(Car Design Competition) The safe pony you can actually drive (FINAL RESULTS ARE IN)



1968, Gasmea.
Walter Winthorpe is the wealthy owner of a successful car manufacturer, Winthorpe Motors, and wants to celebrate the coming of age of his only son, Anton, with a new model. Not just any model, he wants to give him the pony his son always wanted. It’s precisely 2 years until the birthday and the first car out of the production line will be the gift.

Because it’s for his only son, it can’t be a death trap like most out there in the market, special consideration has to taken while designing this car.

But this car is not only a gift and will also be a new production model and it wants to be the market segment leader there.


  • Car and engine trim and tech: 1968
  • any body until until 1968
  • Min safety 35
  • Medium or hard tyres
  • Min 70% affordability(Gasmea)
  • Min avg (Affordability + Competitiveness) 100
  • Max ET: 80
  • Forbidden: Hidden wings, engine knocking, part stress >5%, turbos, valve float, race parts(exhaust and fuel)
  • Sliders must be between -5 and 5


  • 33% - Pony segment scores(Gasmea) average of affordability and competitiveness
  • 26% - Aesthetics (voting)
  • 15% - Test drive score(I’ll drive it on beam and will give it a 1 to 5 star rating) Think of it as a car magazine review
  • 26% - Time trial by a good driver(if I can procure one) on an asphalt route.(not race track)


  • Send me your .car file via dm + 2 low res photoscene pics and post an image of the car here in this thread.
  • Submissions open until 16th December 11:00 GMT
  • If you’re using body mods check for approval with me first in this thread
  • Open Beta very very welcome.

Need inspiration? → Pony car - Wikipedia

Submissions received:

  1. Mongoose GT by @Maverick74
  2. Hurricane GT by @GassTiresandOil
  3. Typhoon by @DrPepper2002
  4. Husar by @ImKaeR
  5. Phi Super 6 by @S31
  6. Meteor by @Barnabyfoxx
  7. Bandit by @Jaimz
  8. Whaler by @HighOctaneLove
  9. Krait by @SenseiB12
  10. Kangarat by @Snows_Ultima (failed to meet requirements)
  11. Fosse GT by @johnkilo3

ET of 80 applies to both the car, and engine?

The total displayed on the last screen(Summary) of the car design:

has 1998 car

I would very much appreciate an extension on the rules. Because as off right now it just seems way to wide.

Image now shows a 1970 Car :wink: (it was supposed to be funny, guys)
Affordabilily lowered to 70%

@SoccerMom SoccerMom2h
I would very much appreciate an extension on the rules. Because as off right now it just seems way to wide.

I’m trying to leave as much room for creativity as possible. Basically the constraints are leading to a design that works in the Automation Game, looks nice and appropriate to the theme, and that is also a decent drivable car in beamNG. Where you would like to see more constraints?

volunteering as a driver of ever-so-slighty-above-average skill for the time-trial part

G29 wheel + h-pattern shifter

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unless Nev or Strop also volunteer, you’re it :slight_smile:

I meant some restrictions on how large the engines are allowed to be. But if it’s as open as possible then I guess you’re allowed to make whatever engine that fits the “Pony car” segment.

Is there a logo for Winthorpe we should be using? I’m assuming we’d still giving the car our own model name.

Their design team were redesigning an updated logo around the letter ‘W’ :wink: (this means you can make your own)
And yes, the car name will be Winthorpe {your model name} {your trim name}

Whatever layout you want. Just no turbos or race parts(exhaust or fuel)

Must the cars run on regular leaded (92 RON) exclusively, or will you allow the use of super leaded (98 RON)?

Super is also allowed, but I think that will drive your automation ratings down.

i believe it would be sensible to lower the affordability minimum to around 50-60 instead of 70 since 70 is a tad hard to reach

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I managed 73 easy on my test build without optimizations and I just saw yesterday someone with >70% getting a 175 on competitiveness. It’s pony, so it’s not supposed to be that expensive either.

I can confirm it’s doable! I even managed to make an acceptable car at 75%, although that was really difficult.

Perhaps 65 then since it is very very very hard to balance a car between the affordability and being any good whatsoever

So, i only build for SMC but assuming SMC built the car and sold the idea to Winthrope is that acceptable as i created SMC for all my challenge / competitions and they are theretically a small buisness only produces a hand full of cars but sells the licence or Trade mark to the bigger corpate industries as they done have a big enough workshop and dont intend to mass produce cars.

I’m sure if it’s the right car, that Winthorpe Motors won’t mind selling it under some licence from SMC under the Winthorpe brand.