Button for moving fixture to the other side

Would it be impossible to implement a button that worked a little bit like the mirroring button, but instead of creating a mirrored copy of the fixture on the other side, it moves the actual fixture to that position?

In the older days it would have been a bit pointless, but in the days of interiors it could make for an easier change from LHD to RHD when you could just press a button to move pedals, steering wheel etc. instead of having to move them manually.


Not only useful for interiors, lights, exhaust and other details which can both be symmetrical or not too. IMO it could even be integrated into the mirroring button - click, mirrored, click, singular on the left, click, singular on the right, click, mirrored.


It’s all about approach

That’s just a life lesson in a nutshell right there.