Car designer classes

i have an idea.
having vehicle classes e.g. heavy vehicles: long-nose truck and flat-nose truck, utility: utes, vans, heavy utility: boxtrucks and rigid trucks, light passenger: small cars and bikes. once you introduced the classes thing people would be able to produce mods for this as well, and now that you are introducing diesel i really want to produce a semi with a massive diesel v8 in it :smiley:

excuse my terrible writing

Firstly we’re NOT introducing diesel, at least not until the game is done already, secondly, we’ve already got so much work left to do on just doing normal cars, that I think it’d be a poor choice to add anything else.

Also, TRUCKS will never be in. Only Truck-like things that will be in are Pickups and UTE probably, expect nothing more. Same goes for bikes, not going to happen. Ofcourse for the full release of Automation 1.0 with a lot of bodies, I expect there to be some sort of sorting, to also indicate which bodies are older bodies and which are newer ones to avoid the penalty that comes with those bodies without individually having to select them.