Car body Designer

I have and idea for the car body designer, instead of just moving about 5 body panels why not use predefined edges, similar to 3d modelling except not all of the edges and easier to work with maybe an “advanced” tab at the top of the screen?

Take the selected edges on my Peugeot for example, I have a few edges selected so you could set these up the selected edges in game to select them individually just like the current body modeller.

Hope you get what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:


Really hard to make it easy enough to make good looking cars if you don’t have 3d skills, where as the current handles are fairly idiot-proof and no matter what you do I’ll still be a fairly sane looking car

Yes that’s true but an advanced tab or button to switch between the two would be useful and not all of the edges only about half of them, the same as it is currently only with more options.

Yeah, this is true, but it’d add a lot more work for setting up each car body, as well as designing the new system to handle it, its sadly just to much extra work for us to impliment when we need to focus on getting the game completed

Although a Peugeot 205 isn’t a bad idea :smiley:

THAT we can and probably WILL do :slight_smile:

Ahh, you’re making me sad I rolled mine :blush:

Awww :frowning: Was it a GTI?

could we put this on a wishlist for the Automation: Advanced Pack addon? :stuck_out_tongue:

@machalel Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

I would also be interested in a more advanced modeling mode/tools.

I also think a more advance mode would be a good thing to extend the games longer term interest. Perhaps it could be a add on/ expansion pack once the basic game has been released. :wink:

Quick question.

How’s it standing with wheelbases?

Is the pre-made car body adapted to your defined wheelbase?
Or is the wheelbase defined by the pre-made car body?

Automation will have predefined sizes.

Will that eventually be changeable?

Not really, there will be a series of chassis, with pre determined wheel bases and track widths, the reason being:

Mazda 3 Wheel base: 2640mm
Toyota Corolla: 2600mm
Ford focus: 2648mm
BMW 1 Series: 2690mm
Vauxhall/Open Astra: 2614

Basically, all cars within the same size bracket are the same size. Apart from the BMW 1 Series, all the wheel bases are in a range of 5 cm.
Same is true for larger cars.