Car body browser search options

I think that the initial car body choosing needs a couple of extra filters.
It would be great to have one for filtering the seat row amount and the other filter that I would love to see is for car wheel base/car length that is shown on the model image next to the year.


I’d love to see a wheelbase slider for filtering bodies. If I’m not mistaken we used to have it, not sure why we don’t have it anymore. Car length on the other hand is a little bit of a gray area as that can be changed as you morph the car. So that could be a bit challenging to implement, depending on how they want to implement it. Same with width, which could also be nice to filter sometimes. As for seat rows I don’t really agree with, as seat rows are mostly the same between body types, which again is changeable.

I only put car length because I don’t know what the number actually represents, I was only referring to the number next to the year date on the preview pictures.

Sorry if that wasn’t very well clarified.

As for the seat row, I don’t know how many times I have wanted to make a vehicle with 9 seats only to see that the SUV or people mover body only has 2 seat rows

Imo a wheelbase slider (or specified range, whatever looks good in the ui) sounds more useful and doable than the seat row count since wheelbase is consistent with all variants in a car family and is a better indicator on size.

But the seat row count isn’t looking for a specific size of car, it’s to filter out how many possible seats that a vehicle might be able to have.
The number is also something that is set onto the car body model, so I don’t see how there’s a difficulty.

Again there’s so many vehicle bodies that have odd amount of seat rows, for example some coupe have 2 seat rows, while others only have 1, or even 0.
This is why I like the idea of being able to filter them by seat rows.