Car Designer Demo 2

Another video showing off the Car Body Designer within Automation. Enjoy!


Most excellent :slight_smile: looking much better than the first one too! Now the possibilities seems to be more or less endless. Very sleek looks! Great work.

Amazing work you guys are doing!
It really shocking how well you can move the parts around the body.

brilliant once again more polished than the first video aswell. :smiley:

Looks brilliant! Seeing the use of the grills and multiple lights has made it feel even closer to release and seem a very flexible system. One thing I may ask though…will there be an option to choose the car base colour in the designer? As that solid blue seems very…unfinished.

Love it! That is fantastic. It was very nice seeing the two different model era styling and how the headlights, taillights, and grill placements function. By far this is the game I look forward to beyond any other.

So… What would I need to do to add new fixtures?

looks great - can’t wait to have ago

Wow, looks really great and fun. Can you adjust the thickness of the pillars around the windows?

Yep, thats just the colour its set at for testing, you’ll be able to choose :slight_smile:

Maybe - When setting up the “Rigging” I try and give as much control as possible for that paticular car - pillar thickness would be quite a hard one to do though on most cars

What about control over the curves of the more rounded 60’s coupes?.. Will we have much adjustment over that?

I imagine that might be quite a bit more difficult to get right than modern cars with their boring, mostly straight lines.

I think it would require multiple adjustments for roof lines, and wheel arches and things like that to really get a good amount of customization.

Difficult to say, its pretty much a case of me making a model and then implimenting as many controls as I can get to work well.

What doesn’t work well in paticular: -

Multiple handles controling the same part of the car, so for example if you have a handle controling the height of the entire roof, it usually makes it harder to have one to change the roofline.

Anything that effects the window shape is difficult to do nicely, but can work well.

Anything with harsh, square shapes (like 80s cars) is hard because if you don’t get it exactly right, you get kinks in the lines and it looks like you’ve crashed it into something!

So curvy cars are easier, thus you’d have more control over a 60s car most likely

Is the car designer and chassis designer separate? Like if you go with the width fenders would you have to manually increase the track width to get the wheels to sit just right?

Overall looks amazing. Every update gets me more excited.

Yep, they’ll be seperate.

As there are only a fixed set of track widths you can choose, it’ll mainly be based on what tyres/wheels you put on it for fender/flare width

oww, so we will have choices of wheels and tires it sounds like :smiley:

Looks really good! The lights etc look better than the previous video too.
Will there be an ability to modify things such as the length of the whole bonnet or boot etc?

On some bodies possibly, the older 80s hatch body has a the ability to change the nose length somewhat for example

ah yes, I saw that on the video, but what about stretching the whole front, like the wheelbase as well? Or is that getting into the realms of too complicated for now?

Bit too complex, you do get to choose from a fairly wide variety of chassis of different dimensions though.