15 points for $14,500, but anything cheaper won’t earn you any points. It’s allowed, but this rule is in place to stop super cheap econo boxes destroying the competiton). A good safety rating is important, since there will be less work for the mechanic if we need to go kamikaze on the criminal. Instead of using Automation sfety rating for bonus points, we’ll be crash testing them in BeamNG and giving a maximum of ten points for a robust structure. If a baddie is inn an SUV, then we will need to go offroad. We will be taking the cars to the East Coast Off-Road Trail 1 to see how good the are. 1 point for each checkpoint passed (8 in total) and an extra 7 points if we cleared the course in under 3 minutes. Finally, we will have a speed test round the west coast short race track. You will get 20 points for being the fastest, 15 for 2nd, 12 for 3rd, 10 for 4th. 8 for 5th, 6 for 6th, 4 for 7th, 3 for 8th, 2 for 9th and one for 10th (if we get that many entrants lol). Before you go start making your car, here is an example car you can look at (DO NOT COPY THIS CAR. THIS IS JUST TO MAKE THE RULES CLEARER AND GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT TO GO FOR).
Coney_-_Extravaganza_Police_Car.car (82.6 KB)

A gun disguesed as an exhaust triggered by a string operated by someone in the car

Spikes to send the bandit all the way to Australia

Spinning blades to destroy the criminals tires

Police light example
Am I restricted to body types??? No, as long as it is the year 1990 or before
Material cost or market cost??? Market costs
FAQs that aren’t actually FAQs but might help you anyways:
What do you want from design??? Well, the car model should look nice, like very late 80s early 90s design language, but the gadgets are what I am looking for most in a car. A very nicely designed car with no gadgets will lose to a terribly designed car from 1973 but it has gadgets James Bond would be jelaous of.
Are you ranking design in Automation or BeamNG??? Automation. How the car looks in BeamNG will have zero effect on your design score.
How and Where do I submit my car: Submit you car by using the “save .car” file in the summary tab in Automation. You can find the file by going into your file explorer>documents>mygames>automation>carsaveexport and upload the file to either your model description or by sending me a message.
Do the gadgets have top actually function in BeamNG??? No, they don’t. I will just use my imagination to see how they will work.
Willl interiors be scored??? Not in design but they may help you squeeze a tenth out on the race track since my preferred camera in inside the cockpit.
Sorry these FAQs were a bit late but hope they helped


I present to you, the Beta Romero 112.

Designed with law enforcement as the primary task.

It’s got 2 rear facing assault rifles, 2 side facing pistols in the front bumper, a push bar, and the cherry on top - a sniper rifle in a lockable frame on the passenger side, for the second police officer to use against the baddies.


Powered by a 2L inline-4, it’s got the power to take on nearly every modern car(well, almost).
P.S: Diff lock must only be used offroad.

Beta_Romero_-_112.car (41.1 KB)


Any fuel type requirements? 100 RON allowed? Are we allowed to turbo? What about comfort, am I allowed to put basic interior with no entertainment? I assume also load capacity will be taken into account when judging? Reliability? Other automation stats?


We’d like to present the Prancing Fox Autos “Culpeo”. $15,900 per unit.

Engine 2.4L, i4, Turbo
0-60 - Faster than an M3
Comfort - Interior is classed as “Standard” but the front seats are quite nice and the rear seat is a plank of wood! So the score isn’t very representative!

Does it go offroad?

Anti-criminal devices - push bars, spike strips in the boot a radio to coordinate with other units.

What? No grenade launchers, hidden machine guns, spikes coming out of the side of the wheels, no oil slicks or Molotov cocktail launchers?
Why not?
Because that shit be illegal and dangerous to innocent civilians. Not to mention it’ll slow the car down with all that crappy weight and, in the event of an accident, would be likely to kill the officers when everything goes BOOOOOOOM!!!

Anyway, back to the car…


And no race intake/exhaust - police cars must be road legal, after all.

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Arion Heron 4C Highway Patrol

It doesn’t have guns but it has EMP lock-on and a spike strip deployer on the rear just like NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 :sunglasses:

Oh it also had nice stubby battering rams front and rear and also is completely awful because the budget means it has basically -15 quality all over, remember when braking to use handbrake too!

Arion Automotive Thread


Hinode Tempest Standard Police Cruiser

(Pictured carrying Shira**** Fu**** and Natsu*** Ma*****, who are both charged with loli kidnapping and child abuse.)

Is equipped with machine guns (hidden behind the badges, front red lights, and below the rear bumper) in addition to the officers’ personal weapons, EMP, and a spike strip deployer, as well as space for three convicted felons at the back.

The Tempest in action


Oh no! The bad criminal is getting away.

Jump in your 1990 Brubeck Sunshine 1.8 Police Package and catch the bad guys!

Thanks to the powerful 1.8L engine, you are able to overtake the 80s shitbox.

Get in front of the criminal and brake. You will die painfully because the car is not safe at all.

Oh no! The criminal dodged your 1990 Brubeck Sunshine 1.8 Police Package. Don’t worry, you’re still in front of him. Thankfully our engineers at Brubeck Police Vehicle Department have thought of this.

Four small paint gun thingies! Wow. Here we have a demonstration by James May.

This way the criminal will crash and die, because their 80s shitbox was horribly unsafe.

Happy end.

it also has a civilian model


Doesn’t the bad guy have windshield wipers though?


1990 Petoskey Seminole Police Interceptor

That’s right, Petoskey’s import slayer is now taking the fight to crime.

With a powerful V6 engine (At least according to the commercials from 1985) crime will stand still by comparison. A front-wheel-drive configuration means it’s no slouch if you have to take the chase off the road either.

Safe, dependable, and reasonable on gas, the Seminole is the right choice for any situation that arises.

(Due to a heated discussion with our buzzkill legal team, the 7.62mm machine gun turret and bumper-mounted flamethrower have been omitted. They wouldn’t even let us fit in the rear-deployed landmines!)


Avantii Herculus Highway Patrol

Comes with a tire grabber, a deploy-able spike strips and front guard.


1990 Bakerfield Caramote VS "The Deputy"

Armed with the greatest weapon of all…knowledge. And a speaker system to spread the criminal propaganda knowledge.

Bakerfield_Caramote_-VS__The_Deputy.car|attachment (45.1 KB)


If it’s not written in the rules, it’s allowed. Seriously you can do whatever you want within the rules. Finding loopholes in the rules is one of the things I find fascinating about motorsport, so if you find one, go for it!!!

Nice top gear reference :wink:

I don’t think the message with the car got sent to me try sending it to me again or put the download link in the advert. Anyway, the Top Gear inspired gadgets are awesome mate I’m loving these cars

The '90 Rivera Longsword Cruiser is here to save the day!
In some way. I’m not sure myself.

Looks like we’re getting some proper Ameri- ahem, Gasmean blood in the competition huh? Some proper power!
Well, er, technically, eh, nah.

Due to the tight budget available, The formidable muscle car had to be knocked down to it’s most basic form, And even that was too expensive. We ended up having to put a cheap 4-cylinder motor in to meet the pricetag, which admittedly left this even more anemic than the original base model V6 was.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t buff it up a little though.

Heavy duty springs for carrying good amounts of equipment and felons through the roughest of surfaces have been installed, along with Heavy duty Rims and tyres.
It does make the ride a bit harsh on the back, But it’s not like we care about whoever is in the back, Right?
Talking about the back, You an stuff up to 3 small people in the back, Though we reccomend not doing so, as it can get annoying hearing the criminals complain about being uncomfortable, or too squashed together.

As for Chase equipment, We have some implemented weapons.

First off, the classic Bull bars have been extended to the bumper’s sides, With extra “Blades” on the ends.

This is to facilitate Pit maneuvers, possibly carving into a suspect’s tyres if their vehicle is tall enough.

Then, if you cannot catch up to them (which will happen often with this slug), You have… a shotgun. More specifically a Shotgun holder.

Actuated via a steel wire, there are two levers on the left side of the steering column: One with a short travel and one with a long travel, For pulling the trigger and pumping the shotgun respectively.
Also, you put your own gun in there. We figured that using something already on your budget would be smarter. Want more firepower? Bring a pal and have them shoot out the window.

And last, and maybe least, A small compartment on the rear bumper, Ready to eject whatever you put in it when you take off.

Again, we don’t provide the whatever you put in here. You can put caltrops, Tyre killers or rubber ducks in there, via the boot.

So where are the mine deployers, Chainsaws and spiked rims? Well, not only are those quite crazy, They’re also expensive, and we figured that our budget also encompassed the gadgets, so we worked with more price-efficient systems.


Now this is a smashing banger of an entry if I say so myself

1990 Mara Irena Karavan Militsiya Prototyp (KMP)

The late 1980s were times of increasing political unrest in Archana. To retain their power, the ruling caste initiated a number of projects to develop new technologies to help suppress that unrest.

One particular problem was the ease with which people could hide in the rugged and vast hilly terrain in the northern Archanan Hinterlands or the south coast. The then-common police interceptor sedan models had very limited off-road capabilities whereas their SUVs were dead slow on tarmac roads, leading to a number of successful escapes with no obvious solution in sight.

One of the initiated projects therefore was to make the regular Mara Irena - which had been used as interceptor with a big V8 since the mid 1960s but had been largely supplanted in that role by the larger Kavaler and other models in more recent years - more off-road capable by re-using the Irena ute’s drive train with a manual diff locker and increasing ride height as well.

The sole remaining Irena KMP on display in the Mara Company Museum

In the same project, the 5L Blyz V8 was updated to fuel injection based on the experience gained converting the regular Irena’s Perspek I4 to fuel-injection in an ongoing regular facelift project. This turned out to be not too difficult since the Blyz V8 still essentially consisted of two Perspek blocks bolted together since its initial design in the mid 1960s.

In addition, the engineers were tasked to develop a number of innovative countermeasure prototypes as well. To house all the gadgets, it was decided to convert a Irena wagon instead of a sedan. The prototyped countermeasures included:

  1. A gun under the front bumper that could be moved mechanically to the left and right and fired from the passenger seat in order to shoot the tyres of cars in front or behind

2) A front bumper that could be moved 90 degrees to the right by operation of a lever and used as a lance - e.g. to nudge a car in front off the road from a distance

3) Propeller-shaped steel hub nuts that could be fired straight to the side - e.g. underneath an alongside car in order to cause loud noises and havoc

4) A spike mat that could be unrolled on the press of a button on the dashboard to quickly set up a road blockade

5) A night vision camera mounted at the front projecting its picture to a monochrome display on the dashboard allowing a ‘lights out’ pursuit on rural roads or trails. To minimise engine noise, the engine got two high-quality mufflers.

6) A prototype of an onboard terminal using a primitive text interface of 22x23 columns and green letters, using the same dashboard display. While limited to a ‘Hello World’ state of implementation for the prototype, the idea was that this could be part of a system to remotely access licence plate and driver registration information from inside the car.

7) A mechanism to place an oil slick on the road by the pull of a lever on the dashboard and thus end a pursuit once the fleeing car had been overtaken.

8) A smoke generator, to produce a cloud of smoke through the hot exhaust (e.g. in the same situation as before or as an alternative to a physical roadblock), drawing from the same supply of oil stored in the boot of the wagon (the one with the dark symbol)

9) A mechanism to dose a car (or people) in water from the roof through a rotatable nozzle. The water is to be stored in a separate storage tank in the boot (see picture above, the larger tank with the light symbol).

10) A directed sound device, allowing the projection of infrasound, ultrasound or very high volume sounds at an area nearby to cause physical discomfort. Hearing protection for the driver and the operator would be provided.

The resulting dashboard needed quite a extra few levers and buttons to control all the experimental features. (They had to use the old Kavaler horizontal speedometer from the mid-1970s since it was the only one available that was going beyond 200 kph.)

An EMP weapon was also considered, but decided against due to the very limited extent that Archanan cars back then relied on electronic components in their engines or other crucial car systems.

Luckily, the limited funding meant that the project did not leave the development stage before the sweeping and (largely) peaceful changes in Archana at the end of the 1980s. The almost finished prototype remains in the Mara company museum. However, a limited number of Irena wagons were indeed modified in 1990 with the updated 5L V8, a substantially increased ride height and the Irena ute’s drivetrain with a manual locker, but without any of the prototyped countermeasures.

A battered Irena KMP after completing an arduous trial run on Hinterlands trails on the Archanan Beam East Coast (replay available)

And while these converted wagons were little more than stopgap measures, their relative effectiveness, however, nevertheless paved the way of developing a somewhat off-road competent wagon in addition to the traditional sedan for the successor of the Irena’s larger counterpart, the Kavaler.


I have a feeling this one is gonna win. There’s some fine gadgets on there and it’s very cheap as well. Hopefully it’s not all looks and no trousers.

God damn I love this challenge I’m in

by the way, are we limited to body types from the 90s explicitly?