Car Body Style's

Should the Automation developers involve Australian car’s in their game?

  • Yes?
  • No?
  • Why would they do that?, add more (insert boring, stereotypical hypercar here)
  • It’s racist to put only Autralian cars in the game somehow.

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I originally posted this on the Forza Motorsport forums in the hope of getting a new DLC for Australia, but i guess it wont happen so i thought why not post this on the Automation forums where it may actually get noticed and considered. When i look at it now, race cars really aren’t a body style, they are a variant. Possibly a paint scheme specially for that car maybe?

Production Car’s.


  1. 1968 Holden HK Monaro GTS 327

  2. 1972 Holden FE Sedan

  3. 1969 Ford XY Phase III Falcon GTHO

  4. 1960 Ford XK Falcon Sedan

  5. 1972 Chrysler VH E49 Valiant

  6. 1994 Holden VS HSV GTS-R

  7. 2010 Ford FG FPV Falcon Super Pursuit

  8. 2007 Holden VE Maloo Ute

  9. 2012 Ford FG FPV Falcon GT Concept (Supercharged)

Race Car’s

  1. 1984 Holden VK Group C Commodore Peter Brock (1984 Bathurst Winner)

  2. 1979 Holden LJ A9X Peter Brock Torana (1979 Bathust WInner)

  3. 1984 Ford XE Greens Tuf Falcon *** Johnson (1984 Championship winner)

I voted no for one reason, you want to put PRODUCTION cars in the game. This game is not about copying a production car but making your own, now if you said Australian LIKE cars, such as Ute like then ok but the way the poll is worded can be interpreted as copies of production cars, Forza uses actual production cars, Automation does not and I believe should not.

Indeed, if you want Australian cars in Automation go make some (when the full game is released).

I said no, but I mean once you’ve done British, German, Italian, French and Japanese cars, I guess if there’s time do US and Australian ones, the technology is simpler compared to their relevant European counterparts of the same era, so all that stuff should be in the completed game anyway. Whatever they do, please have more and smaller releases, great game but I want more of it :smiley:

Some cars like the FE sedan the HK Monaro are hardly similar to that of anything else, so it will be quite the struggle to make anything similar.