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We’re Caliban, a car company founded in 1946 by Lord Mach I, as a car company that made kits on request. Our kit cars are raw, focusing on eliminating all superfluous technology, while keeping as many models as possible street legal. We still produce our car building kits on request to this day.

The lineup.

Company currently under the ownership of Contendiente.

Why are some of the cars called “Infinity”?

“Infinity” is a badge we give only to the models we believe we have brought to a very advanced state of development, or as they near perfection in our eyes; it can also be interpreted as a badge to recognize our favourites.

The first car to receive the Infinity badge was the Thunder in 2005, followed by the Type SC in 2009. The Predator is the only model in our lineup that has yet to receive the Infinity badge.


Cool idea Comp! Are you basing this company on TVR perhaps with a bit of some british kit car manufacturer? :slight_smile:

Caliban Thunder Infinity (2013 - 2017)

Punching above its weight!

The Caliban Thunder. The little one, as we like to call it. You might remember its classic counterpart, which was used to host a one make race. But times change, and so do cars; here’s our modern interpretation of our supermicrocar.

With a body made out of aluminium, on a space frame AHS steel chassis, and double wishbones at the front and multilinks at the rear, this car will provide you a smooth, responsive and agile driving and racing experience. Our advance safety system confers it the status of street legal; at the same time, our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to cut the weight down to only 870kg. This allows the car to corner at 1.15Gs at 20m and 1.17Gs at 200m.

Let’s talk about power. Our 1.6 N/A inline 4, fitted with individual throttle bodies and mechanically linked to the throttle pedal, pushes 150hp at the wheels, through a 5 speed manual transmission. You’ll be launched from 0 to 62 mph in only 6.3 seconds, topping out at 130mph, making this the car of choice for twisty tracks.

But hey! You want to know the price, don’t you? Well, this kit car can be yours for only $13200. (30% markup). Start hitting the track this weekend!


The Thunder is an excellent trackday toy, and one that definitely looks the part, but it deserves a six-speed gearbox, so why did you go with five? Was it to reduce the weight even further? Also, would longer gearing (for less twisty tracks) provide any meaningful improvement in top speed? 130 mph is a bit on the low side in my opinion.

The 5 speed was chosen over a 6 speed for cost and weight concerns indeed. The 5 speed, which is also used in the Type SC, allows the car to reach 130mph with ratios that are close enough, so there’s no need to add the extra weight and cost of an additional gear. 130 mph is its absolute top speed with the 150hp engine, so there’s no need to have longer gearing.


Caliban Type SC Infinity (2016-Present).

The classic!

The Caliban Type SC Infinity is what we believe a sports car should be. Built on the classic space frame chassis, with our usual removal of all superfluous technology, and aggressive styling, you’ll be setting the fastest lap times on it. The styling given to the SC is a bit of a throwback mixed with modernity, and it was designed by no other than the guys at Cavallera! (One of their design schools designed the body for us).

Propelled by a 3.2L V8 (2x1.6L I4 put together, sharing a common crankshaft), naturally aspirated, its 360hp sent to the rear wheels will get you from 0 to 62 mph in only 3.5 seconds. If you nail the upshifts, that is, as the power is sent to the rear wheels through a 5 speed manual with a geared LSD. Its top speed is 265 km/h.

Our four wheel pushrod suspension design gives the car the finest driving dynamics, being able to corner at 1.16Gs (20m) and 1.16Gs (200m).

The kit with the parts necessary to build this car can be yours for only 28350$ (50% markup).

(Props to @ramthecowy for the design of the body!)


This body is seeing more action than the non mclaren one. Nice to see all the different ways it can look.

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I wanted to remake the modern Thunder, pls don’t kill me :cry:


Great looking cars, and I bet they’re a blast to drive in

If only I wasn’t too lazy to hook up my G920 to my laptop…:unamused:

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I understand why it gained a smiling face with its first facelift - it couldn’t help but have fun all the time!

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