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Welcome to the Winter Series for the first ever SRTS, A.K.A. Sports Truck Racing Series! In this competition, you will build an 80’s style sports truck that I will take around tracks in BeamNG. May the best manufacturer win!


Year: 1988
Body Year: 1979-1995
Body Style: Truck
Body/Chassis Material: Steel
Chassis Type: Ladder only
Engine Placement: Front Transverse/Front Longitudal
Quality: Minimum is -2, maximum is +7

Cylinders: 4-8 in any configuration
Max. Displacement: 4500cc for NA engines, 2000cc for turbo engines
Fuel: Super Unleaded(98RON/93Aki)
cat: 2-way required

Gearbox: Manual or Sequential
Tires: Radial Semi-slicks. Max. front width is 235, Max. rear width is 290
Safety: Minimum of 1970 Standard, quality +7
Drivetrain: RWD and AWD allowed, but with different minimum weights as seen below
Weight: Minimum weight for RWD vehicles is 1300 Kilos, and 1400 kilos for AWD vehicles

Wings: 1 front wing/splitter, 1 rear wing, and 1 rear splitter/diffuser is allowed
Max width: Wings/splitters must not exceed the cars width
Wings (continued): All wings must be visible on the vehicle

How to submit your vehicle

  1. Name the vehicle family SRTS-(yourname)
  2. Locate your vehicles .car file
  3. DM (Direct-Message) me a download for your .car file
  4. That’s it! You’ll receive a DM on whether your truck complies with regulation. If it doesn’t, you’ll be given reasons why and an opportunity to fix the issue and re-submit it. If you do not fix the issue, it will not race.

Race format

All entrants will be put against each other on a circuit to complete the fastest time. The fastest lap done in that vehicle done across a span of 5 laps (not including practice laps) will be the official laptime for that vehicle, and will be put into the video. The slowest 1/6 of the grid will be eliminated, and this will be done 3 more times until round 5. In round 5, the remaining racers will be put head to head, and driven for 4 laps each. The times of each vehicle will be averaged, and the truck with the best average wins.

Race calendar

  1. Hirochi Circuit (Long)
  2. Automation Test Track
  3. Hirochi Circuit (Short)
  4. (undetermined)
  5. Hirochi Circuit (Medium)

Here’s an example of what your truck should look like:

This reminds me of the early NASCAR Craftsman stock trucks, except with more engineering diversity. Also, why haven’t you specified a maximum/minimum model/trim/family/variant year? And isn’t leaded fuel incompatible with a catalytic converter (even a 2-way one)?

Before I start about what the fuck is a kilometer, is there a specific year this is made for? 80s? 90s?

Is the two way cat required or the minimum?

Presumably this is a Beam competition too, as you’ll be driving them. What circuits?

An additional conversion to meters would be appreciated here.

Same for this (in millimeters)

And this

Most people use RON, but again, a conversion would be appreciated here too.

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I like the complete random use of imperial and metric measurements. It speaks to me in a way only someone from the UK would understand


What about the Geared/Helical LSD?

So no requirement on tire width ending in 5? TRX style tires are legal?

I would like to hear your reasoning for these restrictions.

I didn’t specify max/min in order to create a more diverse and interesting grid. This season is mostly going to be experimental, so that I can figure out what works and what doesn’t. I misunderstood the compatibility between leaded fuels and cats, thanks for the feedback.

There is no specific model year for this competition, feel free to do whatever the hell you want

I’ll be driving them on Hirochi circuit, Automation test circuit, and the third one is undecided as of yet, but it’ll most likely be a tight track with few long straights or fast corners.

15 inches is 38 cm, and 13 is 33 cm.

Ride height is about 300mm, but anything around 300 will do.

93 Aki is 98 Ron

Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

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I’ll make a change to allow a Helical LSD

There is no requirement on tire width ending in 5, the tires just have to be either equal to or within the given width. TRX-style tires are in fact legal.

I put these restrictions in place mostly to make things more interesting, but also to limit horsepower.

Lord knows what you want so here’s an “entry” to your challenge. I recommend you study it and write a whole bunch more rules so you don’t get a field of these.

2.0L V8TT - 475hp 10,000rpm
1600.6kgs, 5spd manual AWD, 0-60 in 3.4s|attachment (848.6 KB)

This is just something I had lying around, so it’s thrown together. It does however meet all of the “rules” you’ve put together.

You need to add things like
Quality limits, techpool limits, price cap, trim years you want (is this 80’s or 2020’s?)


Also, have a look at some other Beam racing challenges rulesets, for instance:

I’ll look into these, thank you.

Things like techpool limits will come during the summer season. I’m mainly using this season as a base to see what I need to add/change.

Also, submissions are sent via a download link in a DM to me. The download should be of the automation .car file, not a BeamNG export car.

The trim of the Tornado you offered us not only has +15 quality spam everywhere, but a set of DCOE carbs for its fuel system. If the SRTS were to be set in 2000 or later, for example, I’d recommend a complete ban on carburetors, to reflect the OBDII mandate that had come into effect in most markets by then. In addition, regarding quality limits, a maximum value of +3 to +5 would suffice, and a minimum value of 0 (i.e. no negative quality) could also be considered.

Well observed, lets hope the rules are written to make more sense, and narrow down what car you should actually make.

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Will need fixtures, but is this okay?

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A ute can be entered into the SRTS as long it has a ladder or partial monocoque chassis.

Also, after examining the Tornado, I’m coming up with ideas about how it could (and would) look and feel like if it was built for a saner rule set, without the quality spam (and the unnecessary carburetor mandate - EFI was becoming far more commonplace during its trim year of 1992) - to use as a reference point for other entries under the new rules.

I’m going to have to get involved with a battle of the tornadoes now @Riley

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Ok I’ll definitely take that into consideration, thanks

My Entry for SRTS, Summit Clamber

There still isn’t any quality or price limits