Bug for Wings


When I put a second wing, I cannot edit the older wing without removing the second wing.

This is a known bug with the interface that affects everyone. It’s annoying but fear not!

Huh, haven’t heard of that one before :slight_smile: any beta tester coming by this, please put it up on Pivotal if it’s not on there yet.

:astonished: how could we have not mentioned this :astonished: I could have sworn we did! This bug has been around for months :s

Or maybe we all talked about it and forgot to actually formally mention it. Either way oops, it’ll go up!

It was mentioned, both in the Beta forum and also in the regular forum. It’s been going on for ages, like at least since last…September? It’s an intermittent bug, however. Sometimes, I can’t touch the first and sometimes I can. It also affects lips.