Camber on solid rear axles

I think this should be fixed at 0, I have only seen one that you could set the camber angle but it was a custom one off.

You would still be able to set the front camber on a solid axle due to the outer steering knuckles.

I’m Googling around, and it looks like camber on solid axles is - at the minimum - a pretty standard thing in hod-rods. I’m having trouble finding a good, comprehensible explanation of the mechanics of it, though.

Camber can be designed into a solid axle from the factory. I found this article interesting…

I guess I should have stated better, for a driven solid rear axle.

You can on most live rear axles adjust BOTH the camber and toe in/out with small shims,inserted between the outer bearing holder and the main tube of the axle.
Not by much, but 1 degree in all directions is possible, without damage the shaft and/or bearing.