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Car Helper

                   Emergency Aid Challenge.

A new strain of zombie - coronavirus has appeared, which has merged with the rabies virus.

The government of some country has decided to issue a state order for car manufacturers in their country for special transport, which is an ambulance bus.

The point is this: in case of pandemics, the citizens of this country must have a suitable vehicle for the emergency transportation of doctors and patients.

This transport will be distributed throughout the cities and will be stored in appropriate conditions.

If necessary, it can be exported to other countries as a finished project.

In this case, according to the government’s preventive strategy, it is necessary to build a minibus, which will carry specially equipped doctors one way, and take patients to the specially built medical camps.

Especially for this, they allocated a strip where no one had to drive, and if necessary, they had permission to drive through the intersection in a special order.

The vehicle must be a minimum of 8 seats and a maximum of 17 seats.

It is also allowed to use the body of a truck, the cargo area of which can be covered with a tent if necessary. In this case, the number of seats is limited to 22 seats.

And the chairs must be not usual but allow to fix well the position of the body for paralyzed patients. And the same chairs will be used by the doctors going on a mission to a certain block.

Clearance should be moderately urban and should allow to pass on a small off-road.

The car should cost no more than $80,000 + $10,000 reserved for medical equipment = $90,000. The cheaper the better, the more cars the state will be able to purchase.

Also, the car should contain at least one large box with medical tools and supplies that can be conveniently and quickly reach. The machine should not break down often, which means it should be reliable. It should be easy and quick to service and not require high intensive labor to repair.

It should be loadable and have adjustable suspension.

Also to fit an acceleration time of less than 13 seconds and have a stopping distance of no more than 46 meters.

Allocated budget: $2840000.

Key parameters:

  1. Minibus, bus or truck.

  2. Price up to $90,000. There’s a race.

  3. Adjustable suspension.

  4. High load capacity.

  5. Urban-type clearance, but allows to pass on a small off-road.

  6. Maximum speed - at least 140 km/h or 87 mph.

  7. Not manual transmission.

  8. Drivability score of 24 and up - in detailed stats. It’s a race.

  9. Engine reliability from 58 and up. There’s a race.

  10. Reliability of the car from 64 and up. It’s a race.

  11. Service cost is less than $4,200. It’s a race.

  12. From 8 to 22 seats. Special seats are used. There’s a race. Special visualization not required.

  13. Braking distance: no more than 46 meters. There’s a race.

  14. Acceleration - as a maximum of 6 seconds, and as a maximum of 13 seconds. There’s a race.

The unspoken agreement of the forums Automation works: at least 0.5 liters per engine cylinder.

The government is counting on the purchase of 35 tested special ambulances.

The more points on each parameter, the more chances to win.

The limit on the number of participants - the first grade is a maximum of 24. It can be expanded to grade 2, including 48 cars - I’ll see as I go through the entries.

Only 1 attempt is given to finalize the car. In case of non-conform to the rules.

Deadline for accepting cars: up to 8 days from the date of the competition publication.

If you suddenly decided to participate, then present your car here, and send me a PM or Message on Discord.

Appearance and interior is at your discretion.

that might be the single most tasteless and out of touch opening line for a challenge I have seen in a long time


@kalan - Out of curiousity…is this a race?


like, could you not just make up any old disease? did you have to choose a deadly worldwide disease, mix it with another deadly disease and then on top of everything say it’s a zombie thing?

very tactful. i’m sure the 5.11 million people who died from covid and the 59,000 people who die from rabies every year appreciated that.

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Approx. 1.3 million people die from car accidents every year. Stop playing mall cop.

We’ve never had this what are you saying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What kind of race is this? Against rival medical companies who also want to procure their own fleets of vehicles? As for some of the individual requirements:

  • A maximum price per vehicle of $80,000 (not counting equipment) is overly generous even for today, as is a maximum service cost of $4200.

  • Air and active springs (with adaptive or semi-active dampers) could be used to simulate adjustable suspension - if you meant “adjustable from the driver’s seat”.

  • Urban-type clearance? With light off-road capability? It suggests a moderately high ride height for the body being used.

  • Drivability of at least 24? Engine reliability of at least 58? Those are also fairly low bars to clear.

  • 8 to 22 seats? Even the bodies that have three rows of seats cannot accommodate more than nine occupants at most.

Not always true - across multiple eras, there are many applications that work just fine with engines that have <500cc of swept volume per cylinder.

Excluding the cost of equipment, the budget is big enough to cover the cost of 35 vehicles costing $80,000 each - but in that case there would be only $40k to spare.

At any rate, this is one of the most tactless and nonsensical challenges I have ever seen.


It’s good that you pointed everything that is wrong and it’s probably very helpful. However, in the future, when you encounter a “challenge” like this one, it probably isn’t worth your time. But, That is your decision to make. Just offering some advice.


Sometimes you need to spell it out word by word to really make something look as stupid as it really is. Thank you for your service.
no this wasn’t sarcasm I am being serious


I agree, the challenge has been quite tactless and rude.

Probably because no one wants to hear any more speculation on the subject.
I thought about it before I wrote it, but I pressed button send nevertheless, and calm down on my decision.
I’ve listed the basic metrics, which should be no overstepped, but if I showed what should come out, it would be more boring.
I can revise some of the metrics if we like. This was my blueprint for CSR 143, but I decided to run it lightly, and without additional decoration.
I can start a new thread on this subject if you want, and without any nasty context and background.

P.S. I do not hold a grudge against 66mazda, and I apologize if I offended you.
Everything was right, I did not understand this thematic topic and its matter well myself.
So I am sorry again, you are a cool dude.