Campaign Economy Seed

If the current structure of the campaign could support such feature with minimal restructuring required, an idea for the campaign setup screen could allow the player to implement a market “seed” with it’s specific market booms and depressions. Each world economy that the game generates would have a seed I.D. This I.D. could be implemented in the campaign setup screen to play a campaign with the same rises and falls in the economy.

Such a feature could benefit players in multiple ways.

  • Forum campaign challenges can be more fair for each player as the economy for everyone would be the same (when the world economy seed I.D. is implemented at the start). While competitor companies will more than likely be different for each play through, there would be one less factor to unbalance the playing field.
  • New players can experiment with one less dynamic variable when creating new campaigns as they learn how to play.
  • A bit of a stretch, but having I.D.s on world markets can make replicating bugs or glitches far easier for fixing.

I like that idea, it has quite a few potential use-cases and hopefully is easy enough to put in.
I’ll add it to the list and we’ll see if / when we get around to that.